Leading up to World Kindness Day on Sunday, 13 November 2022, West Dunbartonshire Council Communities Team and partners will continue to promote acts of kindness within West Dunbartonshire. Last year, we witnessed outstanding acts of kindness and we're looking for others to promote which can help with the current cost of living crisis.

We recognise that there is already a lot of kindness happening across our communities, especially since the pandemic. Last year the initiative was piloted following consultation with residents and was highlighted that there was a need to support kindness throughout West Dunbartonshire. This year, we hope to highlight the great work of community groups and local organisations who are specifically supporting those most in need.

Why not highlight those you see making the biggest impact every day? Or take the time to carry out your own act of kindness to make a difference to those who mean the most to you? Share your events or activities on social media, or contact us at the email below.

We are working with schools, libraries, community groups and partner organisations.

Find out more about the range of events and activities taking place within your community here: List of activities | West Dunbartonshire Council (west-dunbarton.gov.uk)

If you have a group or activity you'd like us to promote, contact us on: kindness@west-dunbarton.gov.uk