Neighbourhood Working in Castlehill -  June 2019

Nov 15 – June 16

  • extensive Your Community engagement
  • 6 key priorities were identified by local people
  • resistance from Community to work with Council in any process to discuss how to address these issues.
  •  lack of ‘buy in’ from internal and external partners to this process could also be attributed to the lack of progress
  • Review of Your Community initiative by What Works Scotland in 2016 resulted in need for more focused Neighbourhood approach being implemented.

Sept 18 – Summer 19

  • More focussed neighbourhood model implemented at grass root level, supported by YC Delivery & Strategic Group.

Dumbarton & Vale of Leven Communities Team identify Castlehill area as priority are of focus whilst still delivering a YC & Capacity Building service to other areas in Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Community, such as Alexandria, Dalmonach and Westbridgend. There has also been engagement work undertaken with residents in Westcliff but no focused engagement work with residents from Brucehill.

After Various engagements / identifying issues of concern / partnership working / it has remained an issue trying to identify local key residents to encourage the involvement of local people in any sustainable community group to drive forward future improvements or work the development of any locality place plan.

However development of a Partners Forum presence of organisations such as Corra Foundation and Rock Community Church will provide a basis for Key Anchor organisations to assist local people in future (this is already evidenced by improved relationships, opportunities for volunteering, improved service provision for families and young people, recent Asset Transfer of Phoenix Community Centre and access to funding for future regeneration of projects).

18 July 19 

planned Your Community Celebration Event - this will provide local people an opportunity to engage with local organisations, celebrate the newly upgraded park developments and identify if any local people are interested in forming a local action group to consider developing a locality place plan or community voice such as Community Council. If such a group emerges, this will be supported by WDC Communities team or Corra Foundation.

Exit Strategy

Aug 19 – Should there be an appetite to form a local group they will be supported however developing a locality place plan would involve considerable extra time and input and a review of resources would need to be done to establish if this is possible. If there is little interest from residents to form any groups or get further involved then a final report will be published on the outcomes of the Celebration event and It is intended by September that a new Neighbourhood area will be identified by DVOL team.

Local & National drivers for neighbourhood Approach

WDC 5 Strategic priorities. Focus on need to improve better outcomes for residents by focusing and delivering on the Community Empowerment Act (Scotland) 2015. The Scottish Government is focused on community’s being empowered and involved in decision making through community assets of land and buildings, participation request, and being involved in planning processes. A strategic priority within the LOPIP is Our Residents are Empowered. WDC Housing & Delivery Plan for 2018 / 19 Priority 3 : Meaningful community engagement with active empowered and informed citizens who feel safe and engaged.

Methods of Engagement

Surveys, Door to Door conversations, Foot patrols of area, Environmental Visual Audits, Meetings, Picnic in Park Public event, Walkabout, Celebration Event, Partnership Working, information surgeries, use of information Flyers, Your Community Workshops & consultation meetings in Schools with pupil councils

Recent Developments in the in the area

New housing, bin plinths, new shop, reopening of Phoenix Community Centre, Centre by Rock, Community Church via Asset Transfer from WDC. Growth of Corra Foundation in establishing local networks, community groups & regular community events. Project Working Work in Dalreoch School with Corra, Possibility of community garden, Castlehill Event July – being planned by Communities Team but supported by involvement of DW partners.

Top 3 priorities for action identified from 2019 Walkabout

  • Address dog fouling & provide more bins;
  • Deliver on all promises to improve facilities for children & wider community at recreation area at Mony, Play area at Kyle Terrace & OLSP
  • Need for community event & community gardens

Positive improvements people reported

  •  New Bin Plinths Cumbrae Cr South,
  •  New housing developments,
  •  New Community shop,
  •  Improvements to Cumbrae Cr South Play Park removal of fly tipping from behind park at Cumbrae Cr South.

Priorities for Dumbarton West that came from the surveys in 2016.

Recent YC surveys confirmed these are still the same issues for Castlehill residents

  • Community Safety/Anti Social Behaviour
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Dog Fouling
  • More activities for young people

Partnership working with Key Anchor Organisations

  • WDC Community’s Team
  • Rock Community Church Phoenix 
  • St Michaels primary Dalreoch primary
  • Our Lady’s & St Pats
  • St Michaels Chapel
  • Dalreoch Church
  • Brucehill Nursery
  • WDC Greenspace
  • Un paid work team
  • Police WDC Housing

Key Outcomes from Mapping Community Activity

  • Staff reported enjoyed visiting projects
  • Relationships established between staff & community.
  • Staff reported hearing about some truly inspirational local community groups activities.
  • Promotion of Community Budgeting
  • Increased knowledge of range of community activity and ability to promote services via signposting community and colleagues.
  • Promote Your Community & the work of the wider Communities Team.

Community Budgeting

There were 4 phases of Community Budgeting and Dumbarton West projects were awarded a total of £25,959. Brucehill Nursery - £10,000 ; DACA (Dumbarton Area Council Alcohol) - £3,479; Westbridgend Hall Development Assoc - £2,480 and Dalreoch Primary School - Parent Council £10,000 (in the heart of Castlehill).