Balloch and Haldane Community Council


Balloch and Haldane Community Council

Agenda for meeting on Wednesday 5 February 2020 at 10am

at Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park HQ, Balloch.


  1. Welcome by Chairman – Sederunt and Apologies
  2. Minutes of previous meeting, 4th December
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Speaker, John Walker, WDC re signage
    1. Sally Page, Nature Hub
  5. Promontory/ Lomond Shores and Alan McMullan, WDET?
  6. Drumkinnon Woods – reply?
  7. Lomond Banks
  8. Reports Police/Maid of the Loch/ Balloch Castle, WDC Forum
  9. E-Mail and Communications update
    1. Treasurer’s Report
  10. AGM Chairmans Comments.

Balloch and Haldane Community Council

Minute of 5th February 2020 held at 10am in LLT National Park HQ, Balloch



Community Councillors: Murdoch Cameron, MBE Chair, Andy McAulay, Alan Gardner, Treasurer, Jim McQueen, Gillian Clark, Secretary, Ian Gurr MBE, Jim Biddulph, Alistair Boutell, Alan Sorrell, David Keown, Jan Shields, Councillor Sally Page, PC Donoghue

Murdoch welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Murdoch read out email stating CHAS had been bequeathed Ardoch Estate, Gartocharn from Peter Armitage. Secretary to send CHAS a congratulatory email.

WDC, Community Alliance to hold its first Community Conference at Clydebank Town Hall on Saturday 22/2/2020, 10am to 3pm.

Sally Page, Dawn Connor, WDC and Jan Shields entered meeting.

Previous meeting minutes approved by I.G, seconded by A.B

Dawn Connor, WDC, spoke about the new street names for new housing under construction at former Haldane Primary School. A selection of social housing types, to be completed early 2021. A planning condition is that WDC consult with local organisations re street names. Work to be done with local schoolchildren re construction industry, interior design etc.

PC Barry Donoghue entered meeting.

Secretary to write to Turnberry Homes to ask about names for new estate, will they consult community.

Names suggested for Haldane site, after specimen trees in Balloch Park, Spiteri, Henderson, Meadow Ave, names to reflect area e.g. Inler Dr, Lennox Ave.

Secretary to email all suggestions to Dawn Connor by 12/2/2020.

Clarify lifespan of street signs.

Maintenance and cleaning of signs to be investigated. Safety signs to be prioritised. Children crossing sign near Lomond Bridge covered in green gunge

Secretary to invite Ross Pollock, LLTNP, to next meeting to discuss signage and re invite John Walker, WDC.

Secretary to write to Network Rail suggesting Balloch train station renamed Balloch Loch Lomond.

PC Donoghue stated 20’s plenty speed limit is advisory not mandatory. Sally suggested feature in local paper to highlight 20’s plenty, photo with BHCC and Police.

Police Report for period 5/1/2020 to 5/2/2020

24 crime reports, 11 detected.

Mail of Loch undergoing 2nd trance of refurbishment.

B McQuillan, WDC, entered meeting and PC Donoghue left meeting.

DK and Sally liaising to get a date for CC to view interior of Balloch Castle.

WDC’s responsibility to ensure CC’s has insurance, WDC Forum to purchase. WDC to check insurance is fit for purpose, each CC can tailor insurance to their own needs.

New finance guidance to be issued by WDC .

CC elections could be held as late as December.

JB, AG and IG left meeting.

Secretary to email S Greer, B McQuillan and P Barry, all WDC to request CC elections to be held before the summer recess and for an explanation as to why we are in this situation.

Sally is working on the siting of a Nature Hub in Balloch Park. 50% of children in Dumbarton have never seen Loch Lomond. Proposal to build a hide like wooden building on the Loch Shore.

Secretary to invite British Transport Police to next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance £3030.71, no o/s invoices.

Post Office Box now installed outside Balloch Coop.

DK to speak to contractor re state of Miller Rd.

Secretary to email Greenspace Manager to request new bin at McDonald Walk/Beaton Rd.

JS spoke to PC Donoghue to raise issue of inconsiderate parking on Drymen Rd during Kiltwalk

Date of next meeting

4/2/2020 at 10am


Meeting held with Ian Bain, WDC Greenspace Manager on Tuesday 25 February 2020


  • Murdoch Cameron MBE, Jim McQueen, Gillian Clark and Ian Bain.


  • New playgrounds in Moss and Balloch Park should be in place by April, weather permitting.
  • Floral displays for Balloch this summer will be outside Tourist Information Centre and Tower planter at Bus Stance.
  • Balloch Park sign at entrance to be refurbished and gates painted.
  • Flower beds in Village Square to be attended to every two weeks by WDC Greenspace staff, spring bulbs to be planted for next year Community Payback Team.
  • The Slipway Café is closed at present due to water contamination, no budget at present to do necessary repairs. Toilets open in the Castle and hopes to have a small café there.

Balloch and Haldane Community Council

Agenda for meeting on 4th March at 10AM

at Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park HQ, Balloch.


1. Welcome by Chairman – Sederunt and Apologies, AGM.

2. Minutes of previous meeting.

3. Matters Arising.

4. Speaker British Transport Police.

5. Police Report/Maid of the Loch

6. Treasurer’s Report

7. Correspondence.

8. AOCB.

Balloch & Haldane Community Council

Minute of 4th March 2020 meeting held at 10am in LLT National Park HQ, Balloch


Community Councillors: Murdoch Cameron, MBE Chair, Alan Gardner, Treasurer, Jim McQueen, Gillian Clark, Ian Gurr MBE, Jim Biddulph, David Keown, Jan Shields, Councillor Sally Page, Sam Lauder and Graeme Spence from British Transport Police, One member of the public.

Murdoch welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Agreed AGM to be held in June.

Minutes approved J.S, seconded D.K.

BTP officers gave an overview of their roles, particularly dealing with youths.

Issued following contact details.

61016 – Text service for BTP, anonymous service, info required, nature of incident, description of suspect etc.

Control Room 0800 405040 non-emergencies, 999 for emergencies.

Out of Hours GP Service at VOL Hospital discussed.

Write to Jacke Baillie, MSP, and Jean Freeman, Minister for Health to ask what is happening concerning this and state concerns. When will we get a full service? CC feels the service should continue.

Community Alliance Conference was attended by Murdoch, Jim B and Gillian on 28/2/20, Sally attends Community Alliance Board Meetings, will feedback.

Maid of the Loch, soft opening Easter weekend, may still be getting refurbished at this point.

Treasurers Report O/s balance £2992.81. Secretary will prepare end of year accounts and present them at AGM in June, will then step down as Treasurer.

Secretary’s Report

Copies of all emails forwarded to Community Councillors.

Sally suggested holding AGM in the evening.

Signage, frustration raised at lack of progress. Secretary to chase up Ross Pollock, LLTNP, and John Walker, WDC, re meeting with Sustrans.

A811 signage delayed due to closure of Lomond Bridge, it is looked after by WDC.

DK has spoked to contractors at former Haldane Primary School building site, re the state of the roads, no real improvement.

Discussion re traffic cones placed on Balloch Rd outside Dawsons, Chillies, Newsagent etc. they are being moved out of the way, no parking there cannot be enforced.

Cycle Route through Balloch, concerns raised about cyclists on busy roads, with Lorries etc. Needs to be clearer where cycle route is.

JS visited Police Office re lorries coming down Drymen Rd due to the closure of Lomond Bridge, can they be diverted along Carrochan Rd and on to Stirling Rd. Sally had had a meeting with Derek Barr, WDC, who had written to all haulage contractors asking them not to take this route, and has written out to them again.

Raised table at Corries is damaged.

No weight limit on Balloch Bridge.

DONM 1/4/20.

Scottish Enterprise has withdrawn from Lomond Banks proposal.

Brian McQuillan to be invited to next meeting to discuss Scheme of Establishment.