Do you know someone in West Dunbartonshire who deserves to be recognised for their valuable voluntary or community work? Then why not consider nominating them for a UK Honour?

If someone has gone the extra mile over and above their day job, this is someone who can be considered.  Perhaps they've demonstrated innovation and entrepreneurship or philanthropy. Their fundraising efforts have had a positive effect in their local community or they've achieved great things against the odds.  Any and all of these are things that can be considered.

Achievement comes in many forms but what stands out is someone who has made a difference in their field of work or community. However, it should not be just because of their job title(s) or the grade they have attained.

Honours can be awarded for all sorts of work - paid or unpaid - but your nominee must still be involved in the activity for which they're nominated.

Other than where the nomination is for someone who has been doing voluntary work in retirement, people who have retired will not be considered unless it is within one year of them retiring.  If you are thinking of nominating someone for their work (voluntary or otherwise), consider submitting it at least 1 year before they are due to retire to ensure they are in with a chance. 

If they are particularly young, could they achieve more in their career in future?

To be in with a chance of seeing your candidate on the Honours List, you have to make sure your nomination has what it takes to make it all the way.

Has your nominee:

  • made a difference to their community or field of work?
  • improved the life of those less able to help themselves?
  • displayed moral courage and vision in making tough choices and hard applications?
  • How do they compare to others doing the same work?

General UK Government Cabinet Office guidance to nominators states that if a candidate has not had word of any award in a two year period then they are unlikely to have been successful.  Scottish Government Honours Secretariat retain documents for five years and are happy to update nominations if new information is received.  After five years, a fresh nomination would be required.

There are two Honours rounds per year.  New Year and Birthday and we are particularly keen to get representation from more ethnic, disabled or female candidates for all levels.