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Council ‘continuing to make good progress’

Monday 12 May

West Dunbartonshire Council is ‘continuing to make good progress and taking appropriate action to manage the challenges and risks it faces’, according to Audit Scotland, the independent body that scrutinises Scotland’s councils.

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Voters urged to avoid peak times on polling day

15 September 2014

With a record number of people registered to vote in Thursday’s Independence Referendum, West Dunbartonshire residents are, along with residents across Scotland, being urged to avoid peak times to minimise queues at polling stations.

Loan warning

Residents hit in the pocket by loan arrangement fees

12 September 2014

Trading Standards are warning residents to be wary when searching for a loan online.

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West Dunbartonshire sees significant reduction in drug deaths

12 September 2014

The number of drug-related deaths in West Dunbartonshire has halved in the last 12 months and are now at a 9-year low.


Free family fun day at Havoc

12 September 2014

A new community project is aiming to get the Havoc Changing Rooms and the adjacent shore back to being the fun place it used to be.

School cooks

School catering staff cook up a treat for leading lights in the hotel industry

12 September 2014

Three West Dunbartonshire school cooks have showcased their culinary skills to an audience of top professionals from the hotel and catering industry.