Health message of ‘Stay at home’ from 1 May

  • As we transition Test and Protect, new stay at home guidance will come into effect from 1 May. This will broadly align with the UKHSA guidance for simplicity of messaging and, therefore, maximising the public health effect of the guidance.

What are the SISG changes from 1 May

  • Unvaccinated close contacts are no longer eligible meaning only those who test positive on a PCR are eligible. (Parent and Carer eligibility remains the same)
  • Unvaccinated close contacts will no longer be traced so SISG will focus on positive cases and their parents and carers
  • Reduction of the Grant award from £500 to £225 to reflect the shorter stay at home time during the transition period
  • Introduction of a 3 claim cap in a 12 month period from 1 May.
  • Ensure there is a link on your website to mygov to establish eligibility -

Other important information

  • The national helpline will be closed from 1 May. Anyone requiring Covid or health advice should call 119 or use NHS inform.
  • Changes to the way someone will apply for a PCR test from 12 May will be communicated after 1 May. 

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