Social Benefits Wishlist
Name Town/Area Category  Details of Wish List request Dated added to wishlist
Clifftop Projects Dumbarton Donation of money to support local community projects

Donations to Clifftop Projects would support the following artistic projects within the community: Intergenerational Dance Company is a group of people aged 10-83 who meet online to dance and create together.
Together We Dance is a project creating a dance film in West Dunbartonshire with community residents.
Dance Classes for National Autistic Society, Alzheimer Scotland, Neighbourhood Networks and more.
Art Hub Castlehill delivers art challenges and supplies for young people each week (we are looking to develop this in Bellsmyre also).
Discoverers and Explorers are arts based youth clubs that will launch in April 2021 for ages 5-11.

Our Wish List request is vague as we require support on all of the above projects and would be happy to arrange sponsorship of any/all of them with a supplier.

Dalmuir Barclay Church Clydebank Donation of money to support local community projects

Since the beginning of May last year we have been supporting Old Kilpatrick Food Parcels as a distribution centre for the food bank. Our Sanctuary floor has had a great many crates of food stored on it and tins of food etc dropped on it so it is showing a bit of wear and tear and a few dents as it is a hard wood floor. Over 100 adults a week are receiving food parcels made up in our Sanctuary, a lot of floor space is being used.

We would love our Sanctuary floor to be re-sealed and varnished to restore its beauty. Also the area if the front vestibule area the special non slip matting flooring is looking very bad and worn. It has been open to the elements every week as the doors are wide open on Wednesdays and now Fridays for food distribution. The door matting is also special as it look like a non slip type of grid which is fitted.

I have found this area of the form the most difficult to fill in as I have only one option to choose - either cash, materials or labour. The work our Sanctuary floor is needing is specialist work and I wish a contractor out there would be available to provide labour and materials. We would be so very grateful for any work that could be done.

West Dunbartonshire Community Foodshare West Dunbartonshire Donation of cash to support local health or wellbeing projects

We wish funding support to ensure continuity of our current staffing levels.
We normally have 110 volunteers but due to the pandemic, we need to keep the number of workers low to ensure safety and ensure our service continues to run. We are currently working with 3 staff members and 2 volunteers.
Ensuring we have enough funding to continue employment of our workers will ensure we can continue to provide our essential service to anyone in need across West Dunbartonshire.
We would also be grateful for support with donations of ambient, fresh and frozen food items.

Unity-Empower Dalmuir Donation of money to support local community projects

At the moment we support our service users with many different activities which includes cooking and gardening. We have recently been offered a small outdoor space within the grounds of Dalmuir community centre which we hope to add to the small indoor gardening space that we have within our activity room. At the moment we are growing many types of vegetables which we aim to use in our own cooking activities and to enhance this by a small outdoor area with perhaps three raised beds where we can continue to grow vegetables such as potatoes, leeks, lettuce etc. we are looking to have the three beds build and some foundation materials such as soil, seeds and small tools.

Alternatives Community-based Recovery Dumbarton Donation of goods to support local health or wellbeing projects

We are setting up a horticulture and wildlife social enterprise project at Knowetop in Dumbarton and are looking for a items to help us be ready to start having people working on site when lockdown ends. Specifically we are looking for;
1. adult workwear for outdoor working, items like - waterproof jackets and trousers, fleeces, hats, gloves, overalls, work trousers, work boots
2. tables, chairs, shelving and whiteboards for equipping the indoor workspace which will be in a converted shipping container
3. microwave, fridge, kettle, mugs, plates, cutlery for workspace kitchen
4. children's warm waterproof clothing - jackets, trousers and fleeces and wellingtons - for use by our children's club members and school holiday club

Clydebank Community Sport Hub Clydebank Donations of materials to support local community projects

We would like support to build a 2m fence around our proposed allotment area. In addition, we require a poly-tunnel, sheds and support tools & materials to build the area for our community.

Drumchapel Amateurs Clydebank Sponsorship of local sports team

We are a community football club with around 300 players and 60 volunteers
We always try to keep costs to families to a minimum and we strive every year to obtain sponsorship via local business - we feel as a result of COVID we might not be as successful in generating income so any sponsorship for our club would be greatly received.

Bonhill Community Garden Braehead, Bonhill  Provision of labour to support local community projects We are short of our usual volunteers as a result of the ongoing pandemic & our few volunteers are struggling to keep the maintenance up to date. i.e. Winter’s toll has left its mark & our Spring prep is behind - i.e., we are only halfway through building up a donated glass greenhouse. This greenhouse is vital to lengthen our growing cycle & to allow us to produce more healthy vegetables & fruit for our community. Also Grass needs its first cut & pathways cut out & laid. Our site is 170mx120m.   
Renton Community Garden - Cordale Housing Association Renton Donations of materials to support local community projects The Steering Group for the Renton Community Garden (sponsored by: Cordale Housing Association) is seeking to obtain 10-20 cubic metres of topsoil or compost:

  • to infill 17 planter beds (large & small would need 10 cu.m to infill - as detailed in the list below)
  • and cover a bare ground area in the garden of approximately 115 sq.m to a depth of approx. 8cm

  1. gravel area planters = x6 planters = 6.6 cu.m
    each 60 cm planter = 220 x 100 cm = 2.2 sq.m x depth 60 cm = 1.32 cu.m x3 = 3.96 cu.m
    each 50 cm planter = 220 x 100 cm = 2.2 sq.m x depth 50 cm = 1.10 cu.m x1 = 1.10 cu.m
    each 40 cm planter = 220 x 100 cm = 2.2 sq.m x depth 40 cm = 0.88 cu.m x1 = 0.88 cu.m
    each 30 cm planter = 220 x 100 cm = 2.2 sq.m x depth 30 cm = 0.66 cu.m x1 = 0.66 cu.m
  2. shelter planters = x4 planters = 1.84 cu.m
    each planter = 140 x 60 cm = 0.84 sq.m x depth 55 cm = 0.462 cu.m
  3. paving planters = x7 planters = 1.89 cu.m
    each planter = 225 x 40 cm = 0.9 sq.m x depth 30 cm = 0.27 cu.m

The open area of the total garden area of 440 sq.m (22x20m) is approx. 115 sq.m (26% of the total surface area). This could be covered with up to an 8 cm layer of soil which would be another 9.2 cu.m in addition to the 10.33 cu.m to fill the planters - making a total of 19.53 cu.m of soil/compost that could be utilised in the garden space.
Dalmuir Park Sheltered Housing Glasgow Donation of goods to support local health or wellbeing projects Wish list for both Nairn Street and Shaft Street Tenants Bi-Monthly Meetings: Re new carpets in our Common rooms.
  • Re-new kitchen utensils used in weekly lunch club.
  • Replace uniforms for lunch club cook and volunteer.
  • Up grade garden area to make it safe and comfortable for sheltered tenants to have outdoor morning teas/coffee events weekly.
  • Purchase 6 electric wheelchair storage huts.
  • Funds to facilitate chair exercise classes for a year.
  • Funds to facilitate basic IT classes for sheltered tenants.
  • Funds to facilitate 6 social events in our common rooms.
  • Funds to pay for the hire of a bus to take sheltered tenants on a summer/winter Christmas shopping day trip.
Renton Community Development Trust. Renton Donations of materials to support local community projects External Masonry Paint to paint the John Connolly Centre.  
The Clydebank Sea Cadets Clydebank Donation of money to support local community projects We are a youth charity that uses a nautical medium to provide young people, aged 10 to 18, with a head start in life. One of our principal outputs is to boost the physical and mental wellbeing of our youngsters. We provide a wealth of sports and waterborne opportunities as well as qualifications and life skills such as First Aid, Cookery, Communication and Team skills. Importantly, our starting point is to provide a safe and friendly environment for our young people, a place where they can make friends and feel part of a family. We try to be as inclusive as possible by setting our monthly subscription at £12 per child and by subsiding those who do not have the means to pay this or for equipment or activity costs. As we receive no income other than our subscriptions we welcome any donation to us and guarantee that it will go exclusively towards helping a child to a better future. We are a purely voluntary organisation that gives from the heart. 26/08/2021