On Wednesday 27th February the Communities Team were joined by pupils from Linnvale Primary and St Peter the Apostille High School, Linnvale and Drumry Community Council, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Centre 81 Whitecrook and The Leamy Foundation for a walkabout around Drumry. Also joining the walkabout were staff from West Dunbartonshire’s Greenspace, Housing and Waste Services.

The purpose of the walkabout was to allow local people to walk and talk with senior Council officers and representatives of partner organisations around the area where they live. Participants were asked to take note of what is good and what is not so good about their area and to think about what improvements could be made to the area.

The walkabout followed a route beginning outside Onslow Road Community Hall and ended in Vanguard Street Play Park. The route therefore walked the whole length of the Linear Park taking in Drumry Station, the BMX track, the (soon to be) Community Garden at Bedford Avenue, the open spaces around Kirkoswald Road flats and several of the lanes which link the streets of Drumry.

What happens next?

Improvements and repairs identified by participants on the walkabout will be passed to the appropriate departments for action. Longer-term improvements and initiatives will be part of the conversation we have with local people to see how these can be brought about by all community partners working together.

What’s good in the area?

• Good open spaces. Especially the Linear Park and grass areas on Kirkoswald Drive

• Lots of play parks

• The BMX track

• Good CCTV in area (24/7)

What’s not so good in the area?

• Dog mess on the streets and in grass

• Litter • Graffiti • Wasted space that could be used for community activities

• Flytipping

• The lanes get over grown and can be dark and threatening

• Community Hall doesn’t host activities

What could be improved?

Play, recreation and open spaces

• Install a fence to border the Linear Park to prevent balls from going onto the main road and improve safety

• Upgrade worn out equipment in play parks

• Install an assault course in the Linear Park

• The former carpark/drying area behind multi story flats on Kirkoswald Drive could be used for a skate park or other purpose

• Install a new Multi Use Games Area

• Create a dog park so that there are designated areas for dog walkers Roads and footpaths

• Fly tipping at lane leading from Vanguard St to Hood Street

• The lanes in Drumry can be dark. Look at improving lighting and ensuring trees and hedges cut back regularly.

• Put up more dog bins and dog waste signage in area

• Repair potholes and uneven pavements

• No smoking signs for parks

Main Priorities for Improvements

• Hold events for the community in Onslow Road Hall

• Clear up Graffiti

• Designated crossing areas to create safer routes to school

• Block off or improve lane between Vanguard and Hood Street

• More bins in area

• More active sports areas in Linear Park

• Addition of a zebra crossing on Onslow Rd to access the play equipment safely

• Clean up footpaths and stop people allowing dog fouling

• Community Garden at Bedford

• Brighten up the lanes (add more lights)

• Plant fruit trees on the Linear Park

• Look into creating more community gardens and allotments in area

• Make use of area behind flats on Kirkoswald.