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Published 28 March 2018

Schoolchildren have given their support to the Council’s recycling campaign by helping to install bright new banners at their schools.

Youngsters from St Joseph’s Primary in Clydebank and the shared St Peter’s and Aitkenbar Primary campus in Bellsmyre welcomed staff from the Council’s Refuse Collection team. They are among a number of West Dunbartonshire schools to have the banners on display, featuring the recycling campaign’s ‘We Wanna Do It All Again’ message.

To highlight how all recyclable items go through a process to be re-used, the Council’s new campaign includes the slogan ‘We Wanna Do It All Again,’ as if spoken by the items themselves.

By including schools in the campaign, it is hoped that children will become recycling champions from a young age and that they remain keen recyclers into adulthood. Displaying the banners outside schools will also keep the message in sight of parents and carers dropping off and collecting their children every day.

Councillor Iain McLaren, Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration & Economic Development, said: “The banners will certainly catch the eye outside schools and we are delighted that the schools have got behind the recycling campaign. Children are often naturally enthusiastic about recycling and the benefits to the environment and wildlife, so we are of course keen to encourage that in them.”

Currently, the 46,500 households in West Dunbartonshire recycle 49% of their waste − and the aim of the new campaign is to get closer to the ambitious target of recycling 70% of household waste by the year 2025.

Recycling costs on average 50% less than sending waste to landfill, which means that if a 100% recycling rate was ever achieved, massive savings could be made and used to fund other Council services.

Councillor Diane Docherty, Vice Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration & Economic Development, added: “I want to thank every resident who recycles and I hope that with children setting an example, even more people will become recycling champions for West Dunbartonshire.”

All the information on recycling in West Dunbartonshire is available at


children holding a recycling banner