Pre Housing And Communities Committee Forum

Before the Housing & Communities Committee (HACC) meet each 3 months there is a meeting with tenants to discuss the papers ( it gets called the PRE-HACC Forum).  Each Tenant group can send up to 2 representatives to this meeting to discuss committee papers with Diane Docherty, Housing Convenor and John Kerr, Housing Development & Homelessness Manager. 

The final papers are only available one week before the meeting but there is a plan of what proposed reports are going to committee even though they aren’t finalised. The Council has begun to share the report planner with tenants to encourage participation and to give as much notice as possible about reports that might be of particular interest. Individual tenants can also ask to come along to the Forum.

Pre HACC Forum Meeting Notes 2018

Pre HACC Forum Meeting Notes 2017

Pre HACC Forum Meeting Notes 2016

Pre HACC Forum Meeting Notes 2015