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Clydebank East Community Council

Clydebank East Community Council
Agenda 03/09/18


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. King's Street play park upgrade
  4. Minutes from previous meeting
  5. Treasurers report
  6. Secretary report
  7. Police report
  8. Councillor report
  9. Date for AGM
  10. AOB

Clydebank East Community Council

Attended: John white, Liz Bell, Donna Bell, Marie McNair, Joe Henry, Danny Lennie, Gail Casey, Provost Hendry
Apologies: Elsbeth, Brian, Allistair

King Street Play Park Upgrade

  • Dawn Connor spoke about Kings Street play park budget of £8000 for Repairs and Maintenance. Ideas
    for fencing for separate gardens, removing banks of landscaping for parking. Car park refused as
    tenants wouldn't like it upgraded.
  • Alan McMullen showed tenants where King Street looked like before in 2008. Ideas about Street improvements - tenants would like space for emergency services as ambulances cannot get up the street.
  • Further discussion that home owners would have to pay half for fencing as street is mixed ownership and council.
  • John White spoke about a separate meeting to discuss privately about the upgrade of Kings Street. Alana McMullen has arranged a plan to involve neighbours in both ends of the street to come together to discuss Ideas fairly.

Treasurer's report

  • Balance as at 3/9/18 was £639.87 (including the grant for Gala of £250), with only one bill to be paid.

Councillor Report

  • Danny Lennie reported that a wire has now been places along Elgin Street to monitor Speed of cars.


  • Date and time -for AGM for Community Council will beheld at Monday 6.30-7.30pm 1 October 2018.

Any Other Business

  • Cathy, Braes Avenue would like upgrades in Braes Avenue after the parking that was promised subsequently fell through.
  • Gail Casey said another fund for Community Budgeting was due to open again.
  • Jim. Brown Avenue reports that cars speeding in street and the concern that kids will get hurt due to
    this. He was also angry that the Police didn't show up to this meeting.

Clydebank East Community Council Meeting 1st October


  • Joe Henry
  • Alan Rutherford
  • David Tolland


  • Liz Bell
  • Donna Bell
  • Brian Wyper
  • John White
  • Alistair Conarty
  • Elsbeth Wyper

John White Steps down as chairperson, Joe Henry steps down as vice chair, Elsbeth Wyper steps down as secretary and Alistair Conarty steps down as treasurer.

  • John White re elected as Chairperson proposed by L.Bell seconded by E. Wyper
  • Joe Henry re elected as Vice Chair Proposed by J.White Seconded by D.Bell
  • Elsbeth Wyper re elected as Secretary proposed by L.Bell seconded by J.White
  • Alistair Conarty re elected treasurer D.Bell seconded by L.Bell
  • Alan Rutherford acting intern secretary Proposed by J.White seconded by A.Conarty


  • Financial statement till end of April £1839.87 Proposed by J.White seconded by B.Wyper
  • Sent into W.D.C for funds
  • End of meeting no further business

Financial Statement 31 03 2018

Income and expenditure
Income £ Expenditure £
WDC 2563.38 Community Day 1200.00
DEP 1100.00 Catering 225.00
    Centre 81 87.75
    Honorarium 200.00
    Community day DJ 75.00
    DEP 100,00
Balance 3663.38 Balance 1887.75


Bank and Petty Cash
Bank Reconciliation £ Petty Cash £
Opening Balance 64.24 Opening Balance 1.10
Cash in 3727.62 Cash in 400.00
Cash out 1887.75 Cash out 334.75
Closing Balance 1839.87 Closing Balance 66.35

I confirm I have examined the Bank Statements these show a true reflection of the closing bank balance of £1839.87 as presented by Clydebank East Community Council.

Designation Treasure

We confirm we have examined the above Financial Statements on 9th April 2018 and certify these are a true reflection of the records, books and information supplied by the treasure at Clydebank East Community Council.

All members

Clydebank East Community Council Meeting 1 st October 2018


  • Liz Bell
  • Donna Bell
  • Brian Wyper
  • John White
  • Elsbeth Wyper


  • Joe Henry
  • Alan Rutherford
  • Marie McNair Cllr
  • David Tolland


  • Amending Classing should read cladding from previous minutes Proposed B Wyper Seconded Liz Bell
  • King Street meeting 6.45 2nd October
  • Treasurers Report Balance to date £439.87 £250 SENT BACK TO Cameron Trust fund as no road
  • Secretary's Report Nothing to report
  • A.G.M. Everyone stepped down and was duly re elected Police not present this is the 3rd meeting
    without police presence John sending letter to find reason why.
  • No apologies put in and no police attendance for Gala Day
  • Alan Karas based at C,H,A working with residents to talk about pathway to be built next to centre81
    leading to canal it will take approx. 2 years max holding information day in November it was
    suggested that you could hire electric bikes free of charge, W.D.C. say they cannot empty bind along
    canal as they cant get lorry along to do so . Scottish canals acknowledge our concerns about lack of
    bins on footpath along canal
  • Alan will inform people nearer the time of information day
  • Review of closing of community centres Whitecrook is one of the closures councillors strongly oppose this closure.
  • John putting to committee about bus for firework display night all were in favour of bus being hired contacting council to see when firework display will be held
  • Our next Meeting 12 November 2018
  • A.O.C.B
  • Furniture left on pavements on Brown Ave. need to get this cleaned up
  • John closed the meeting

Clydebank East Community Council Meeting 5th December 2018


  • John White
  • Elsbeth Wyper
  • Marie McNair Cllr
  • W Hendrie Provost
  • D Bell
  • Liz Bell
  • A Rutherford
  • J Henry


  • D Tolland
  • B Wyper
  • A Conarty


  • John welcomed everyone to the meeting and ran through the fire drill.
  • Matters arising from last minutes
  • Amend apologies for Provost Hendrie as they were not in last minutes
    • Prop A Rutherford
    • Sec. L Bell
  • Treasurers Report £239.87p still waiting on bank statement.
  • Sec Report Nothing to report
  • Police Report We have not had a police presence in 3 months
  • Cllrs Reports No updated Updates in January



  • A.O.C.B
    • e-mail Alex Orr ASDA concerning petrol station but its not in our area
    • Bridge is back on going to cause gridlock
    • Invite D O'Connor and A Mullen from environmental trust to community council meeting in January
    • Suggested to councillors that they put straight along king street and tenants can divide from
      neighbours If they wish
    • Joe Henry brought up about aircraft noise B.B.C wants to talk to people concerning this issue there have been three incidents where tiles have came off roofs
    • Trying to get legal advice from council but didn't get any going to Law Society on Tuesday
    • 100, 000 planes cross our roofs
    • Anything above 40 decibels effects health and readings are over 60 in house with windows shut.
    • The next Meeting of Community Council will be on 7th January 2019