Infrastructure Investment Plan - Bowling mainBowling is a village lying between the A82 and the River Clyde. The Forth and Clyde Canal enters the Clyde from Bowling Basin, to the west of which is Bowling Harbour and then the former Esso Terminal. Any development should recognise the nature conservation value of the Inner Clyde Special Protection Area and take cognisance of the historic value of the B-Listed Dunglass Castle.




 A         Bowling Basin

Expected Outcomes:  Residential/Leisure/ Commercial/Tourism
Owner: Scottish Canals
Size: 20 acres
Site Requirements:  Roads Access over canal, flood alleviation and defence works, assessment of site conditions, harbour walls

  B        Scotts Yard, Bowling Harbour

Expected Outcomes: Residential/Leisure
Owner: Private sector
Size: 6.18 acres
Site Requirements:  Assessment of site conditions, site preparation, roads/service infrastructure, harbour walls

 C        Esso Terminal

Expected Outcomes:  Mixed Use including for employment generation, creation of new A82 link road
Owner: ExxonMobil­
Size: 81 acres
Site Requirements: Assessment of site conditions, site preparation, roads/service infrastructure including access onto A814 and construction of A82 alternative route