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In setting the budget for 2019/20, the Council agreed to the creation of a fund of £10,000 in each of the financial years 2019/20 to 2021/22, available to groups helping to tackle loneliness in our communities.

The fund will be administered following the following principles:

  • Available to any not for profit, properly constituted group providing activities or services targeted at ending loneliness;
  • Applications can be for any spend that a group applies for provided the planned spend provides a benefit to those in need of friendship/companionship or suffering from loneliness. This may include running costs for groups where one of the purposes of the group is aligned to this qualifying requirement;
  • Applications will only be accepted for single years worth of funding;
  • Applications accepted at any time until the given year’s fund is depleted; and
  • Officers will consider applications and agree awards.

At the end of the period of the use of the funding application the applicants will require to provide confirmation and evidence that the funding has been spent in line with the application and information on numbers of people assisted. This will be covered within ‘a conditions of grant’ document which all successful applicants will be asked to sign, prior to receiving funding.


Loneliness Fund Application

(Word Doc - 134KB)