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2019 Summer Holiday Camps

If your child already has login details click the online booking page alternatively if you don’t have log in details for your child click on the register page and select pay as you go.

Summer Holiday Programme
Leisure Centre Camps (8-12yrs) Day ticket £11.50
Venue Dates Time Cost  
  Meadow Centre   8-12 July   9-3.30pm   £47 Book Now
  Meadow Centre   15-19 July   9-3.30pm    £47 Book Now
  Meadow Centre   5-9 August   9-3.30pm   £47 Book Now
  Clydebank Leisure Centre   1-5 July   9-3.30pm   £47 Book Now
  Clydebank Leisure Centre   22-26 July   9-3.30pm   £47 Book Now
Football Camps (5-8yrs & 9-14yrs)
  Dumbarton Academy   1-5 July   9-3pm   £55       Book Now 
  Dumbarton Academy   1-5 July   9-12pm   £27.50   Book Now
  Vale Academy   15-19 July     9-3pm   £55 Book Now
  Vale Academy   15-19 July   9-12pm   £27.50 Book Now
  St Peter the Apostle   22-26 July   9-3pm   £55 Book Now
  St Peter the Apostle   22-26 July   9-12pm   £27.50 Book Now
  Vale Academy   29-2 Aug   9-3pm   £55  Book Now 
  Vale Academy   29-2 Aug   9-12pm   £27.50 Book Now
  Dumbarton Academy   5-9 Aug   9-3pm   £55   Book Now  
  Dumbarton Academy   5-9 Aug   9-12pm   £27.50   Book Now  
Multi Sports (5-12yrs)
  St Peter the Apostle   1-5 July   9-3pm   £55   Book Now 
  Vale Academy   8-12 July   9-3pm   £55   Book Now 
  Vale Academy   22-26 July   9-3pm   £55   Book Now 
  St Peter the Apostle   29-2nd Aug   9-3pm   £55   Book Now 
Mini Kickers (3-4yrs)  
  Dumbarton Academy   1-5 July   1.30-2.30pm     £13   Book Now
  St Peter the Apostle   22-26 July   9.30-10.30am   £13   Book Now
  Vale Academy   29-2 Aug   11-12pm   £13   Book Now
Goal Keeping Camp (8-18 years)
  Argyll Park,    8-12 July   9.30-12pm   £22.85   Book Now
Girls Football Camps(5-12yrs)
  Dumbarton Academy   8-12 July  12.30-3pm   £22.85   Book Now

Gymnastics & Dance Camp

  Vale Academy (5-6yrs)   15-18 July   10-12.30pm   £24   Book Now
  Vale Academy (7-12yrs)   15-18 July   10-3pm   £48    Book Now 
Gymnastics Camp (5-10yrs)
Gymnastics Centre,
  1-5 July   9-12pm   £42  Book Now
  1-5 July   1-4pm   £42  Book Now
  29-2 Aug   9-12pm   £42  Book Now
  29-2 Aug   1-4pm   £42   Book Now