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Common Good Fund

The Council has allocated an annual budget of £65,000 for the Dumbarton Town Centre Common Good Fund. The funding will be made available in the 5 years 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18.


The aim of the fund is to assist with regeneration activity in Dumbarton High Street and town centre. It is to be targeted to bring maximum support and investment into the town and to invest in the continued improvement of the town centre.

Who can apply?

  • Third sector (voluntary and community) organisations
  • Registered and unregistered charities
  • Co-operatives
  • Friendly societies
  • Social enterprise companies
  • Youth groups
  • Individuals
  • Local independent businesses

What can be funded?

We will fund works or activities to the minimum sum of £1,000 per project that will:

  • Improve the appearance of Dumbarton Town Centre
  • Attract people into Dumbarton Town Centre
  • Create job opportunities within Dumbarton Town Centre
  • Positively raise the profile of Dumbarton
  • Promote awareness of Dumbarton's rich history
  • Contribute towards the development of a larger scale project with a longer term goal

We will consider funding projects within the 5 year period of the fund providing the project meet the above criteria. This is a rolling programme and applications can be submitted at any time.

Examples of eligible projects

Applications for funding could include projects involving the:

  • purchase of land, buildings or equipment
  • upgrade of an existing building
  • creation or improvement of access route, area of open space etc.
  • the running costs for a service or facility
  • elements of staffing and overhead costs
  • support for an event

How to apply

An application form and guidance notes are available above.

They can also be obtained from West Dunbartonshire Council's Regeneration Team.