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Scotland’s national adult reading promotion for 2017– ‘Read the Past Imagine the Future’.

West Dunbartonshire Libraries and Cultural Services are offering Scotland’s national adult reading promotion for 2017

This fantastic promotion is running in libraries across the nation until Book Week Scotland in November, celebrating this Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

The aim is to widen knowledge of local and national history and to experience imaginative and speculative visions of our possible future. It is a celebration of Scotland’s rich heritage, history and culture of writing and reading. It also celebrates other histories and speculates imaginatively on all our futures.

We have a great range of titles to enjoy including novels by the likes of Nigel Tranter, A. L. Kennedy and Robert Louis Stevenson. You can also explore alternative futures from masters of the science fiction genre such as Margaret Atwood, Ken MacLeod and H.G. Wells. 

If you prefer non-fiction there are some wonderful books such as Alastair Moffat’s The Scots: A Genetic Journey which look into our extraordinary history through the latest scientific methods. 

We have also included some graphic novels written by Scotland’s finest exponent of the craft, Alan Grant.

The promotion is touring round 4 of our branches – Alexandria; Clydebank; Dumbarton; Dalmuir

The slideshow below shows a sample of the fantastic collection on offer...


There is also the opportunity to win £50 in book tokens, by submitting your own book reviews.

To enter readers just need to complete a review card in your local library or post a Tweet containing the hashtag #ReadThePast17, the book title and review comments.

If you would simply like to recommend titles to our staff, you can tweet them to us @wdclibraries with the hashtag #ReadThePast17