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At the Corporate Services Committee on the 13 May 2015 Members agreed to allocate funding into a Community Loans Fund.  Interest free loans will be available to assist voluntary organisations with capital purchases.


The aim of the Fund is to provide interest free capital loans to Voluntary Organisations of up to normally a maximum of £10,000, which will be repayable over a maximum period of five years by monthly instalments. Loans may be awarded above this level only under exceptional circumstances.

Community Loan Fund Criteria: What will be funded?

Loans will normally be awarded for capital works up to a maximum of £10,000 per project.  Any project funded must be of benefit to the West Dunbartonshire area and must meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • Improving the appearance of the West Dunbartonshire area.
  • Attract people into West Dunbartonshire;
  • Create job opportunities within West Dunbartonshire;
  • Positively raise the profile of West Dunbartonshire;
  • Enriching the lives of residents within West Dunbartonshire, or;
  • Contribute towards the development of a larger scale project with a longer term goals.

Capital works provide medium to long term benefit (a period defined as greater than one year) to the organisation with examples of capital works that may be eligible being the purchase or refurbishment of buildings, purchase of equipment, vehicles, etc.

The Community Loans Fund will not fund items such as the day to day running/staffing costs of an organisation.

Before you apply

There are a wide range of project types which are eligible and you are encouraged to discuss your project with the loan fund administrator before applying.

As the loans are interest free and comprise the use of public monies, the Conditions of Loan will provide that throughout the period of the Loan all loan monies and any assets and property acquired by the use of the loan funds will be held in trust on behalf of the Council. In addition there will be a requirement for personal guarantees to cover breach of contract and/ or breach of trust

Community Loan Fund Criteria: What will not be funded?

  • Running costs of an organisation;
  • Staffing costs of an organisation;
  • Projects outwith the West Dunbartonshire area;
  • Costs already incurred before funding is offered, including costs you incur when putting together your application;
  • Items or activities that mainly benefit an individual or a limited number of people;
  • Repayment of existing loans or interest payments ;
  • Activities that could bring the Fund into disrepute;
  • Activities promoting religious or political beliefs;
  • Travel costs for exchange visits or trips;
  • Projects that another organisation has a legal duty or right to provide
  • Events to raise funds for charities.

Form, Conditions and Notes

An application form can be obtained from:

Application Form (Word 615 KB)

Conditions of Grant (Word 170 KB)

Information Note (Word 536 KB)