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West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust is responsible for three main indoor leisure centres, managing sports development, the Active Schools project, community facilities, outdoor recreation and a range of events.

Disability Sport

West Dunbartonshire Disability Sports Development programme aims to increase sporting opportunities for the disability community by raising awareness of disability sport, improving the communication between partner organisations providing physical activity services and improving access to facilities. 

The key focus of the programme is to work with the sporting community and key partners to improve their capacity and confidence so that they can increase their provision.

Please follow the following link for further details on disability sport opportunities in West Dunbartonshire 


Dumbarton Academy Wednesday  6 - 7pm  5 - 12  £20.80
Concord Community Centre  Thursday  6 - 7pm  13 - 20 £20.80


In order to see if your child is suitable the following criteria must be met prior to application:

  • West Dunbartonshire Resident
  • Aged between 5 & 16 years
  • Children with or affected by moderate to severe physical disabilities
  • Children with or affected by moderate to severe learning disabilities
  • Children with or affected by complex health needs
  • Children with or affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Children with or affected by ADHD

Should you have any questions then please contact Stacey Ann Buist on 01389 757806