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We aim to assist vulnerable people, of all ages, to live independently within their own homes wherever possible.

Our staff are committed to the management and provision of a flexible, responsive, seamless, high quality Care at Home service, taking full account of user and carer needs.

Who is the service for?

We help people who:

  • are leaving residential care or hospital and need help when they get back home;
  • need short-term help until they are 'back on their feet' and doing the things they did before an illness or a stay in hospital admission; or
  • are in danger of being admitted into hospital, residential or nursing care

We can provide care for:

  • adults with dementia (for example, people who show signs of memory loss and confusion);
  • adults with a number of different disabilities;
  • adults with mental health problems; and
  • people leaving hospital who need some help with everyday tasks such as washing-up and taking medicine

What care can we provide?

Help with everyday tasks such as:

  • assistance with personal tasks i.e. washing, dressing, toileting and personal hygiene, prompting medication
  • assistance with meal/snack preparation
  • help with shopping and laundry
  • collecting prescriptions, pensions and paying bills
  • help with light domestic tasks and
  • help and advice with claiming the benefits you are entitled to

Some things that we cannot do, such as:

  • the kind of jobs that nurses would normally do, like changing your bandages or feeding you through a tube; or
  • using dangerous cleaning substances such as ammonia or bleach
  • not climbing on anything to reach high surfaces

What next?

If you think you, or someone you know, needs help at home then read how to request the service and what happens next.