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The West Dunbartonshire Trusted Trader scheme is a local business partnership scheme aimed at increasing consumer confidence, promoting good practice within local business, and helping protect citizens from doorstep crime.

West Dunbartonshire Trading Standards will:

  1. Provide a fair and impartial service for both traders and consumers.
  2. Ensure compliance with consumer protection legislation, and agree to carry out any investigations promptly and fairly.
  3. Provide advice on both civil and consumer protection legislation upon request.
  4. Assist with staff training if required, and where resources permit.
  5. Nominate an officer who will act as a liaison officer for the business and the contact point for the provision of advice and assistance.
  6. Provide appropriate advice to the consumer following a complaint to the service. Where the complaint cannot be resolved, we will attempt to mediate between the two parties or recommend arbitration through the trade association if appropriate, or action through the court system.
  7. Provide an appropriate level of promotion of the scheme and its members.
  8. Conduct regular reviews of the scheme.
  9. Reserve the right to revoke membership of the scheme where traders pursue a course of business conduct detrimental to consumers' interests, or in conflict with the Code of Practice.
  10. Reserve the right to publicise the removal of traders from the scheme where appropriate.
  11. Provide a comprehensive feedback system through Referenceline that is accessible for both traders and consumers.