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View the weekly list of recently registered applications, Proposal of Application Notices and recent decisions.

You can comment on any of the applications below - during the consultation period - either online or via email. For full details visit our 'View and Comment on Planning Applications' page.

Please note: Our weekly lists are added on a Tuesday which will run applications for the previous week, effectively a week behind, the next Weekly List to be Published will be for Week Ending 30/09/2016. 

Weekly List of applications and decisions

week ending 23 September 2016

week ending 16 September 2016

week ending 9 September 2016

week ending 2 September 2016

week ending 26 August 2016

week ending 19 August 2016

week ending 12 August 2016

week ending 05 August 2016


Extant List

Week ending 23 September 2016