Due to Covid 19 across West Dunbartonshire our highest priority remains ensuring our area is a safe and supportive place for our residents.

We know this is an uncertain time, and Covid-19 brings an unprecedented challenge for people across our area.

We are working hard to protect our vital services so they are available for the most vulnerable members of our community.   A number of our employees and partners have volunteered their time to provide additional support.

This means we can offer those impacted by Covid-19 short-term practical support with collecting and delivering essential groceries or medicines, or being a friendly and reassuring voice at the end of the telephone.

If you have been affected by Covid-19 and have no support network please contact us.  This will include those who are:

  • Self isolating
  • Over the age of 70
  • In receipt of a letter from the NHS advising you are high risk
  • Medically vulnerable according to the government criteria
  • Single parents

If you need extra support, or know anyone else in the community that does, please provide your details

Crisis Support Referral

  • Alternatively text the word ‘help’ to 07800 002 582

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss how we can assist.

If you are already in touch with services the Council provides, you may receive a telephone call from one of our employees asking if there is further assistance we can give you.

Please remember that there are steps we can all take to make a positive impact in our communities during this outbreak.

Our Community Action response plan encourages residents to be kind, considerate and think of others; connect with and reach out to your neighbours; make the most of online communities; support members of the community who may be feeling isolated or vulnerable; and only share information from reliable sources.

Crisis Support Service - this has now ended

During Covid-19, highest priority was ensuring our area was a safe and supportive place for our residents.

As the changes in rules have allowed communities and services return to normal, our Crisis Support Service which was set up to provide additional support to vulnerable residents affected by Covid-19 during the pandemic, has now ended

However, the services that supported residents in crisis throughout Covid-19 are still on hand to provide continued support:

Further information and advice on supports is available if you are worried or affected by increases in cost of living.