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Vanguard Street Play park Consultation Report

On 31st January 2019 the Communities Team invited local people to join them in Vanguard Street Play park for a conversation about what could be done to improve the park.

Play park

• Improve equipment (either refurbish what is there or replace with newer equipment)

• Install more picnic benches (clean up the one that is already there)

• Install a grate at the entrance to discourage dogs entering the play park

• Replace the hard surface at the multi-use pitch and install a 3G or 4G surface

• Upgrade basketball area (cleans up and install new net etc.)

•On the pavement end of the multi-use pitch raise the height of fence to prevent balls going onto road.

• More equipment suitable for younger children is required (pre-5yrs)

• Re-skim the road-side wall and install some art work. Possibly designed by local children or community groups

• Cut trees to open up the view across Glasgow • Bike track/markings so that younger children have somewhere to ride bikes safely

• Raised flower beds to improve the look of the park • Repair hole in back fence and create an ‘official’ access point so stray balls can be retrieved from rear of basketball court

• Added CCTV to Play park due to ASB

Several responses were also received to a WDC Facebook post about the consultation. These were similar to the above with others being:

• Install accessible play equipment for children with disabilities

• An outdoor gym

Four identified priorities for the play area:

1. Remove the broken roundabout and replace with equipment suitable for smaller children.

2. Refurbish large climbing frame closest to entrance and tension the wire on the flying fox

3. Take measures to discourage dogs going into the park

4. Upgrade basketball area.