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Consultations carried out in 2017 – with outcomes and feedback

It’s important that as many tenants as possible are involved in discussions to help us review what we do and improve services.  It is also really important that people can see that their views have been taken into account and that outcomes from consultations are feedback to respondents. We will feedback directly to respondents but the table below brings together information on last years consultations. We also use our quarterly newsletter Housing News to   publicise outcomes.

Housing Consultation Calendar 2017

Name of Consultation

Purpose of Consultation

start and finish


Feedback and evidence

Annual rent consultation

The Council has a statutory duty to consult with tenants about the rent it charges. We are also improving transparency around the Housing Revenue Account and the decisions behind setting rent levels.




Sept  17- Jan 18

Public meeting agreed 3 options to be considered.

Options survey sent to all tenants along with Housing News.

Preferred option of 2% was recommended and agreed by Council 5/3/18.

Public meeting 30/11/17- meeting note

Feedback letter

Survey results

Consultation summary

Council minutes from 5/3/18

Spring edition of Housing News

Allocation Policy Review

Allocation policy being reviewed to take account of 2014 Housing legislation, current Welfare reforms and to improve applicant choice

May/June 2017

Consultation highlighted jargon being used which was replaced to make Policy easier to read. Priority points awarded to incoming workers also increased as people thought the 5 point award was very low and wouldn’t encourage people to move to the area.

Consultation summary

Housing & Communities Committee Nov 2017

Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey


Most of the questions in the satisfaction survey are fixed so that trend information over the years can be measured.

Open ended questions included where any dissatisfaction details could be included.

August 2017

Survey responses and trend information used to identify improvement actions and action plan then monitored by Housing Improvement Board.

Survey report

Survey action plan

2016 – 17 Annual Charter Performance Report for Tenants and other customers

Statutory requirement



September 2017

Self-assessment of performance was shared with the Scrutiny Panel and this informed their focus of activity for 2017/18.

All tenants were given an opportunity to provide feedback via survey link in report but only one response was received (which expressed satisfaction with content, layout etc.)

Annual Charter Performance Report for tenants and other customers

Housing Asset Management Strategy







Sept- Oct 2017

The Asset Management consultation resulted in the overall aim of the Strategy being changed to include affordability in terms of existing properties as well as new properties. All comments were integrated into the Strategy as well as actions like Maintain and Exceed the SHQS and review the West Dunbartonshire Standard, Review the Asset Register on a yearly basis and Investigate Capital Programme for potential savings.


Consultation summary

Housing & Community Committee report  Feb 2018