Bonhill and Dalmonach Community Council

Monthly Meeting 10th February 2020 Ladyton Community Centre 7.00 p.m.


  1. Welcome to all CC Members and Visitors.
  2. Sederunt

Attendance: Jack Fordy (JF) Chair, Helen Leslie (HL), Fiona McGeachin (FM) David Lamont (DL) Fiona Jenkins (FJ), Pauline Larking (PL), Cllr. Jim Bollan, Cllr. Caroline McAlister, Cllr. Ian Dixon

Apologies:) Nancy Malcolm (NM), Gloria Hendry,

Also Present: Pat McManus, Jane Harvie

  1. Community Police Report

PC Donoghue and PC Sutherland attended and reported that there had been 18 crime reports between 13/01 and 10/02.

There had been 2 cases of wilful fire-raising in Dilichip Loan, these were not thought to be connected to either one another or to previous incidents.

There was a theft by shoplifting from McLeans in Burn St, this was a fairly blatant and aggressive incident.

There were 3 possession of drugs, 1 Breach of the Peace and 6 cases of vandalism. 2 of Fraud and 2 Other. See Appendix 1 for full report.

FM Asked the officers if they were any nearer to stopping the illegal off-road motorcycles and quads, she had been passed by 3 of them on a walk up in the Pappert Hill Community Woodland area. The officers stated that they were still trying to catch them, but due to their speed and mobility, it was very difficult.

  1. Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes were read and approved

Prop by NM seconded by DL

Dates for D/Fib and Emergency Life Support Skills Training had now been arranged for Wed 26th Feb at 6.00 pm.

Litter Pick, and Skip provision: see 7, below.

We are pleased to note that litter Bins are now in place on both Dilichip Loan and Dilichip Playing Fields. Unfortunately, we have not yet seen the extra one at the top of Dalmonach Road.

Pedestrian Crossing on A813 is ongoing.

Dalmonach Community Centre -a never-ending story. None of the Councillors present had any information on an opening date.

Centenarian to open Dalmonach Centre -JF noted that no reply was received from the office of Joyce White, so he thought it more appropriate to write to Provost Hendrie, this was agreed, but we would have to wait until the opening date was set.

Planning Application for Dilichip Loan (See Sec Report, below) 2

Licensing Committee JF Said that he had spoken with Nuala Borthwick and Drummond McNair about a new BDCC Delegate, but as PL had indicated that she was able to resume her post he said that was the best option, and looked forward to her continuing.

  1. Chair/Secretary’s Report
  1. a) The Chair thanked everyone for turning out on such an awful night and promised to hasten the evening’s business as much as possible. He also welcomed PL back again after a period of ill-health. She is keen to remain as delegate to the Licensing Advisory Committee, but it was thought that the job of Minute Secretary would be too much for her at present.
  • b) Dilichip Loan Planning Application DC19/169

JF Attended the Planning Meeting on 22nd Jan. speaking for our objection and also for FJ who was unable to speak on behalf of her own objections as a resident. Due to our representations the application was deferred for further investigation around the illegal tipping and burning.

  • c) Infrastructure and Environmental Improvements

JF had a series of meetings with the Environment Trust, looking at ways to secure funding to improve the cycle and footpath provision in the area. Our initial enquiries brought forth from WDC the 50pp "West Dunbartonshire Active Travel Strategy 2016-2020" this document, labelled "Working Draft" actually contains most of the network of routes which we (as users) have identified as the minimum acceptable provision of safe segregated cycle routes.

We discovered that funding was available from one of the cycling bodies to improve infrastructure, and we have applied for this. There was a deadline for the funding application which meant that we did not have time to bring it before the meeting. The amount is not great, but if we get it, it will be used on a project to benefit both pedestrians and cyclists in the Bonhill area. Details are still being worked out.

  • d) Community Planning Conference

JF said that he had been on the committee for this group but resigned as there appeared to be a lack of enthusiasm for the project by the WDC senior executives, who he expected to support it. The workload around the meeting was growing and he felt that he simply no longer had the capacity to give to the project. It was due to go ahead on the 22 February in Clydebank Town Hall 9.30am until 3.00pm.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer sent her apologies as she was unable to attend, but she asked us to note that

last month’s figures were

Income CC Grant £2743

Payments WDC Leisure £60.00

Cash in Bank £5113 3

7.Dates for Litter Pick

‘Keep Scotland Beautiful’ Spoke with Andy Devine and he is keen to assist. It appeared that we have a chance to do something positive DL said that this sort of project attracted enthusiastic support from the local schools. After some discussion, the meeting thought that we await better weather and we prepare for our first events in April and May (In retrospect a good decision!)

Skip Provision

JF had spoken with an officer from Cleansing and it would only require a telephone call to get the skip placed and it was decided provisionally to book it for the 14th Feb. HL said that there was a site at the bottom of Cables Drive, where some lock-ups had been demolished, she thought it would be suitable to place a Skip there. JF said he would look into it.

  1. AOB
  • FM asked again about an adjacent house, No 274. The house is still empty and was having a lot of structural work done and workers entering in Contamination Suits. Cllr Bollan said he would look into it.
  • She also said that the communal car park continued to deteriorate.
  • A local resident asked if the underpass at O’Hare could be cleaned up and the lighting fixed. The chair asked if this underpass was much used, it did not seem to lead anywhere and the whole area seemed to be neglected. There was a 5 a side football park that appeared to be little used.
  • DL said that the park was used regularly for Football Skills training by a local youth group.
  • DL said that BDCC did not seem to be involved with the Alexandria Regeneration group. The chair said that on the contrary, he had attended almost every meeting of the Forum and had attempted to direct the attention of the Forum to the areas adjacent to and most accessed from Bonhill. In the discussion that followed, it became apparent that DL was referring to the ANA Group which was a consortium of CATRA, Leamy and other organisations, it was agreed that the chair should speak with the convener of the group and see how we could co-operate.
  • An item about Community Transport was held over until the next meeting

11: Date and Venue of Next Meeting

  • The next meeting will be held on Monday 9th March 2020 in the Ladyton Community Centre. Meeting starts at 7.00 PM

Remember Our Number for Text and Phone is 07396316500

Email is

We are also on Facebook at

Bonhill and Dalmonach Community Council

9th March 2020

7.00pm – 9.00pm

Ladyton Community Centre

Monthly Meeting


1. Sederunt

2. Apologies

3. Community Police Report

4. Minutes and Matters Arising

5. Chair/Secretary’s Report

6. Treasurer’s Report.

Apologies from the Treasurer as she cannot attend, however, payments this month were:

Income Expenditure

Community Funding £5000.00 WDC Leisure Hall Rental £120.00

Church Hall Rental(P/Group) £116.00

Cash in Bank £10053.63

7. Bonhill Community Centre Update Cllr Dickson will give us the latest proposals from WDC

8. Dilichip Loan Planning Application DC19/169

9. Dates for Skip and Litter Pick

10. AOB

11. Date of Next Meeting

The natural progression of the 2nd Monday is interrupted by the Easter Weekend.



Monthly Meeting 9th March 2020 Ladyton Community Centre 7.00 p.m.

Welcome to all CC Members and Visitors.


Attendance: Jack Fordy (JF) Chair, Nancy Malcolm (NM) Treas., Helen Leslie (HL), Fiona McGeachin (FM) Fiona Jenkins (FJ), Pauline Larking (PL), Cllr. Jim Bollan, Cllr. Ian Dixon


Gloria Hendry, (GH), David Lamont (DL)

Community Police Report

The Community Officers were unable to attend due to other commitments.

Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes of the 10th Feb were read and approved.

Prop by FJ seconded by HL

D/Fib Training Wed 26thFeb at 6.00 pm. This event was poorly attended with only 6 attendees .However those who attended found the course both interesting and useful. Awful weather may have been a factor. It was agreed that we should offer a donation to Heartstart. After discussion it was agreed that we either offer £150 or the cost of replacement D/Fib Batteries.

Litter Pick see below.

Litter Bins Bin at the top of Dalmonach Road has still not been placed

Pedestrian Crossing on A813 is ongoing, but it appears that a new set of pedestrian lights had been provided at the new roundabout giving access to the Mill Field Barrat site. This is very annoying as there is a much greater need for such a system at the Burn Street / A813 junction.

Dalmonach Community Centre

Cllr Dickson will speak on this topic (below).

Planning Application for Dilichip Loan (See Below)

Chair/Secretary’s Report

a) The Chair thanked everyone for coming along, especially as concern about the possible spread of the Coronavirus. It seemed to have become widespread in Scotland and already people are worried.

b) D/Fib and Emergency Life Support Skills Training was not as well attended as we hoped No one from the Beechwood Residents Assoc. attended, nor did any of the Ladyton Stores staff. One member of the Pharmacy staff and 3 community Councillors attended. Plus 2 Ladies from a Renton Group. Cllr Dickson called in Briefly, but had another appointment.

c) The Chair attended the Community Alliance Conference in Clydebank in his capacity of Secretary to the Community Councils’ Forum. The Rev Ian Miller gave an excellent introductory speech and the remainder of the meeting had a good deal of interesting content but, sadly most of the other presentations were rendered inaudible due to poor P/A.

d) PL also attended on behalf of BDCC, and she confirmed that the whole event was ruined for her by the poor P.A and also by the fact that the Hall was very cold. Unfortunately, we had to leave early due to transport disruption.

e) Infrastructure and environment improvements.

After a couple of site visits we had completed our submission, and were awaiting the return from Holiday if the WDC officer who would confirm our acceptance.

We tried to chase up "West Dunbartonshire Active Travel Strategy 2016-2020". this document, labelled "Working Draft" was produced by SYSTRA an organisation which is owned by SNCF-that is, French Railways.

f) As of this morning, a new litter bin is now in place at the top of Dalmonach Road.

g) Pedestrian Crossing on A813 is ongoing.

h) Dalmonach Community Centre -everyone is horrified by the turn of events, but we look forward to hearing how WDC propose to remedy the situation

Treasurer’s Report

Apologies from the Treasurer as she cannot attend, however, payments this month were:


Community Funding £5000.00


WDC Leisure Hall Rental £120.00

Payment for Church Hall Rental (ref Playgroup) £116.00

Cash in Bank £10053.63

Dalmonach Leisure and Community Centre

NM said that they and everyone in Second Avenue were completely traumatized by the news that the Contractor building the Dalmonach Leisure Centre had gone into liquidation without coming close to completing their contract.

Cllr Dickson explained that due to various delays, he did not have the full proposals from WDC on how this would be tackled overall, but he had been told that they would be able to use their own resources to repair the road within 2 weeks

Dilichip Loan Planning Application DC19/169

FJ Confirmed that after the Council Visit no further activity had taken place on the site.

Dates for Skip and Litter Pick

Andy Devine od WDC is keen to assist with a litter pick, once the lighter nights are with us. He can provide picks and other PPE.

The Chair noted that he’d gone to look at the carpark behind the Ladyton Shops, but it was being resurfaced, this looked like it would take a while. Another potential site in Dalmonach had been identified by HL and the Chair was to ask for a skip to be placed there but possible restrictions in activity due to a sudden spread of the Coronavirus may cause a delay.


a) F McG Noted that the house at 275 Pappert had finally been redone and was now occupied.

b) Allotments in Bonhill, Cllr Dickson said that WDC were going to be consulting and were interested in our comments.

c) Community Transport, Proposals sent out by Brian McQuillan contained a lot of interesting points. Cllr Bollan expressed an interest in following this up.

d) Cllr Bollan also mentioned that the Ladyton Car Park resurfacing is now complete.

Date of Next Meeting

The natural progression of the 2nd Monday is interrupted by the Easter Weekend. After discussion, it was decided to hold the meeting on Monday 20th April 2020

Remember Our Number for Text and Phone is 07396316500

Email is

We are also on Facebook at


Bonhill and Dalmonach Community Council

12th October 2020, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Online Google Meet

Monthly Meeting

  1. Welcome
  2. Sederunt
  3. Apologies
  4. Community Police Report
  5. Minutes and Matters Arising
  6. Chair/Secretary’s Report
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. AGM and Future of Community Council
  9. Bonhill Community Centre Update
  10. Organising a Skip
  11. AOB
    1. Halloween Pumpkins FJ
  12. Date of Next Meeting and Date of AGM

Minutes for Bonhill & Dalmonach Community Council meeting

8th February 2021

Online - Google Meet

Welcome to all Community Council members and visitors.


Attendance: Jack Fordy (JF) Chair, Gloria Wilson (GW), Fiona McGeachin (FM),

Fiona Jenkins (FJ), Cllr Ian Dickson, Cllr Jim Bollan, Patricia McManus (PM), Jim

O’Donnell (JO’D).

Apologies: Agnes Pollock, Community Police

Community Police Report

Unable to attend meeting due to other duties, however, PC Gemma Doran reported that she had been investigating the stolen defibrillator from Ladyton shops. Currently looking at all the CCTV footage.

Minutes and Matters Arising

Road from Bonhill to Aggreko

Cllr Dickson had a meeting regarding Lady’s Gate. General consensus was there were complications around ownership and different heights etc. A813 plans are underway but it will still be 2023 before renovations are completed. Plans are still to cut into hill on other side due to the listed status of the wall. Possible still keep looking into it regarding Lady’s Gate - some residents were spoken to about this and had no objections.

JO’D contacted the council regarding scraping back leaves off the pavement to give more space but had no reply. Cllr Dickson said he will look into this. PM questioned the old plans to canalise the river from Dumbarton to Alexandria. Cllr Bollan reported that this is still in the plans (30 year plan) but when it will be acted on is unsure. JF reported that there is actually a (very muddy) path from Hawthorn Place (behind Dillichip Terrace) taking you to Helen Way, with a footbridge over Red Burn. JF now has plans of the area and can see the boundaries and land ownership in these.

Dalmonach Steps Project

Alan McMullan sent amended layouts which JF will email on for everyone to peruse. The plans include a channelled path running along the side of the steps and it would work to have six sets of three small steps. Final costings are still to come through. There was a post about the project put onto Facebook, inviting responses from the public, which have all been positive.

Dillichip Loan Planning

JF contacted Ross Lee from Planning who reported that they had been shown a plan with 22 houses then another plan showing one house which was situated over the “blast site”. The planning permission in principle which Mr Burleigh was granted is time limited so there is not much time left for him in which to act. While talking to Ross, JF organised a meeting regarding the site which used to belong to Bonhill Primary School. JF brought up the question of using the land for allotments and was told that this could be allowed, the site possibly being available to the Community Council for an asset transfer. There would need to be a topographical report carried out for ground quality but no problems are envisaged. GW suggested having a look at the allotments at Alexandria church to get an idea of what could be done. It was agreed there would need to be a separate group assembled for this project due to its scale.

Local litter pick

Further to last month’s discussion regarding litter picks, Cllr Dickson said he could acquire hoops and sticks to have on a more permanent basis.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance in bank - £11027.15

Incoming - £2250 donated by “Paths For All”

Outgoings - £30 donated to “Bonhill Gnomes”


Dalmonach Community Centre - Update for this is that the handover is expected to take place in March with the nursery expected to be occupied in April. The community education section of the centre will not be occupied presently due to Covid restrictions.

Bonhill Gnomes - GW asked about the Christmas decorations which had been erected along the river at Dillichip - since the season is over, she wondered when they were going to be taken down. JF had contacted Nicola Norrie about this and she had said she would take them down asap, although nothing has been done since.

Noticeboards - JF received a quote for £90 for two A2 noticeboards with lockable frames and installation which was thought to be reasonable. JF wondered about installing a board at the new community centre and asked the local councillors who he would contact regarding this. Cllr Bollan replied that Michelle Lynn is the Asset Manager and would be the point of contact. Still awaiting a quote from the other company in Erskine (Braveheart).

Gritting - Glebe Gardens is still not being gritted and residents have complained. During discussion, it was thought that this is because there is a gritting bin at the top of that road so it wouldn’t be eligible.

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 8th March at 7pm. This will be held via Google Meet. (This was postponed and will now be held Monday 11th April via Google Meet).

Bonhill and Dalmonach Community Council

Monthly Meeting

12th April 2021, 7. 00pm – 9.00pm

Online - Google Meet


Sederunt /Apologies

Community Police Report

  • Police Scotland have asked us to note that due to a recent restructure within Argyll &West Dunbartonshire Division, they no longer have a dedicated Community Policing Officer for this area. Information contained on this form has been gathered by an officer from the Community Engagement Team. Any issues raised at the meeting will be passed on to either Local Policing or Problem Solving Team officers. The police have kindly submitted the attached crime report for Feb/March and March/April (the Defibrillator Theft).

Minutes and Matters Arising

Meeting with Roads Dept

I was able to have a good but rather informal meeting with Derek Barr.

Dalmonach Steps

We now have the final proposals.


See agenda Item below.

Alexandria Town Centre

Attended April ATCF meeting.

Litter Pics and Cleansing

Andy Devine has supplied us with 6 off litter picks, 4 off hoops, a pack of quality gloves and a good supply of bags, together with some hi-vis vests which he advises us to wear, these identify us as Volunteers. All we need to do now is set some dates and areas for operations.

Bonhill Leisure Centre

Is it open and available to hire?

Paths Around Strathleven

Extra funding and state of progress

Treasurer’s Report


  • Incoming £0
  • Outgoing £0
  • Balance £11,027


  • Incoming £750 Paths for All
  • Outgoing £0
  • Balance £11,777.15


Begun to complete the Expression of Interest but we came up against a minor hiccup in that the application requires us to be either;

1. A company with not fewer than 20 members.

2. A Scottish charitable incorporated organisation with not fewer than 20 members.

3. A community benefit society.We don’t quite fit any of the categories except the last one, so I’ve been discussing this with Estates.

JF “Thanks, aye the wording is a wee bit unclear, It says a Company with 20 members, an SCIO with 20 members or a Community Benefit Society, I really thought we would qualify as the latter. However our Constitution says 15 members, set according to a formula based on our population numbers within the ward, It would not be possible to change that, although we are allowed to co-opt. Anyway, we can discuss it when David gets back”,

ML” If you want to proceed with Community Asset Transfer then you do need to change constitution for 20 members as this is within the Act but can discuss further when you return.”

(I think she means when her colleague David returns, I’ve not been anywhere).

Another decision concerns whether we wish to go for ownership or a long-term lease. My own feeling is that a lease of 25 years would be appropriate.

ML “Depending on where you are a lease arrangement might be more appropriate and not formally via CAT but happy to discuss”.

WDC seem to be on holiday just now, so we await further discussions, however we do need to form a separate group to manage this.


a) Anti-Social Behaviour JoD and PM

b) Community Empowerment Act

From time to time the Council is required to review the support and administrative arrangements for Community Councils, known as the Scheme for Establishment.

This is happening now.

c) Alexandria Town Centre Markets

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 10th May 21.

Minutes for Bonhill & Dalmonach Community Council meeting

11th January 2021

Online - Google Meet

Welcome to all Community Council members and visitors.


Attendance: Jack Fordy (JF) Chair, Gloria Wilson (GW), Fiona McGeachin (FM), Pauline Larking (PL), Fiona Jenkins (FJ), Cllr Ian Dickson, Alan McMullan (AM), Doug McGeachin (DM), Patricia McManus (PM), Jim O’Donnell (JO’D)

Apologies: Nancy Malcolm

Community Police Report

Community Police officers appeared to be restricted by Covid duties, so therefore there is no report this month.

Minutes and Matters Arising


JF had sourced a supplier of these and got a price but seems far too expensive (£300-500). FM suggested using a local joiner which was deemed to be a good idea. AM gave information about a company he knows of (Griffin Signs) so enquiries will be made. PL suggested asking if anyone would be able to make some noticeboards on the CC Facebook page so this will also be done.

Dalmonach Steps Project

AM is the Environmental Regeneration Manager for West Dunbartonshire Trust. He gave a brief report on this project and showed five different designs for the proposed improvements. He asked that these are studied and feedback is given as to the preferred option. It was decided that the project would be shown on the CC Facebook page, asking the general public for their feedback. JF suggested another option which he had seen locally and will send pictures of this.

Road from Bonhill to Aggreko

Issues with the narrow pavement along the road were discussed and it was agreed that this route is neither safe nor appealing for pedestrians or cyclists. JF relayed that West Dunbartonshire have an improvement plan which Cllr Dickson confirmed but as it stands, the plans are for 2023. Several suggestions were given, regarding ways in which a safer route could be made. Cllr Dickson will speak to relevant people in WDC and report back.

Gritting Paths

Public pathway from Glebe Gardens leading to Bonhill Bridge is incredibly icy whenever there is cold weather, making it almost impassable. This is a well-used route and locals have reported being anxious of falling. JF had attempted to contact WDC about this to no avail. FJ reported that the path had actually been gritted once recently but had not been since. It was noted there is a gritting route on WDC website.

Fly-tipping and Littering

GW has emailed WDC regarding the various fly tipping in the area but hasn’t had any reply. Lots of fly-tipping behind Dillichip Terrace and in various areas of Bonhill there is a lot of litter visible due to the time of year and the undergrowth having died back. Suggestions from JO’D about raising awareness regarding littering, putting it on the CC Facebook page, with a view to organising a group litter pick once restrictions are lifted.

Planning on Dillichip Loan

FJ had been approached by John Burleigh who stated he plans to build 17 properties down Dillichip Loan. Cllr Dickson was asked if planning had been applied for this and he stated that no further planning had been. Furthermore, at the last meeting with Mr Burleigh, the Planning Committee had questioned whether there were plans for any sort of large-scale development and had been assured by Mr Burleigh that it was only one property he was planning.

Dalmonach Community Centre

Cllr Dickson was asked for an update and he relayed that it had not been discussed since early December when it was said that the handover would be in January with a view to occupying it in March 2021. No further updates.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance in bank - £11027.15

Incoming - £2250 donated by “Paths For All”

Outgoings - £30 donated to “Bonhill Gnomes”

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 8th February at 7pm. This will be held via Google Meet.

Bonhill and Dalmonach Community Council

Monthly Meeting

8th Feb 2021

7.00pm – 9.00pm

Online - Google Meet

1. Welcome

2. Sederunt /Apologies

3. Community Police Report

4. Minutes and Matters Arising

5. Treasurer’s Report

6. Dalmonach Steps

Amended Layouts

7. Allotments

8. Dilichip Loan Planning Issues

9. Litter Pics and Cleansing

10. Paths and Roads around Strathleven

11. AOB

12. Date of Next Meeting 8th March 21