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Published 08 December 2017

Additional staff required to deliver the Early Learning and Child Care provision

West Dunbartonshire Council is to recruit more than 100 extra staff over the next two years under plans to enhance Early Learning and Child Care provision in the area.

The Council has set out its plans to meet the Scottish Government  commitment to deliver 1140 hours of free early learning and childcare to all three and four year olds, as well as all eligible two-year-olds by 2020.

It is estimated the Council will need 98 Early Education and Child Care Workers along with an additional eight managers to fully implement the additional provision for pre-school children.

The development of the service will provide an opportunity for new staff to join the Council and for current staff to retrain and progress to both managerial and leadership roles.

Eleven graduates and six modern apprentices are also being recruited to support the expansion of the service.

The Council is also investing in developing its centres to meet the new demand with work already underway to enhance a number of the buildings and further projects planned.

Councillor Karen Conaghan, Convener of Educational Services, said: “The Council is committed to ensuring all of our children get the best possible start in life and I am really pleased with the progress we have made so far in delivering our early learning and childcare provision.  These additional hours will benefit hundreds of children across West Dunbartonshire and will also help assist parents to seek further education, training or employment.”

Depute Convener of Educational Services, Councillor Caroline McAillister, said: “This expansion is not only about offering additional hours, it’s about delivering quality learning and care which is flexible, accessible and affordable to all and fully meets the needs of children and families across West Dunbartonshire.”

She added: “To accommodate the expansion we need to recruit new staff and look at promoting existing staff. Working with children is a very fulfilling career and we are committed to attracting and retaining the highest calibre of candidates to give our children the best start in our care.”