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Your Community is an initiative to bring local people and services closer together.

We are working with local communities to find out the key issues in local neighbourhoods in West Dunbartonshire.

 The aim is to :

  • Improve service delivery
  • Make improvements in local communities.
  • Involve the Community

How Do we do this?

Your Community incorporates all West Dunbartonshire Departments and partner agencies who deliver services in communities across West Dunbartonshire. These include statutory agencies such as police and the fire service as well as third sector partners such as WDCVS.

 The Communities Team is currently working in two focused areas of West Dunbartonshire one in Clydebank and one in Dumbarton. We call this a Neighbourhood Approach. However, this does not mean that we cannot work with other groups and individuals in other communities who have an appetite to work with us and make positive change in their communities.

The involvement of local people is however key to the success of Your Community.

In what ways can you get involved?

  • Tell us what is good and what needs improved in your area
  • Complete a survey about your area
  • Join a community walkabout
  • Start a community group in your area

The Communities Team is keen to talk to anyone in the community who would like to see improvements in their area. We are happy to come and meet with you to establish if we can offer any support: