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To help you recycle more and provide New Bonhill with the same recycling & waste services as the rest of West Dunbartonshire, we are changing your recycling & waste collections.

All properties in the New Bonhill area will receive a weekly food waste and alternate weekly recycling & waste collection service from November 2015.

What’s changing?

From November 2015:

  • You will receive a new weekly food waste collection service. We will provide you with an indoor kitchen caddy with biodegradable caddy liners, and an outdoor caddy
  • You will receive a new blue wheelie bin for recycling paper, cardboard, tins, cans and plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays. This will be collected every two weeks
  • From November your residual green/grey waste bin will be collected every two weeks
  • You will be able to recycle glass bottles and jars using a new network of on-street glass recycling points
  • Greenlight Environmental Ltd will no longer provide a blue and white bag recycling collection service.

When will the change happen?

We will deliver your new indoor and outdoor food waste caddies and your new blue recycling bin between the 30th October – 1st November. You can start to recycle as soon as you receive your new containers.

We will also provide you with an information leaflet that tells you how to use the new service, as well as a collection calendar so you know when you should put your bins and food waste caddy out for collection.

As a result of these changes your usual collection day may change.

Why is my service changing?

Residents of New Bonhill asked their local Councillors if the area could be provided with the same comprehensive waste and recycling service as the rest of West Dunbartonshire. Following a consultation exercise with residents we are pleased to be improving the range of materials you can recycle and to be bringing your waste and recycling service into line with the rest of the households in West Dunbartonshire.

Currently, residents of West Dunbartonshire recycle around 45% of their household waste and we would like to thank you for your efforts in helping us to achieve this. By providing you with a blue bin you will have even more space to recycle more of your household waste. This change to your waste and recycling service aims to allow you to recycle as much as possible, reduce the amount of waste going landfill and help West Dunbartonshire meet Scottish Government targets

Please be advised that West Dunbartonshire Council will now carry out all collections from low rise properties in New Bonhill. Greenlight Environmental Ltd. will no longer be carry out the blue and white recycling sack collection service. These changes to services will have no impact on Greenlight Environmental Ltd.

As we will no longer be collecting your recycling using the blue and white sacks, you may dispose of them or keep them for personal use.

Further information

We appreciate that this is a big change but Waste Services are here to help and Community Waste Officers will provide assistance and guidance. 

Please contact Waste Services at or telephone 01389 738282.

You can also find out more information on the Rubbish and Recycling webpages including on what goes in your bins, how to report a missed bin and how to apply for an assisted collection if needed.