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Details of the election of member to serve in the parliament for the West Dunbartonshire County constituency

I, Joyce White, Returning Officer appointed for the West Dunbartonshire County Constituency at the General Election, held on 8 JUNE 2017, hereby give notice that the total number of ballot papers counted in this election in the West Dunbartonshire County is 44,169.   The turnout is 65.3 %.

The total number of votes cast for each candidate in this constituency is as follows:

UK Parliament Election Result 2015 - Turn Out
OutcomeNo of votes
Martin Docherty(Scottish National Party (SNP)) 18890
Penny Hutton (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 7582
Jean Anne Mitchell  (Scottish Labour Party) 16602
Rebecca Louise Plenderleith (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 1009
Total Number of Rejected Ballot Papers 86

The reasons for rejection are as follows: 

UK Parliament Election Result 2010 - Ballot papers rejected
Reason for rejectionNumber of papers

a) Want of an official mark


b) Voting for more than one candidate


c)  Writing or mark by which voter can be identified


d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty


and I declare that the candidate elected to serve as the Member of Parliament for the West Dunbartonshire County Constituency is Martin Docherty (Scottish National Party).