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Community Soup and a Natter

West Dunbartonshire Council’s Your Community (YC) initiative aims to work with local people, to understand their ambitions to improve their neighbourhoods. Once we understand the needs of the community we will work with services within the Council and our partners to help deliver the improvements. It’s a partnership approach!

As part of the YC work the Clydebank Communities Team have developed an exciting new approach. On 13 December the Team invited residents in Drumry to join them for a bowl of ‘Soup and a Natter’ in South Drumry Community Hall, Onslow Road, Clydebank.

What better way to engage with each other than over a hearty bowl of soup on a winters’ day!

The event was designed to engage with local people and to listen to their aspirations and priorities for their local area. It was open to all and everyone that attended had clear ideas to share with us! Local residents were invited to work alongside the Communities Team, and other partner organisations, to help plan projects and initiatives to make Drumry a better place to live.

Some of the key issues raised were:

• Improving play facilities for children and young people in the community;

• Addressing the problem of dog waste; and

• Looking at having more community events in the Hall.

Supporting the event were Drumry and Linnvale Community Council and The Leamy Foundation.

‘Soup and a Natter’ was the first in a series of events being planned as we continue to work alongside local people. The interest has been positive and we are keen to investigate a community crowd funding event called ‘Community Soup’.

Community Soups originated in Detroit, and have been replicated in communities around the world, as a way for local people to support innovative community based projects in their area for the price of a bowl of soup. Community Soups invite local people to make a donation at the door, listen to pitches from community projects seeking funding, enjoy a bowl of soup and vote on which project should receive the financial support. The pitch with the most votes is awarded the funding (donated at the door) to get their local project off the ground.

Full details of where and when Community Soup will happen will be available soon.

If you missed the first event but would like to contribute your time or ideas, the Communities Team would very much like to hear from you!