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Our meals service provides school meals that are healthy, tasty and nutritious. The meals are also great value at only £2.35 for Nursery and £2.45 for Primary School (from 23rd April 2019). Secondary pupils have the option of meal deals which are individually priced.

This weeks menu : Halal Week 4
20th - 25th May 2019

Halal Week 4 Monday
School Main
Savoury Mince Beef - Halal A
Halal Week 4 Tuesday
School Main
Chinese Chicken Curry A
Halal Week 4 Wednesday
School Main
Freshly Prepared Beef Burgers - Halal A
Halal Week 4 Thursday
School Main
Savoury Quorn Links with Gravy V A
Halal Week 4 Friday
School Main
Breaded Haddock A
V Suitable for vegetarians, A Contains allergens

We are happy to offer a Halal menu on request to the school office at the beginning of the school year. The Halal menu is for main courses only and used in conjunction with the standard menus.

You can also download the Halal main course menu (PDF 13KB)