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  1. WDC will issue a Reference number for your Participation Request and this will be shared with your community group for future reference
  2. To make a participation request, the community group needs to meet specific criteria outlined in the Act. They can be either;

    • a ‘community-led body’,
    • a community council, or a
    • community led body with constitution & governance structure.

      To make a participation request, the community group needs to meet specific criteria outlined in the Act. They can be either;

    (i) A community group can also be a more loosely associated group of people with no constitution, as long as they meet the criteria above. It will be for West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) to determine whether a group meets the requirements under the Act but it will be for your community group to provide such information as WDC needs to be satisfied.

    (ii) A community group with a written constitution should include in their documentation:

    • A definition of the community to which the body relates (either a geographical community or formed around a shared interest or characteristic, e.g. faith groups, disability, sports club);
    • provision that membership is open to any member of that community;
    • provision that most members are from that community;
    • a statement of the body’s aims and purposes, including the benefit for that community; and
    • provision that any surplus funds or assets are to be applied for the benefit of that community.
  3. In your own words please describe the issue or concern about a service which you want to discuss further with WD Council.
  4. What communication have you had so far? Have you had informal discussion with any of the departments within the council?  Have you had informal or formal contact with any of our partner organisations e.g. Police, Scottish Natural Heritage, Fire and Rescue, NHS etc
  5. What outcome does this issue relate to?  The outcome may be found in the Council’s Strategic Plan which you might want to review.  For information you can access the Councils Strategic Plan

    If you need support to identify or develop a new outcome that your group is trying to achieve then please contact the Communities team for support:

    Communities Team
    Housing & Employability
    West Dunbartonshire Council
    16 Church Street
    Dumbarton, G82 31QL


  6. Outcomes defined

    The form asks you to describe the outcome you want to improve. The outcome can be your own or could relate to the Council’s outcomes which you might want to reword.  Please read below for an indication of what an outcome is:

    ‘Outcomes are the effect or the difference that has been made as a result of a service, an activity, or a policy decision. To get to an outcome it is often useful to ask yourself “what difference will this make?” The answer you get to that question will help to form your outcome.’

    Here are a couple of examples of outcomes:

    Example 1:
    Your group wishes to see an area of waste ground developed for community use.
    Q. “What difference will this make to our local community? 
    A.  “There will be an improved environment, and there will be an increase in physical activity levels for young people and adults” (this is your outcome) 

    Example 2:
    The local community would like an extension of opening hours of a community library.
    Q.  “What difference will this make to our local community?”
    A.  “There will be improved access to local community facilities which will help to improve opportunities for learning and reduce social isolation. (this is your outcome)
  7. If you know where this participation request should be directed please indicate on the form. If not, the Communities Team will direct the form to the relevant department. If your participation request only involves West Dunbartonshire Council we will notify you of our decision within 30 working days.
  8. Which service in the Council do you think would be best placed to respond to the issue raised. If you are unsure please ask us for support with this or check on this website.
  9. If there are other partner organisation involved in this issue please indicate in the form e.g. NHS Glasgow and WD Council.  If your request involves more than one partner organisation then the time to consider the application is extended to 45 working days.

  10. What knowledge or expertise does your group have in the issue identified in this Participation Request?
    Please use this space to detail your understanding of the issue which you are making the request about. This could include any sources of information or research you have carried out or any information you have been given on the subject. Also any advice you may have been given.

  11. How does your group represent the community that are affected by the issue?
    Give details here of how many people are in the group and how representative they are of the community as a whole who are affected by the issue. You can include any steps taken to expand the membership of the group or plans to do so.

    Please detail how membership of your group reflects the community as a whole, for example in terms of – age, disability, ethnicity, religion or belief and sex.

    The next question will give the opportunity to expand on how you have taken steps to represent the view of the whole community beyond them members of your group.

  12. How has your group consulted with the community who might be affected by this issue?
    Please give details of how you have consulted with local people about the issue. This should include what steps were taken to gather views from local residents, such as meetings, surveys, social media or other methods. This should include any consultation you have carried out and the findings and any which is planned.

    Please let us know consultation has managed to involve a diverse range of people as noted at question 10. above