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Empty Property Relief

Premises have to be completely unoccupied to qualify for empty property relief.

Unoccupied non domestic properties may be entitled to a reduction in the amount of rates payable. The level of relief afforded will depend on the reason the property is unoccupied and the period of time being claimed.

 Levels of relief available from 01/04/2016   

  • Industrial properties: 100% of the rates charge for the first 6 months property was unoccupied and 10% thereafter.
  • All other non-domestic properties: 50% of the rates charge for the first 3 months property was unoccupied and 10% thereafter.

Premises which are classed as exempt under the following categories will be entitled to 100% relief.

  1. Properties with Rateable Values of less than £1,700
  2. Properties unoccupied due to death or insolvency
  3. Properties which are prohibited by law from occupation
  4. Properties which are under a compulsory purchase order
  5. Properties which have a Preservation Order, Listed Buildings and  Ancient Monuments
  6. Properties not comprising one or more buildings or a part of a building.
  7. Properties which were previously occupied by a charity or charitable organisation in receipt of Mandatory/Discretionary relief

Empty property relief applications must be supported with documentary evidence; no relief will be granted retrospectively WITHOUT VERIFICATION that the property was empty.

Please Note

Rates must continue to be paid in accordance with your rates notice until your empty property relief application has been assessed and replacement documentation issued.

How to Apply

To apply for Empty Property Relief please complete application.

Relief Application

Relief Application (Review)