Unless otherwise stated activities are for ages 3-10

Wednesday 12 July

Secret Agents IDs 1.30-2.30pm – Become a secret agent for the day; create a code name and fingerprinted ID badge, while solving mysterious cryptic clues.

Wednesday 19 July

Frog Bookmarks 3-4pm – Design your own froggy bookmark to use in your Summer Reading Challenge books!

Wednesday 26 July

Zoolab 1.00-2.00pm (age 5-14) - Animal Agents can help Snail Sleuth on the hunt for a stolen seed by taking part in a fun and exciting animal handling experience, with creepy crawlies galore!

Friday 28 July

Birds Nests 2.30-3.30pm – Get messy with making birds nests.

Wednesday 2 August

Elephant Puppets 3-4pm – Everybody loves elephants, why not make your very own puppet version?

Wednesday 9 August

Bumblebee Crafts 2-3pm – Get buzzzzy making all things bumblebee like with these cool crafts.