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Published 25 June 2018

Local charities and groups are being updated about all the funding options open to them to support their use of Council and WD Leisure venues.

The information links with the revised charges at Clydebank Town Hall and the new West Dunbartonshire Council offices at 16 Church Street, Dumbarton.

Registered charities and community groups can apply to a range of funds such as Community Chest via the Community and Volunteering Services to help support activities and running costs including room hire charges. Successful applications could actually enhance the sustainability of such groups.

Bailie Denis Agnew said: “It would be wrong to suggest that any group will be disadvantaged. The increase in charges is equivalent to £18 an hour and a 25% discount will be available to constituted groups on weekdays during operational hours.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to make all groups and charities aware of the funding streams open to them so they can continue to operate successfully. To this end I have arranged to meet the groups concerned along with key members of the Council, and appropriate officers in the very near future to discuss ways that groups can access appropriate funding to offset any increase in costs they may incur.

“It is also important to highlight the range of venues available to groups in the local area – including the Denny Civic Theatre and the award-winning Clydebank Leisure Centre facility which can offer a theatre-style set-up – which can meet requirements.”

In 2011-2013 a £3.6m restoration and renovation project at the Town Hall was undertaken jointly by the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and West Dunbartonshire Council. This was based on a proposal to change the Town Hall into a commercial venue for the Council and local area. Since it reopened in 2014 this has never been achieved. The new fee structure will help to address this, protect public funds and minimise the savings required elsewhere across the Council. The charges see an £18 rise per hour increase for the Grand Hall, which can accommodate up to 300 people.

To apply for funding, groups should contact CVS on 0141 941 0886 or email

To apply for the Alexander Cross Cameron Fund, groups should visit