Community Council Scheme Review Consultation Process

The public consultation took place over 3 stages.

  • The first report to Special council meeting was submitted in February 2021.
  • Scottish Community Development Centre were appointed to assist with the consultation
  • The consultation has been carried out in line with the West Dunbartonshire Community Empowerment Strategy.
  • Stage 1 (March – June 2021) the report on the first phase of consultation.
  • The first stage of the public consultation is used to inform the production of an amended draft Scheme.
  • Second report to Special council on 26th August 2021
  • The first consultation included meetings with individual community councils and other community groups or former community councillors in areas where there were no CCs.
  • There was also consultation on CC boundaries and proposals identified for further consultation. A Stronger voices group was established for the purpose of the consultation including representatives from CC Forum, Equalities Forum and other representative groups in West Dunbartonshire.
  • Stage 2 (August – December 2021) the consultation report is available on the WDCCMIS website.
  • This stage of consultation included further meetings with individual community councils, a session with the Community Council Forum and meetings of the Stronger voices group. Also further discussion on boundary proposals has taken place.
  • A draft Scheme, Handbook, Draft constitution and Standing orders were developed for consultation and can be found on the Scottish Community Development Centre website.  
  • As part of the second stage of consultation town hall events were held on 15 & 17 November.  Details can be found on the Scottish Community Development Centre website.  
  • The third report to Special council meeting on 23rd February is available on the WDCCMIS website.
  • The revised draft of the Scheme is available on the Scottish Community Development website.
  • Stage 3 consultation will take place from 8 March until 5 April 2022.  This includes a consultation on proposals for changes to community council boundaries. You can contribute by completing the consultation form.
  • A final version of the Scheme was be presented to Council at a special Council meeting on 25 May 2022.
  • The review is now complete and the new Scheme was approved on 25 May 2022. The new scheme is available on the Scheme for the establishment of Community Councils' page.

Community Council elections are expected to be held in October 2022, this has been delayed due to local elections in May 2022.