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Am I Eligible?

The Scottish Government Furlough Support Grant provides businesses with grants of £1,650 to help meet the cost of re-furloughing staff by supporting the 20% employer’s contribution that they are required to pay under the current UK Government Job Retention Scheme.

This fund is open to businesses in the five health boards that had to close due to increased restrictions and covers the period from 9 October to 31 October. The Job Support Scheme goes live on 1 November and will not require an employer contribution to wages for businesses that are closed.

This fund will be delivered through local authorities from Friday 30 October.

Businesses who have already applied for the Coronavirus Restrictions (Closure) Fund will be contacted by their local authority to check if they are eligible for furlough support. 

An award of £1,650 will be made for each of the business premises where at least one employee is furloughed.

To Apply