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Tenemental and High Rise Glass Collection - disruption to service

There is currently no glass recycling collection for tenemental and high rise properties.  Residents can deposit glass at one of the many recycling points across the area. You can find out where your nearest one is on the recycle points page. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

West Dunbartonshire residents are recycling 45% of their waste. Thank you very much. But there is more recycling to do.

As part of the Scottish Government's commitment to recycle 60% of waste by 2020, West Dunbartonshire Council introduced an Alternate Weekly Collection Service in September 2014 to tenemental properties in the Milton, Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Renton and Balloch areas. The service has been working well and the amount of recycling from tenemental flats has increased. The tenemental householders in Bowling, Old Kilpatrick, Clydebank, Duntocher, Hardgate and Faifley areas will receive the AWC service in February 2015.

From week commencing Monday 2 February 2015, residual grey/green bin collection will move to a fortnightly collection. Residents will still receive a blue bag collection for dry recyclates (paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic trays, plastic pots, tins and cans) and a white bag collection for glass bottles and jars from Greenlight in the weeks in between. Residents will also still receive a communal brown food waste bin collection weekly.

All flats should have blue bags, a white bag, a kitchen caddy and a supply of food waste bags for kitchen caddies. If your property does not have any of these items they can be requested through the Waste Aware helpline on 0845 111 0050, by emailing Waste Aware  or from the Contact Centre on 01389 738282.

An additional two blue wheelie bins for the back court/garden area of the tenement block for communal use can be requested as detailed above.

We trust that you will support us in our efforts to divert as much waste as possible from landfill. If you have any questions regarding the new collection service please contact us.

How many bins am I permitted?

All suitable Tenemental households within West Dunbartonshire are supplied with a 50 litre blue bag for the storage of dry recyclates, a 50 litre white bag for glass bottles and jars, a communal 140 litre brown food waste bin and a 240 litre black or green bin for residual (landfill) waste. Householders can request two additional 240 litre blue bins to allow them to recycle more, these bins will be serviced by Greenlight, they will pick them up from the back court area and return them once they have been emptied. Please contact us for additional blue bins or for blue bags, white bags or brown bins.

What should I put in my landfill (residual household waste) bin?

Residents should be able to place almost all of their recyclable materials in the brown and blue bins so the residual waste bin should only be used for non-recyclable  materials.

What happens if my landfill bin is full before collection day?

Ensure that all recyclables are placed within the appropriate containers. Alternatively, excess waste can be taken to one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres or placed in the emptied bin until the next service day. Excess waste will no longer be uplifted.

When will my bins be uplifted?

We will service your green/grey bin, blue bin bag/box every alternate weeks on your normal collection day. The communal brown food waste bin will be serviced every week.

I am concerned that my bins will smell or attract vermin if not emptied weekly

Securely tie non-recyclable waste in bags before putting it into your green or grey bin. Kitchen waste can be wrapped in a single sheet of newspaper or put into a compostable  bag before placing in your brown bin. If possible store your bins in a shaded area. Ensure that all bin lids are closed. Vermin problems relating to the Alternate Weekly Collection service have not been reported to the Council since the system was introduced to low rise properties in the area in 2010.

Can I place extra bags out as side waste or overfill my bin?

Due to Health and Safety restrictions, bins with open lids will not be emptied. Excess waste such as bags, refuse boxes and bulky items will NOT be collected along with any bins. Excess waste should be taken to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Can I get an extra or larger landfill bin?

Only certain households with larger families (6 or more people in residence), medical waste requirements or several children in nappies may be eligible to apply for a temporary larger or extra landfill bin. For further information please contact Fleet and Waste Services.

Can I get assistance?

Residents of West Dunbartonshire who have difficulty in moving their wheeled bin to the nearest collection point may apply to have an assisted pull-out. Residents have to apply for this service and have their application supported by a GP/Health Worker. An application form can be downloaded or contact 01389 737000 for a form.

I don't need blue or brown bins because I don't produce much waste for recycling

It doesn't matter if you do not produce a lot of recyclable waste as you do not need to put the bins out for every collection. Please note if you do not want to participate in the new service your landfill bin will still be collected every two weeks.

Why can't you collect my landfill bin every week?

Your waste is still being collected weekly but we now collect different materials on alternate weeks. The alternative to this would be a substantial increase in the number of refuse collection vehicles and crews required. This would not only be a major cost to local council tax payers but would also have a significant environmental impact in terms of increased carbon emissions.

What happens with a missed bin?

If a householder reports that their bin wasn't emptied either because they presented it late or forgot to present it, the collection vehicle will return to empty the bin after it has been reported and when it is convenient. Persistent late presentation of bins is not acceptable. If a bin was missed due to operator oversight, it will be uplifted within 3 working days of it being reported to Fleet and Waste Services. If a bin has been reported as contaminated or overfull of excess waste (i.e. lid open) the bin will not be uplifted and the householder will be required to remedy the situation prior to their next regular uplift.

Can we have some extra bins?

If you do not have enough capacity for all your waste or recyclates then extra bins can be requested. Contact us to request an extra bin.

What can I do to stop our food waste bin from smelling?

The food waste bins are emptied every week, so smells should be kept to a minimum.

One of our bins is damaged, can it be replaced?

We try to repair any damaged bins but will replace recycling bins which cannot be repaired.

Where does my waste and recycling go?

45% of your waste is either recycled or composted.