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Infrastructure Investment Plan - Clydebank main

There are 3 regeneration sites within Clydebank. The town centre is dominated by the Clyde Shopping Centre with adjacent retail parks. Queens Quay, the former John Brown's shipyard, extends across much of the Clydebank riverside with Clyde Gate, which has partly been developed for business use, lying to its west. There has been significant new development at the eastern end of Queens Quay - including the new Clydebank College, business pavilions and the transformation of the Titan Crane into a visitor attraction. Queens Quay represents a substantial majority of the housing land supply in Clydebank.


  A         Queens Quay

Expected Outcomes:  Residential (private & social rented)/Office/Leisure Centre/Retail (3,000 sq. m)
Owner: Clydeside Regeneration
Size: 98.84 acres
Site Requirements:  Assessment of site conditions including quay wall and tidal basin, site preparation, roads/service infrastructure including site access, public realm works

  B        Clyde Gate

Expected Outcomes: Up to 6,000 sq. m. in Class 4/5 Business Pavilions (planning permission in place)
Owner: Clydebank re-built
Size: 7 acres gross including landscaped wedge, 4 acres developable
Site Requirements:  Assessment of site conditions, site preparation, roads/service infrastructure, harbour walls

  C        Clydebank town centre/commercial heart

Expected Outcomes:  Retail (8,000 sq. m Class 1 foodstore)/upgrading south part of Clyde Shopping Centre, enhancements to business park and creation of workspace
Owner: WDC/Private Sector
Size: 13 acres
Site Requirements: Assessment of site conditions and servicing requirements, public realm improvements