Dumbarton East and Central Community Council

Dumbarton East & Central Community Council

Meeting held in St Augustine's Hall on

14 January 2020 at 7pm



  • Cllr Brian Walker, WDC
  • Jim Crosthwaite
  • Jane Brown
  • Mary Hudson
  • Iain Ellis
  • PC Cairns, Police Scotland
  • PC Galbraith, Police Scotland
  • Christine Rainey
  • Jonathan Rainey
  • Dorothy Heron


  • Cllr David McBride, WDC

Previous Minute

  • The minute of meeting held on 12 November 2019 was read and approved.

Questions to Police/Councillors

  • A police report was submitted by PC Cairns.
  • 70 parking tickets had been issued in the High Street area from 1 December 2019. This included the taxi rank at the side of the Royal Bank of Scotland which is not used much by taxis now but as there are double yellow lines there, it is a no parking area for private cars. It is hoped this area can be deregistered as a taxi rank and the double yellow lines can be removed.
  • Lighting of the castle is an ongoing issue. Dumbarton Football Club has not given permission yet for the installation of the lights.
  • LIDL will be opening in February.
  • The new houses on the quay will be occupied during April, May and June on a staggered entry system.

Treasurer's Report

  • Mary reported there is £2483.19 in the bank and £57.06 in petty cash.

Gala Day Proposal

  • It had been suggested we instigate a Gala Day in Dumbarton East Park this year but taking into consideration the Dumbarton Festival taking place in June, it was felt we would leave this for another year.


  • Review of the Support and Operation of West Dunbartonshire Community Councils Forum: Papers including Workshop, Constitution and Standing Orders received from WDC with an attached questionnaire which will be completed and returned. Dorothy will attend meeting on 23 January.
  • Scottish Civic Trust My Place Awards 2020: Information received on My Place Awards and it was thought in this area, the Friends of Levengrove would possible be a good candidate for this. Dorothy will forward to a member of the Friends of Levengrove group.
  • SGN Gas: An email had been received giving notification of Essential Gas Upgrade Works in the Bonhill Road area. Phases one and two have been completed. Phase 3 will take approximately eight weeks from 6 January 2020. Regular updates will be posted at https://one.network/?112953109 and using social media and traffic bulletins will keep residents and motorists informed. Any questions about this project will be answered by the Project Manager, Derek Winton, on 07778 239 114.
  • Dumbarton Reporter Column: We have again this year been invited to submit a column to the Reporter every seventh week. Community Council members will submit a column by the deadline on the following dates:
    • January 24th Dorothy Heron
    • March 13th Jim Crosthwaite
    • May 1st Jane Brown
    • June 19th Iain Ellis
    • August 7th Dorothy Heron
    • September 25th Jim Crosthwaite
    • November 13th Jane Brown

Submissions should be emailed to: gillian.murphy@newsquest.co.uk by the deadline date.

Plunge In! The Coasts and Waters Community Fund: Grants of between £2,000 and £10,000 can be applied for. Iain will discuss with a possible candidate.

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 7pm in St Augustine's Church Hall.

Dumbarton East and Central Community Council

EGM held on Tuesday 14 January 2020 at 7PM in St. Augustine's Church



  • Cllr Brian Walker, WDC
  • Jim Crosthwaite
  • Jane Brown
  • Mary Hudson
  • Iain Ellis
  • PC Cairns, Police Scotland
  • PC Galbraith, Police Scotland
  • Christine Rainey
  • Jonathan Rainey
  • Dorothy Heron


  • Cllr David McBride, WDC

This meeting was held following the low turnout at the AGM held on 12 November 2019.

Election of Office Bearers

Vice Chairperson: Jim Crosthwaite Proposed by Dorothy Heron, seconded by Mary Hudson

Election of members:

  • Jane Brown
  • James Cormack - confirmed by email to remain a CC member
  • Fran Annis - confirmed by email to remain a CC member
  • As agreed at the AGM:
  • Chairperson: Iain Ellis Proposed by Mary Hudson, seconded by Dorothy Heron
  • Secretary: Dorothy Heron Proposed by Iain Ellis, seconded by Mary Hudson
  • Treasurer: Mary Hudson Proposed by Dorothy Heron, seconded by Iain Ellis

Dumbarton East and Central Community Council

Meeting to be held on Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 7pm in St Augustine's Church Halls


  1. Previous Minutes/Matters Arising
  2. Questions to Councillors/Police
  3. Shore Clean Up Campaign
  4. Community Alliance
  5. Treasurer's Report
  6. AOB
  7. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 10 March 2020 at 7pm

Dumbarton East & Central Community Council

Virtual Meeting held on Tuesday 13 October 2020

at 7pm


Jim Crosthwaite, Iain Ellis, Fran Annis, Cllr David McBride, WDC, Dorothy Heron, Darren Gibson - Dumbarton & Vale of Leven Reporter, Joanna Heaney - Resident, Factor of High Street Buildings


Mary Hudson, Jane Brown, Cllr Brian Walker

Previous Minute

 The minute of meeting held on 8 September 2020 was read and approved.

Questions to Councillor

Exxon Site: The site has been passed to West Dunbartonshire Council - £1 million has been paid to the Council which will be used for insurance purposes. Iain asked if the paperwork will be available to the public and it was confirmed that it would be.

Decontamination of the site will be verified to be paid by Exxon. Information on the method of decontamination was requested and Cllr McBride said there has been several methods suggested which would mean taking soil off site was not necessary. Cllr McBride was satisfied what was proposed was in line with the advisors. This is part of the City Deal agreement. The total is about £34 million and outlined the costs; about 600 jobs should be available. Overall this should help with the congestion which occurs on the A82.

Fran asked about the Rene Mackintosh building and Cllr McBride said this will be protected, as will Dunglass Castle. Cllr McBride said the Exxon site is included under item 12 in the Council meeting of 24 June.

Jim Cr. stated following the latest restrictions imposed due to Covid, bookings from people in a restricted area had been refused at restaurants outside our area. Although it should be discouraged it was thought it was guidance only. There was a short discussion on this topic.

Joanna H. asked Cllr McBride how she and other residents who own property in Dumbarton High Street, could get landlords etc to pay their dues for work to be done on the building. The factor of the building concerned said the people say they do not have the money and it is difficult to get any funding to assist with this. The properties concerned related to 82-90 High Street and would require half a million pounds in repairs. A lengthy discussion took place on the problems experienced in this and there was no solution in finding funds to help with this. Council funds are very limited and the tenants have tried various routes without success.

Jim Cr. said Levenford House was in the same position and was simply getting into a worse state.

The cost of works being carried out at the quay was discussed. A play area for children is being constructed at the beginning of the new walkway and although some parking places have to be used, particularly the disabled ones, another area has been designated for disabled drivers.

Dumbarton East Station

Jim Cr. gave an update on Dumbarton East Station. Netting has been installed by Pest Solutions and is fairly successful although within days a couple of pigeons managed to get in, it is thought through perhaps the wall above the netting, and ultimately died. Other pigeons have moved to the ledges inside the station area. At the moment there is a leak from the doors inside the station which needs attention.

Advertising at WDC Roundabouts

The issue of advertising at roundabouts was raised. This was noticed in the WDC Planning Applications and covers several roundabouts within Clydebank, Old Kilpatrick and Dumbarton. The application is for between three and five advertising free standing boards which would be placed within the roundabouts if application is approved.

This item was discussed at length and it was agreed that this Community Council object to this on the grounds of distraction to drivers, the hazards involved and the view that the money this would generate for the Council was simply not worth the risk to safety. It is unknown if the Police had been involved in any consultation but if not, it was felt they should be.

Treasurer's Report

Mary had intimated there is £2338.19 in the bank and £48.34 in petty cash.


The walkway at the football stadium was discussed. Concerns were raised about the specifications of the rock armour castle side which appears to be building rubble and this is not what was specified.

Due to current restrictions, future meetings will be held by Zoom until we are able to hold meetings in our usual venue.

Date of next Meeting

The AGM will be held on Tuesday 10 November 2020 at 7pm. Due to current restrictions, this will again be a virtual meeting.



Dumbarton East & Central

Community Council AGM

held on Tuesday 10 November 2020 at 7pm online      


During 2019-2020 the housing programme has continued to increase within our area and although this has also meant an increase in traffic, the infrastructure would appear to be coping with this and there has been no significant problems within any of the new developments.

Although it was anticipated that the quay housing development was due to accept its first tenants by the spring of 2020, this did not take place and it is only now that the first residents are able to move into their new home.

Unlike any other year, the appearance of Covid 19 has played a massive role in the lives of everyone, in this country and worldwide. In march council offices closed and many staff worked from home. Community council meetings did not take place and only from September this year did we manage to hold virtual meetings which is so not the normal.

However, some issues continue to be ongoing, the lighting of the castle which will probably not happen until the walkway is completed being one.

Parking issues in the town have not gone away and the police continue to issue parking tickets in the high street area which is problematic.

Lidl opened in Dumbarton in February and would appear to be a welcome asset to the town but during the lockdown three of the charity shops in the High Street/Artizan Centre closed permanently.

After many years of attempting to find a permanent solution to the cleaning up of the pavements at Dumbarton East Station, due to the Pigeons roosting under the bridge, at last we are hopeful that after Network Rail agreed to take action, pest control environmental services has installed a netting which it is hoped will solve this problem. Since the work has been done, there certainly has been a big improvement.

As in previous years, we have very much appreciated the assistance given by East Dunbartonshire councillors and Police Scotland representatives for their attendance when possible at our meetings, and for the information they have been able to pass on. The cooperation of both groups helps the community council be aware of topics which may be raised by the public. I would also thank WDC personnel from the communities team who continue to email information on many topics which we may find of interest and which i ensure is passed on to all members.

Community Council members have again taken part this year in a column in the Dumbarton & Vale of Leven Reporter and take it in turn to compile the column approximately every six weeks.   This helps to focus the public, hopefully!, on the issues we encounter and try to deal with.

Election of office bearers


Vice chair:



Comm council members

The year ahead

The high street continues to suffer from a high number of empty premises but there is no easy solution to this, particularly in the current climate.

The Exxon site has been passed to West Dunbartonshire council, being part of the city deal agreement. Decontamination of the site is an issue which caused concern though WDC think this is being carried out adequately.

Rock armour on the castle side appears to be built up with rubble which is not what was specified so perhaps this will be watched carefully.

Application to WDC has been made for advertising billboards, three to five on specified roundabouts, to be installed on some of the roundabouts in the area. We have objected to this on the grounds of possible risk by way of distraction to drivers and the payment for advertising is not thought to be worth the risk.

Dumbarton East & Central Community Council

Virtual Meeting held on Tuesday 8 December 2020

at 7pm



  • Jim Crosthwaite
  • Fran Annis
  • Dorothy Heron
  • Darren Gibson, Dumbarton & Vale of Leven Reporter
  • Stephen Burns, WDC             


  • Mary Hudson
  • Jane Brown
  • Cllr Brian Walker
  • Cllr Iain McLaren

Previous Minute/Matters Arising

  • The minute of meeting held on 13 October 2020 was read and approved with the following amendment:   page 2, Levengrove House should read 'Levengrove Lodge'.
  • Re application to display adverts by installation of non-illuminated freestanding signs on roundabouts in West Dunbartonshire application, this has now been withdrawn.

Questions to Councillors/Police

  • Due to problem in beginning the meeting this evening, Cllr McBride, who had tried to join at the allocated time, was unavailable but did make contact after the meeting and is happy for us to send a list of any issues raised.
  • Dumbarton East Station: Pest Solution had contacted WDC and awaited a response. The netting, which had been very successful, had either been vandalised, removed or damaged by a large vehicle.
  • Walkway: Progress on the walkway from Lidl to the castle section - is there a date for work starting?
  • Gatepost at entrance to Dumbarton East Park badly damaged by lorry. Cllr Conaghan has made enquiries around 23 October to Ian Bain. No further word on this although a timescale for repair had been requested.
  • Local media and Jackie Bailey's newsletter had included an article on a one off payment of £500 to childminders. Are all WDC registered Childminders getting the £500, as only some childminders have been written to inviting them to apply for this grant.    
  • Dumbarton Castle illumination: Is there any progress on this from WDC?

Treasurer's Report

  • As before, there is £2338.19 in the bank and 48.34 in petty cash.

Tier 4 Lockdown

  • As of this Friday, West Dunbartonshire will go back down to Tier 3 which will allow premises to open and gyms, hairdressers etc will be open for business.


  • Tenants to take up residence in the development at the quay - Dorothy will make enquiries at Dunbritton Housing.
  • Some negative comments have been made on the road development proposal from Dumbarton Central Station to Artizan. This project has been widely publicised in the press and social media and residents are invited to give their views to West Dunbartonshire Council on the new proposals. The consultation opened on December 2 and runs for four weeks.
  • The Scottish Government has announced that Higher Test exams will not take place next year and results will again be based on assessment. This was discussed.

Date of next meeting:

  • Tuesday 12 January 2021 at 7pm