Unless otherwise stated activities will take place 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Wednesday 5 July

Animal Art (age 6-10) - Get involved with our Summer Reading Challenge Animal Agents by drawing, painting and designing fantastic animal art.

Wednesday 12 July

Animal Masks (age 3-6) - Show your arty side by creating and decorating an awesome animal mask.

Friday 21 July

Animal Pom Poms (age 6-10) – Time to get working with wool to make some super cute pom pom animals.

Wednesday 26 July

Collage Fish (age 3-6) – Celebrate all things under the sea with this creative craft event. 

Monday 31 July

Face painting (age 3-6) - Get into the spirit of Animal Agents and get your face painted.  Will you be a fearsome tiger, a beautiful butterfly, or an adorable bunny?

Thursday 10 August

Zoolab 1.30-2.30pm (all ages) - Animal Agents can help Snail Sleuth on the hunt for a stolen seed by taking part in a fun and exciting animal handling experience, with creepy crawlies galore!

Friday 11 August

Spoon Animals (age 6-10) – Which animal will you create using a simple spoon, paints and other material, and your imagination?