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Castlehill Walkabout 21 January 2019

The aim of the walkabout 

Was to identify any areas for improvement and to discuss possible solutions within the group. All parties involved were asked to record what they liked about the area, what could be improved, and 3 top priorities for future focus.

Why we had walkabout

The walkabout was planned as part of the Your Community Initiative. This is an approach designed to allow the council, partners and communities to work together to deliver improvements in communities in West- Dunbartonshire. This walkabout was designed and organised to focus on the area of Castlehill. local people were encouraged to get involved and help make a positive difference to their neighbourhoods

Those who took part

Rock Community Church, 4 school children and a member of staff from St. Michael’s Primary School, local community representative, Inspector Boyle from Police Scotland, CORRA Foundation and a range of officers from different services across WDC including Communities Team, Greenspace, Housing and Unpaid Work

Where did the walkabout go

The walking route began and ended at the newly opened Phoenix Community Hub ran by Rock Community Church and took in Quarryknowe, Castlehill Rd, Hawthornhill Rd, Cumbrae Crescent South, and Cumbrae Crescent North.

What happened

Everyone had the opportunity to have their say, to be listened to and respected. Participants were informed about future plans to upgrade the children’s play /recreation area including the installation of picnic benches and improved seating facilities at the play park at Kyle Terrace. Another example of an outcome agreed was to tackle dog fouling.

Next steps

Officers from the Communities Team will collate the information gathered from the participants and report to the appropriate departments for action and offer a feedback report back to the community.

What Could be Better to improve the area of Castlehill

  • More Bins for dog mess x 7
  • Cumbrae Cr South and play area bins x2
  • Litter picks
  • Environmental officer Fixed penalty notices x2
  • Litter a problem x2 Broken fences to be fixed
  • Keep drains clear
  • Improvements greenspace clean up after themselves grass and cut hedges properly
  • Floodlights at pitch areas x 2
  • Bin at each end of Cumbrae Cr South Picnic area at play park at Kylie Terrace
  • Improve metal fence Cumbrae Cr south leading to Farm area x 2
  • Broken Stank cone sticking out Hawthornhill Rd Cumbrae Cr North lanes dried in leaves and dog mess x2
  • Paint swings and replace swings
  • Broken Glass
  • Security light at number 4 Cumbrae Cr North needs fixed
  • Benches at the park at Kyle Terrace
  • Lack of parking at Quarry Knowe.

What do you like about the area? (the good improvements that you see in the area

  • Bin Plinths Cumbrae Cr South x3
  • New Developments New Community Shop x 2
  • New Houses in area
  • Improvements to Cumbrae Cr South Play Park
  • Fly tipping removed from behind park at Cumbrae Cr South

Your Suggestions for considering top 3 priorities for area 

  • Tackle dog fouling & provide more bins. Joint Police Patrols with WDC offering education initiatives and if needed enforcement officers. 
  • Deliver on all promises to improve facilities for children & wider community at recreation area at Mony, Play area at Kyle Terrace & OLSP
  • Need for community gardens, (all area to be explored as possibilities)

Improvements we were told will be happening in the area in Spring/Summer 2019

  • Football pitches and changing facilities in the grounds of OLSP timescales need to be confirmed.
  • Mony being upgraded & resurfaced with Astro turf 
  • MUGA being upgraded next to Kyle Terrace and will investigate fixing outdoor flood lights.
  • Refurbish painting of play equipment & renew entrance area at the play park at Kyle Terrace
  • Install outdoor exercise equipment around the play park at Kyle Terrace
  •  Install picnic bench and improve seating benches at play park Kyle Terrace 
  • Celebration Community Event (date to be confirmed)