Kilmaronock Community Council

Ordinary Meeting of KCC
Monday 13th January 2020 at 7.30pm
Kilmaronock Millennium Hall  


Sederunt Committee

Gavin MacLellan (GM/Chair), Andrew Sinnott (AS/Trs), Sarah Guy (SG) and David Scott-Park (DSP)  Cllr Sally Page (SP) Plus 13 other members of the community 


Ivan Mavor, Jim Morrison (JM), Jackie Baillie MSP, PC Glen Roberts 

Declaration of interest

None tonight

Minutes of regular meeting

on 4th November 2019 Proposed as accurate by SG, seconded by AS. 

Matters Arising and Associated issues

None other than already on the agenda. 

Treasurers Report

Outgoings since the last meeting were for the hire of the hall for two meetings in November and the monthly web hosting fees. Current account balance : £1205.49  Benevolent fund balance : £620.81  The replacement pads for the community AED were installed 11/11/19 and have 2 year lifespan.

Planning Matters

General Scottish Government Planning Performance and Fees Consultation - 18 December 2019 to 14 February 2020 
The consultation seeks to move planning fees towards covering the costs of determining applications for planning permission as well as seeking views on what additional services which planning authorities provide should be subject to a fee, the circumstances whereby an authority may reduce or waive a planning fee and the introduction of charges for appealing planning decisions.  See web site :

Updates on historic applications Arisaig Farm  A special meeting of KCC was held Mon 11th November where the applicants made a presentation to the community to explain the status of their applications. Latest news is that the NP will work with the applicants to create a new application and will meet on site soon. 

The Wards The appeal is with the reporter and unless they contact us for further information then we have no further role in the process. 

The McKenzie farm applications  These are at the appeal stage and it looks like the planners are generally in favour but subject to certain conditions. 

Recent notifications 2019/0348/HAE - Dunelm, Gartocharn - Demolition of existing extension and erection of replacement extension. KCC has no comment   2019/0358/DET - High Wards Farm - Construction of footpath/boardwalk with planting, seating, interpretation focal points (including a shelter), pedestrian gates and associated works. KCC will arrange a special meeting for RSPB to outline their plans 
Other We have been in correspondence with a representative of the Hunter Foundation. They are looking at applying for planning permission to develop a dedicated leadership training centre close to Gartocharn which would be a world class facility of circa 1000m2 to run events for 20 – 25 people. Before making any submission to the Loch Lomond planning authority they want to consult with the Community Council. We have pencilled in an open meeting for Mon 3rd Feb and await further information to develop an agenda. So far, for whatever reason, the intended location has not been revealed so until this is known we cannot confirm the meeting date.   GM to continue dialogue and confirm the meeting agenda for 3rd Feb

Kilmaronock Community Trust 

Broadband - Fibre to the Premises project Openreach are understood to have completed their survey work and all information is with their Pricing Team. They promised to update us as soon as possible. Football Pitch and Playground
All project work is now complete and paid for. The Football club are making plans for an event to mark the first game there, once goalposts and line markings are in place. KCT Annual General Meeting Our AGM will be held here on 19 February and all KCT members and prospective members are invited to attend. After the normal AGM business there will be a progress report on our current and recent projects and an update from the Kilmaronock Old Kirk Trust.

National Park and Community Partnership Issues

General Outdoor Recreation Plan Consultation – closes 21st January : see plan online at : People-Draft-Dec-2019-.pdf And respond at :

Place Making in the Park : How to make Planning work for your community – 2 day workshop/course 29th & 30th January in Tyndrum : see leaflet in hall and web site :

Community Empowerment Act The Chair gave an update with respect to community empowerment. Further to promotional encouragement from WDC on behalf of Scot Gov we have considered how the Act can benefit our Community. Accordingly we have approached LLNP with consideration to areas where we can make improvements, secure better value for money and participate in environmental decisions that affect our community based on past experiences and discussion in this forum.  We now have ongoing dialogue with LLNP with respect to achieving community engagement and are planning to enter a discussion phase with a draft proposal available in the summer. 
NNR Management  Dr.David Beaumont was due to visit tonight to share the RSPB long term plans for their site on the NNR. This planned RSPB presentation did not take place as JM sent a message in error to RSPB that tonight’s meeting was cancelled. Dr Beaumont will be invited to the Special Planning meeting, still be arranged. 

Following last year’s special meeting with SNH explaining the designations (SSSI, SAC etc Jackie Baillie received a response from Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) with some useful information regarding the legal mechanisms for the protection of National Nature Reserves, SSSIs, SACs and Ramsar sites in Scotland. This is included as an appendix to these minutes for reference. We will see if we can get them uploaded to the KCC website too.

West Dunbartonshire Council 

General / Cllr Sally Page  The headmaster of Gartocharn Primary has been seconded to Edinbarnet Primary in Clydebank until about Easter. Extra management time has been allocated to Gartocharn to accommodate this change. Kilmaronock Old Kirk Trust were allocated £57,000 to aid their purchase of the property, car park and the glebe. SP is in correspondence with Sue Morris from Forestry Commission Scotland regarding formalising the car parking and paths in Ross Priory Woods and providing appropriate signage.  Roads dept have re-iterated their intention to replace the signage along the A811 but have not actually done anything yet. They will review the gulley cleaning and increase the frequency if that is what is needed. More pot holes have appeared and need attention. The works on Lomond Road bridge will continue to 1st October. Balloch - The 3 sunken boats around Monkey Island are now in the process of being removed by a partnership of NP, John Sweeney and WDC. Hopefully to be done by Easter. Reid & Robertson crossing - still nothing done – SP has asked for copies of drawings of other similar crossings. SP continues to campaign for a nature hub within Balloch Castle Country Park. Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust are onboard. 
A811 pavement KCC & WDC Roads dept are finalising a date for an update meeting. GM asked SP to attend if possible. We will bring up the additional matters raised above. 

Other There is a Learning and Engagement event on 7th February - ‘Nurturing People and Building Resilient Communities’ hosted by West Dunbartonshire Resilience Hub (formerly West Dunbartonshire ACEs Hub) in partnership with Clydebank High School’s Learning Festival 2020.  To help report an issue with the roads and pavements or other related matters use this link... 


Police report received – apologies for absence by PC Glen Roberts who unfortunately attended the previous Monday as we had not updated the website with the change of meeting date. The full report is appended to these minutes.  
Various correspondence has been received for us to highlight. Reference links are provided below for follow up :
Citizens’ Panel – Ongoing recruitment : see leaflet posted in KMH and following web site : 
My Place awards – It was suggested that we might propose Catherine Newall for the award for her creation of the community garden. The document was passed on for her to see if she is interested and can provide us with some info appropriate for the application/proposal.

May 8th will be the 75th anniversary of VE day. Community Councils are being asked to mark the anniversary and use it as a chance to raise funds for the armed forces charity SSAFA. Similar to 2018’s 100th Armistice day, the planned activities over the weekend are as follows:

  • The Playing of Battle's O'er & VE 75 Years
  • The Nation's Toast to the Heroes of WW2
  • The Cry for Peace, around the World
  • Churches & cathedrals Ringing out for Peace
  • Street parties and parties in pubs, clubs, Hotels, on town and village greens and in halls etc
  • Services of commemoration and celebration in churches, including the reading of the Tribute to the Millions and the playing of the Last Post - SG thought James Macrae might be interested so will ask him.


Smartocharn #2020 – Peter Page has offered to lead the way again along the same lines as last year. Planning for Sunday 22nd March (approx. 1 week later than last year). 
The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) is holding a Members’ Day out at RSPB reserve at Loch Leven, Perth & Kinross next September. As Loch Leven is a model site for RSPB it would be an opportunity to visit and see. 
Flooding at Duncryne Terrace at the path to the lay-by. Various other flood points on A811 notified too. All of which have been reported before. GM recommends sending photographs along with any complaints to WDC.  AS & GM will bring it up in their upcoming meeting with WDC Roads dept. 

Next Meetings

Special meeting Mon 3rd February 2020 at 19:30 in KMH Ordinary meeting Mon 2nd March 2020 at 19:30 in KMH Please send in any agenda items in good time to 
Meeting closed at 20:30 
Kilmaronock Community Council

Appendix 1     
Community Council Report

Name of Community Council: Kilmaronock 
Date of Report:- 01/11/19- 13/01/2020
Submitting- PC Roberts L0354
STORM inc raised: 42 (0 P1) Crime Reports raised: 6
Crimes/Offences that have occurred in community area since last meeting 
Gartocharn Beat 13
Please note this report covers crimes and offences occurring in the Gartocharn between the specified dates. It does not include offences which were disposed of via the issue of a conditional offer of fixed penalty (FPN).
The Crimes can be summarised as follows:

  • Murder/Attempt                              0
  • Serious Assault                             0
  • Robbery                                        0
  • Assault with Intent to Rob            0
  • Wilful fire-raising                         0
  • Common Assault                          0
  • Possess Knife/Offensive weapon  0
  • Theft/Att Housebreaking – Domestic 0
  • Theft by Housebreaking – Commercial  0
  • Theft by Shoplifting                         0
  • Theft of a motor vehicle                0
  • Theft (Unclassified)                     0
  • Possess Drugs                             0
  • Possess With Intent to Supply     0
  • Breach of the Peace/Disorder      0
  • Vandalism                                    0
  • Vehicle/traffic Crime                    6
  • Fraud                                                 1
  • Firearms Act                               0
  • Breach of Bail                              0
  • Other     1

Kilmaronock Community Council
Contact Us
I would urge the community to continue to use Crimestoppers if wishing to leave anonymous information regarding incidents which are happening within the community. The telephone phone number is 0800 555 111 and is operated 24hrs a day. 
If you wish to contact us direct with any specific complaints or concerns, please contact the following based at Alexandria Police Office;
Communities Sergeant – Colin Macdonald
Tel: 101
Or the following based at Dumbarton Police Office;
Communities Inspector Mo Boyle
Tel: 01389 822028
Incidents of note or crime trends  
Forthcoming events / Initiatives 
This month – Issues raised at the meeting  
Kilmaronock Community Council

Appendix 2
Subject: SPICe enquiry: nature designations    
Dear Jackie  
You asked about the legal mechanisms for the protection of National Nature Reserves, SSSIs, SACs and Ramsar sites in Scotland, and about mechanisms that can be used where a Planning Authority may have failed to protect any of these designations. 
National Nature Reserves (NNRs) - are areas of land or water designated under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 as containing habitats and species of national importance. In many reserves, land will have more than one designation. Most NNRs are Sites of Special Scientific Interest and many are Natura sites (see more on these below). Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is responsible for overseeing the management of each reserve.  
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) – are legally designated on the advice of SNH under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004. More information about their protection and management can be found here: species/protected-areas/national-designations/sites-special-scientific-interest  
NNRs and SSSIs are national designations meaning the framework for their management and designation is set out in domestic legislation and policy. The following are international designations:  
Natura sites – Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs) – SPAs and SACs form a network of protected areas across Europe called the Natura network. Natura sites are designated under two of the main pieces of European legislation relating to nature conservation, the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive. SPAs are classified under the Birds Directive to protect birds that are rare or vulnerable in Europe as well as all migratory birds that are regular visitors.
Kilmaronock Community Council

SACs are designated under the Habitats Directive for habitats and non-bird species. The Habitats Directive also sets out how Natura sites should be protected.
In Scotland, SACs and SPAs are given legal protection by the Habitats Regulations. The Habitats Regulations ensure that any plan or project that may damage a Natura site is assessed and can only go ahead if certain strict conditions are met. This process is known as Habitats Regulations Appraisal.
Ramsar sites - Ramsar sites are classified under the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance. Most Ramsar sites in Scotland are linked to the Natura 2000 network - either as a Special Protection Area (SPA) or Special Area of Conservation (SAC).  All are underpinned by Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).  This means that Ramsar sites are protected through measures to protect and enhance the Natura sites (and SSSIs, where relevant) that they overlap with.
I’m not sure what the context of the enquiry is but it refers to “the mechanism that can be activated against a Planning Authority that fails to protect any or either of the above Habitat designations and how these are activated” – so I have assumed this perceived failure relates to a planning decision e.g. the decision to consent a development within one of these designations? The following provides some information with that context in mind but please let me know if this is not relevant.  
Scottish Planning Policy - policy/  Scottish Planning Policy sets out how planning authorities should take into account the various designations when making planning decisions. These are also developed in a planning authorities Local Development Plan so it would be relevant to look at this also.  
Paragraph 212 of Scottish Planning Policy says that “Development that affects a National Park, National Scenic Area, Site of Special Scientific Interest or a National Nature Reserve should only be permitted where: • the objectives of designation and the overall integrity of the area will not be compromised; or • any significant adverse effects on the qualities for which the area has been designated are clearly outweighed by social, environmental or economic benefits of national importance.” 
Other legal duties on planning authorities:  More generally it is also worth bearing in mind that the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 places a statutory duty on all public sector bodies in Scotland (including planning authorities) to further the conservation of biodiversity so far as it is consistent with the proper exercise of their functions. Part 4 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 also places duties on public bodies to, in exercising their functions, act in the way best calculated to contribute to the delivery of emissions
Kilmaronock Community Council
reduction targets, in the way best calculated to help deliver any statutory climate change adaptation programme, and in a way that it considers is most sustainable. 
Rights and Challenges in the Scottish Planning System 
The domestic mechanisms for appeal/complaints etc with regard to planning decisions are summarised here: 
There is no third party right of appeal, so legal challenges to planning decisions by third parties take place by way of judicial review.  
Infringements of EU law  - If the complaint is regarding a failure to protect a site designated under EU law (i.e. is in relation to a Natura site) – there is an EC complaints procedure available that individuals and community groups can use, see more information about the process and steps to follow here: complaints/complaints-about-breaches-eu-law/how-make-complaint-eu-level_en  (this mechanism will no longer be relevant following EU Exit  - governance arrangements to replace this function following EU Exit have not yet been agreed, the Scottish Government is currently consulting on this)  
Again I do not know the context of the enquiry but if your constituent has not yet done this it could be advisable to contact the local SNH area office ( for more information or advice about the site in question.  

Kilmaronock Community Council

Ordinary Meeting of KCC

Monday 6th July 2020 at 7.30pm

Zoom Video Conference


CC : Gavin MacLellan (GM/Chair), Andrew Sinnott (AS/Trs), Sarah Guy, Ivan Mavor (IM), Jim Morrison (JM) and David Scott-Park (DSP), Cllr Sally Page (SP), Jackie Baillie MSP (JB), Plus 19 other members of the public.

GM opened the meeting with reference to COVID and expressed thanks to all members of our community who have kept us going during this time. In particular, NHS staff, Community police team, care workers and volunteers.


Police Scotland are unable to attend Zoom meetings. A crime report was received and included below.

Declaration of interest

None declared.

Minutes of meeting on 2nd March 2020

(No meeting in May other than AGM)

Proposed as accurate by DSP, seconded by JM.

Matters Arising and Associated issues

None other than already on the agenda.

Treasurers Report

  1. Outgoings : Monthly subscriptions to Zoom, monthly web hosting, annual website domain registration fee and website upgrade.
  2. Grant application submitted 17th June and paid on 26th June - £663.29
  3. Current account balance : £1014.67
  4. Benevolent fund balance : £620.81

Planning Matters

Updates on historic applications Kilmaronock Community Council

Core Path along School Road

With the reporter still. No site meeting due to COVID. The Reporter acknowledged the communications from near neighbours passed on by KCC but the NP had asked for these to be dismissed on a technicality. No date for decision.

The Wards

The reporter upheld the planning authority decision to refuse.

RSPB footpath

Planning permission granted. A resident noted that mitigations for the construction phase were set as conditions by SNH and will need to be monitored by NP but queried whether they have the resources to do that. GM noted that any concerns if the mitigations are not implemented should be taken up directly with SNH.

SP will be having a personal meeting with RSPB management to discuss the visitor management on the new footpath in light of recent visitor behaviour on the existing path during lockdown and the installation of proposed new path furniture.

SP advised that around 1500 tonnes of hardcore will be trucked to the site from the local quarry as part of the construction.

THF at Ross Priory

Special meeting was held May 25th. Community poll taken the following week.

KCC submitted a letter of objection to the planning authority detailing concerns of ours and the community at large.

Near neighbours have sent a letter to the Scottish minister asking for the application to be called in. They asked KCC to do the same. After discussion with clarifications on the process of calling in by JB, the chairman gained Community Councillor’s approval to express support for the existing letter sent by residents and send a similar letter from KCC to request a call in.

Arisaig Farm

The content and nature of the new application documents make it very difficult for KCC to understand what exactly is being applied for in respect of the previous successful and unsuccessful applications. Due to this, a meeting on site with the applicant has been arranged for Friday 10th July and the applicant was present in this meeting to discuss where they are with the implementation of the previously approved conditions versus requested variations and additions.

Questions on the planning process will be taken up with the planning authority separately.

New & recent notifications

No comment on the following :

  • Erection of rear extension and re-routing of driveway - Blairlusk Lodge Gartocharn -Ref. No: 2020/0123/HAE Kilmaronock Community Council
  • Installation of 2No additional antennas onto the existing lattice mast and ancillary development - Mast On Knockour Hill Boturich - Ref. No: 2020/0120/DET
  • Alterations to dwellinghouse for the formation of annexed accommodation (flatted dwelling) - Rosedale Gartocharn - Ref. No: 2020/0076/DET
  • Erection of building for events venue - Boturich Castle Boturich - Ref. No: 2020/0015/DET

Community Matters

Fish’n’chip van

After discussion it was agreed to find out more on potential schedule/frequency of visits and seek views of the KMH directors as to whether they would allow use of their car park for such a purpose.

Prime concern of all is litter management.

KCC(AS) to follow up with vendor and KMH

Public Toilet Facility

Since the closure and sale of the existing facility, alternative options have been investigated in the past and provision of modern replacement has been demonstrated to be unviable.

SP - KMH were not keen on keeping the hall facilities open to the public through the summer months, the standalone self-cleaning units are ~£100K, NP will be asked if they would look into providing temporary Portaloo units in key locations for peak visitor periods.

RSPB access and (ab)use of shore path during lockdown

The RSPB gate was locked to the public for a while which may have increased the visitor pressure down around Aber mentioned elsewhere. KCC drew this to the attention of the Public Access officer and a remedy was implemented. Other closures in the area e.g. Balloch Park may also have contributed to increased numbers heading to the shore in this area.

At times, the lone unfurloughed RSPB warden was left to deal with anti-social behaviour and did his best. It was felt that the NP could have done more to assist with some of their resources.


Despite COVID affecting Smartocharn, litter was still collected. Thanks to Peter Page for his efforts to coordinate this.

Broadband Kilmaronock Community Council

Regarding the R100 scheme. Information sent by Digital Scotland indicates completion by 2021 and contracts have been placed for delivery. GM has asked JB for further info to confirm actual completion dates.

Kilmaronock Community Trust

AS presented a note from the chair of KCT who was on hand to discuss points raised.

➢ Community Broadband Initiatives. There is still no final quote from Openreach. Since the last KCC meeting we have had a message from the office of Martin Docherty-Hughes (SNP MP) to confirm that the Scottish Government’s R100 scheme team are aware of our situation as a large community cluster and they are working to determine the optimal solution for us, but without commitment to a specific timescale.

➢ Micro-local Hydro-electric power community survey. We have been asked by a MSc student at the University of Strathclyde to take part in a study about community views on Renewable Energy, specifically Micro-hydro schemes in the local area. Apart from assisting in the academic research we will benefit from guidance on this technology and how the community might develop such a scheme if it is a viable option. A link to the survey will be posted on the Community Facebook page and if anyone else wants to take part please contact Bob Shand.

➢ Conversion to SCIO. Having agreed at our AGM that KCT would go ahead and convert to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, we have submitted the paperwork to the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator and are awaiting confirmation of our new status.

From following discussions :

Some run of the river micro-hydro schemes are operational within many local estates and it may be possible to arrange a visit to find out more about them should we want to.

Absolute renewables assisted with research at Strathclyde Uni and are willing to share info if desired.

The Community Partnership performed some type of local survey about 4 years ago and made a report which they may be able to provide.

Next board meeting scheduled for August - TBC.

National Park and Community Partnership Issues

Re-opening of the NP after lockdown

Memos have been received and circulated about the re-opening of NP facilities. Online meetings were held, during which plenty of concern registered about the NP management during the lockdown and even more concern about the potential flood of visitors post lockdown. Portaloos are likely to be deployed to cope with public demand as existing facilities are inadequate or in state of disrepair. Sites for campervans will be reopened but without facility to correctly dispose of waste water and sewage. SP will lobby for this to be provided.

General discussions followed regarding park wide lack of toilet facilities and the lack of provision for black water waste from both campervans and boats. Kilmaronock Community Council

Aber Path

Cllr. Page has been in correspondence with Kenny Auld regarding the repair to Aber Bridge which is in dangerous state resulting in two injuries in recent months. No response as yet but if funds are the source of inaction then SP will write to KCT to see if they can assist with that. GM noted that Kenny Auld has confirmed responsibility for repairs but at the time of meeting KCC have received no response as to when it will be done.

Community Empowerment Act

Dialogue continues with the NP. KCC have suggested two practical approaches, the first being engagement of relevant section heads by asking them to come along to KCC meetings to give a short presentation on their activities and remit and take questions or listen to community points of view. This is being looked into and we hope will be taken up post-COVID times. The second approach, is a request to engage, say annually, with executive level which is proving less positive so far.

During discussion, it still seems to surprise the general public that the person they elect is not a representative of the electors but that is how the legislation applies. There is an expectation of local representation because as well as being for the benefit of the nation the NP should be of benefit to the communities that live within it. The meeting supported the Chair’s pursuit of formal engagement for our CC (and others) with the NP.

Assuming the next KCC meeting can be held in KMH, we will invite Ms Nik Turner whose brief is litter prevention/management or Mr. Stuart Mearns who is director of planning and rural development.

West Dunbartonshire Council

Resumption of services

Dalmoak recycling facility is now open as normal.

General / Cllr Sally Page

SP expressed pride in and paid tribute to CEO Joyce White and her colleagues for their work throughout the crisis. (GM - KCC echo this tribute to WDC staff.)

Through the Place and Design scheme (SUSTRANS funded) SP has applied for a crossing on the A811 between Tullichewen Estate and McDonalds, a 20 mph limit on Old Luss Rd both of which are in Balloch. Nb. A crossing at Reid & Robertson’s store for NCN 7 was not considered to be ‘in a town’. SP outlined staffing figures to highlighting WDC staff un satisfactory levels of absenteeism and the intentions of WDC to address this.

GM reminded all of earlier advice from WDC Roads department that all that the new signage for A811 is still in WDC storage awaiting placement which is in turn awaiting completion of the Lomond Bridge works now delayed due to COVID.

Correspondence Kilmaronock Community Council

Police Report

With reference to the period : Mar 1st to June 30th there were 6 crime reports raised for area covering Gartocharn (Beat LA13). These comprised of;

  • Vandalism - Damage to deer fence near to Portnellan Farm.
  • Vandalism - Damage to gate near to Claddoch.
  • Vandalism - Damage to fence near to RSPB reserve.
  • Fraud - Online credit card fraud.
  • Breach of LLNP bylaws - "Approach vessel at speed, 'Swamping' same, causing it to almost capsize"
  • Sec 3 RTA 1988 - Careless and Reckless driving on A811

During the period of lockdown we were anticipating with local refuse sites being closed there would be an increase in 'fly tipping', However thankfully this was not the case.

We initially saw a reduction in calls being made to the police and criminal complaints being made. However, as time progressed, we received an increase in calls from members of the public wanting to ensure others were adhering to COVID19 guidance.

From a community policing perspective, our default patrols have been 'Open Space' patrols, ensuring COVID19 guidance is being adhered to, Thankfully the majority of people did adhere, which has allowed us to progress to phase 2.

AED fault

Trossachs SAR found a fault during the annual inspection of the defib unit installed at KMH. The unit was still under warranty so was replaced by manufacturer. For reference, the warranty will expire 23/02/2022.

Aber Mill - Blocking of passing places

Questions had been raised regarding the passing places at Aber Mill. DSP investigated with SP and the main issue is resolved. Improved signage to prevent parking/blocking is being followed up with WDC roads by SP.

A wider discussion on parking throughout the back roads ensued. Although closing of public car parks during lockdown has temporarily made this worse, the issue is slowly getting worse in normal times too. There is a general consensus around lack of holistic strategic planning within the NP which aims for more tourism without providing more facilities to cope.

Next Meeting

Monday 7th September 2020 at 19:30

Please send in any agenda items in good time to



Meeting closed at 22:30


Kilmaronock Community Council

Ordinary Meeting of KCC

Monday 7th September 2020 at 7.30pm

Zoom Video Conference


KCC : Gavin MacLellan (GM/Chair), Andrew Sinnott (AS/Trs), Sarah Guy, Ivan Mavor (IM), Jim Morrison (JM) and David Scott-Park (DSP), WDC : Cllr Sally Page (SP), LLTNPA : Kenny Auld (KA), KCT : Janet Beveridge, Plus 17 other members of the public including guest speakers.


Police Scotland are unable to attend Zoom meetings. A crime report was received and included below.

Jackie Baillie MSP

Declaration of interest for tonight’s agenda


Minutes of meeting on 6th July 2020

Proposed as accurate by DSP, seconded by SG.

Matters Arising and Associated issues

Fish & Chip Van

We sent a reply to the vendor but did not receive any further correspondence.

A811 Signage

New signage/street furniture to be installed once the Lomond Bridge works are complete. SP has not been able to get written confirmation that old redundant signs, bollards etc will be removed and the verge tidied up. The bridge work is due for completion in December so KCC will arrange a catch-up meeting with WDC Roads dept and ask SP to attend if possible,


Trossachs SAR pointed us in the direction of the Resuscitation Council UK who clarified the laws around performing CPR and use of AEDs with respect to liability. Neither the owners or users of such a device have any liability.

Sadly, shortly after our previous meeting, our community AED was called upon but was unable to revive the patient. Trossachs SAR attended the scene and reported that, as a Kilmaronock Community Council consequence, we needed a new set of pads and that a low battery warning was now activated so a new battery was also needed.

Treasurers Report

a. Outgoings : Monthly subscriptions to Zoom, monthly web hosting, annual subscription to The Association for the Preservation of Rural Scotland.

b. Current account balance : £939.01

c. Benevolent fund balance : £620.81

AED - The total outlay was £196.80 which will leave a new balance of £424.01 pending issue of a cheque (COVID delaying multiple signatories).

Planning Matters

Little America

Recently works were performed to remove hedgerow and roadside fencing, install a gate and create an access road into a field off the A811. As no planning permission had been requested or given, the Planning Authority issued a stop notice. KCC supported this action by the Authority. The owner of the field, Lewis Hall, was present at the meeting and gave a briefing on the history of his ownership and his desire to make the field useful. His intention now is to reinstate the fence to the satisfaction of the Authority and apply for retrospective planning permission for a gate and access from A811.

Updates on historic applications

Core Path along School Road

GM advised that the Reporter was still considering the case – KCC’s and others objection to ADD26 Path

Kenny Auld explained the NP point of view on the designation and how it was assessed and approved by NP despite community objections. JM asked KA how and why the desires of the community were not considered foremost by the NP. KA clarified that the NP have a decision process.

Arisaig Farm

Members of KCC attended a meeting on site with the applicant on Friday 10th July to discuss the implementation of the previously approved conditions versus requested variations and additions. A summary letter was issued to the planning authority and is available on the Authority file.

New & recent notifications

No comment on the following :

  • Change of use from vehicle breakers yard (sui generis) to campsite and motor caravan hire centre (sui generis), erection of toilet block and associated landscaping Kilmaronock Community Council Recycling Centre Stirling Road Gartocharn West Dunbartonshire G83 8SB. Ref. No: 2020/0151/DET
  • Erection of 1-1/2 storey side extension, Dunerica Church Road Gartocharn Alexandria G83 8NG. Ref. No: 2020/0137/HAE
  • Amendments to planning permission (2017/0293/DET) for change in the use of agricultural land to extend curtilage of holiday development and erect an additional garage, Ballagan Farm Garage 1 Gartocharn Alexandria G83 8LY, Ref. No: 2020/0125/DET

Community Matters

Balloch Castle Country Park Nature Hub Project

Cllr Sally Page gave an overview of her vision for a nature-based education hub for Balloch Castle Country Park. Long term aim of a purpose-built hide like structure on the shore as a permanent exhibition and educational space to improve people’s understanding of and increase respect for the countryside. The location and setting for such a hub is ideal with public transport links a short walk away and existing accessible walking and cycling routes within the park.

SP then introduced guest speakers Ian Robertson of Countryside Learning Scotland and Fergus McFarlane of Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust

Ian described the wide range of work done by CLS in outdoor education and highlighted the benefits of such a hub. CLS are excited about the possibilities of this project and welcomed the opportunity to be involved in it.

Fergus highlighted LLFT work with schools and local communities in conservation and education and how this would fit well with such a project in BCCP.

Gillian Clark from Balloch & Haldane CC commented that they would be supportive of a project like this that can improve use of BCCP.

Food Growing Initiative

WDC sent us some correspondence with a draft strategy document which we would like to follow up. Information will be posted on our website and shared for possible inclusion in the next CAP.

Kilmaronock Community Trust

AS presented a note from the chair of KCT who was unable to attend tonight.

Superfast Broadband (FTTP) - an update has recently been given to everyone who expressed an interest in this initiative. Openreach have not given an exact quote but have said Kilmaronock Community Council that the average cost per property is £5,000. This is averaged out amongst all the properties who expressed interest and has not identified how the cost is divided. This cost far exceeds the available voucher scheme contribution. Openreach have also said we should now wait until the R100 details are released before proceeding any further.

KCT have been in regular contact with Jackie Baillie MSP, in person and by email and she is trying to obtain information about what properties will be included in the R100 scheme in this area. There will be a further voucher scheme to help those who are not included in the R100 scheme but exact details are not known at this point in time. KCT will update further once more information becomes available.

In the meantime these two websites could be of use for individuals to check on what may be planned for them: and – this information has also been circulated to those who expressed an interest.

Path Grant Applications - KCT have applied for Grant Funding from Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority for the much needed repair work on the Dumpling Path and the footbridge at Aber Dam. While it would have been preferable if the NPA had just done the repair work, as they have previously, this solution gives the community more control over the projects and gives local contractors the opportunity to tender for the work. If and when the funding is approved, we will form project teams including landowners, contractors and other stakeholders to manage delivery of the works.

Community Action Plan and Local Place Planning - Janet Beveridge (a KCT Trustee) has contacted local community groups, including KCC, KMA, Church Board, School PTC and KOKT about updating our Kilmaronock Community Action Plan which runs for 5 years and finishes this year. We have had 3 previous CAPs. In the past when these were prepared a Community Steering Group, led by KCT, was formed with support from the LLTNPA to guide the process and the NPA or the LLTNP Community Partnership have funded a coordinator.

The Scottish Government has recently added a new layer to planning at community level. These are to be called Local Place Plans. In Kilmaronock’s case the National Park Authority should have regard to these new Local Place Plans as part of the Development Planning process. Guidance on how these are to be implemented is still awaited from the Scottish Government. KCT have been talking to Fiona Jackson, community officer at the NPA about Kilmaronock’s need to update its CAP. Currently the NPA are thinking that CAPs and Local Place Plans will be prepared in one process. They envisage Local Place Plans would essentially add a spatial element to CAPs in the form of mapping which has usually been absent from CAPs in the past. It is hoped that the above groups will form the new CAP Steering Group however drawing up the plan cannot commence until 2021 once the Scottish Government publishes its guidance on Local Place Plans and the NPA has developed its thinking on how it wishes to implement them.

National Park and Community Partnership Issues

Kenny Auld - Recreation, Access and Health Manager LLTNPA

Kenny described his role and remit within the NP. With a team of 2 leading on access matters from giving advice to planners and working with communities and landowners on access management. Most resources recently have been focused on camping and traffic management working with the police. Kilmaronock Community Council

For the Aber and Duncryne paths he has supported KCT in their grant applications for the funding for remedial works. Funding is tight and competitive (the main grant allocation of £90,000 has had applications totalling £180,000). There is a smaller departmental pot for essential HSE issues which may be used for the Aber bridge. Across the park, projects are realised quicker if local communities take the lead.

The development of the old Outdoor Recreation Plan to the new "Active Park, Healthy People" strategic document began with consultations in late 2018 in which KCC and KCT were involved. The draft document, delivered early 2020, outlined 6 key themes. COVID-19 has delayed further development.

Kenny went on to address some issues raised in advance on parking control, visitor management, NP access and health related achievements and working with police and councils on litter.

School Road Core Path – see under planning matters above

A811 Core Path – GM asked if NP could support our requests to WDC Roads dept – Kenny affirmed this and suggested keeping him informed of the progress.

Car parking charges – GM outlined issues and that locals are effectively being penalised all year round because of seasonal tourist pressures and suggested locals should be provided with free parking passes. DSP pointed out another issue that in certain places, providing only ‘Pay by the hour’ (in advance) option was not very practical. Kenny thought that parking charges are going to become more common but would like to see charges as being consistent, fair and the revenue ring-fenced for reinvestment in paths and public transport.

40th Anniversary of The West Highland Way – later in the year there will be some celebration of this event and anyone with stories to share can contribute them.

Dark skies – mentioned in the "Active Park, Healthy People" consultation – part of Landscape dept remit but will have some mention in the final document.

West Dunbartonshire Council

Cllr Page gave updates on the latest council activity and her work within it. Looks promising that 3-4 extra early learning places for Gartocharn Primary School will be allowed for local families. Proposing new build council housing to be passive houses to reduce fuel poverty. Lobbying for more allocation of MOD housing as demand is expected to increase soon. Works on Balloch bridge are on track for completion in December 2020.


Police Report

From the period 01/07/2020-07/09/2020 there have been 47 calls made to the police regarding incidents in and around Gartocharn (beat LA13).

Theses have mainly comprised of road traffic matters and waterborne incidents.

From these 47 calls received there have been 3 crime reports raised and these pertain to road traffic offences committed on the A814.

On the whole there have been very few issues raised recently.

With more people at and working from home, people have been more vigilant regarding suspicious persons/vehicles observed. Kilmaronock Community Council

We have seen an increase in waterborne incidents, which is directly linked with the increase in people taking to Loch Lomond by water.

We continue to (where possible) have resources dispatched to Gartocharn with the Unipar device (speed gun) in an attempt to challenge driver behaviours.

Next Meeting

Monday 2nd November 2020 at 19:30

Guest speaker will be Nik Turner, Litter Prevention Manager, LLTNPA

Please send in any agenda items in good time to


RSPB Scotland director Anne McCall had a positive conversation with local residents about the implementation of the proposed new path network. A site meeting is proposed to discuss their concerns. Due to funding and COVID the works aren’t expected to start until spring 2021.

Meeting closed at 21:30


Kilmaronock Community Council

Ordinary Meeting of KCC

Monday 2nd November 2020 at 7.30pm

Zoom Video Conference


KCC : Gavin MacLellan (GM/Chair), Andrew Sinnott (AS/Trs), Sarah Guy (SG), Jim Morrison (JM), David Scott-Park (DSP) and Bob Balmer (BB), WDC : Cllr Sally Page (SP), LLTNPA : Willie Nisbet (WN) and Nik Turner (NT), KCT : Mary Sweetland, Plus 12 other members of the public.

GM welcomed Bob Balmer to the meeting and thanked him for performing his role as virtual secretary in dealing with incoming mail traffic.


Police Scotland are unable to attend Zoom meetings. A crime report was received and included below.

Jackie Baillie MSP

Declaration of interest for tonight’s agenda


Minutes of meeting on 7th September 2020

Proposed as accurate by DSP, seconded by JM.

Matters Arising and Associated issues

None other than already on the agenda

Treasurers Report

a. Outgoings : Monthly subscriptions to Zoom and monthly web hosting.

b. Current account balance : £893.45

c. Benevolent fund balance : £620.81

AED - The total outlay was £196.80 which will leave a new balance of £424.01 pending issue of a cheque (COVID delaying multiple signatories). Kilmaronock Community Council

Planning Matters

2020/0256/MSC - Erection of 2 no. holiday lodges and associated ancillary works (Matters Specified in Conditions 1 and 2 of application 2017/0256/PPP)

Claddoch Cottage Gartocharn West Dunbartonshire G83 8NQ

Application for discharge of Conditions 1 & 2 of approved Planning Permission in Principle

Comment : We confirmed that unlike the last time, neighbour notifications were received this time. Questions around the nature of the application – removal of PPP conditions versus standard detailed planning – were discussed. General consent that the height and design of the proposed buildings are not considered compliant with the Development Plan in this setting which is traditional stone built single storey cottages. Concerns were raised regarding access and whether adequate parking provision has been made. The area is renowned for flooding and there are concerns over drainage. Documentation posted has a lack of evidence of compliance with condition 2 regarding sewage.

KCC will liaise with Planning Authority and follow up with a letter.

2020/0249/DET - Further application (under section 42) for planning permission for the development of land (use of buildings) without complying with conditions 4, 5 and 6 attached to planning permission 2002/0101/NKN

Loch Lomond Homes And Garden Centre Stirling Road Balloch Alexandria G83 8NB

Continuing changes to original conditions of retail use of the site.

No comment from KCC

2020/0240/DET - Renewal of temporary planning permission (2015/0273/DET) for the Siting of exhibition/interpretation trailer and public toilet unit

High Wards Farm Gartocharn West Dunbartonshire G83 8SB

RSPB - Extension of previously approved application – no change to existing facility and use.

No comment from KCC

2020/0205/DET - Erection of ancillary residential unit incorporating existing double garage

The Lea Rig Duncryne Road Gartocharn Alexandria G83 8SA

‘Tied’ cottage for housekeeper/gardener to be built in grounds of main property i.e. not a standalone property although detached from main house.

No comment from KCC

2020/0203/DET - Erection of replacement farmhouse and garage (including installation of waste water treatment plant)

Burnbrae Farm North West Of Ash House Ross Loan Gartocharn G83 8NE

Relocation to new build – old farm allocated for housing in LDP Kilmaronock Community Council

Comparisons with other farm applications were discussed.

No comment from KCC

2020/0201/DET - Change in the use of garage and extension to form semi-detached dwellinghouse

Dunag House Church Road Gartocharn Alexandria G83 8NF

Additional new dwelling on same footprint as exists now.

No comment from KCC

2020/0191/DET - Upgrade of existing track (110m) and construction of 3.5m wide track (450m)

Dunerica Church Road(sic) Gartocharn Alexandria G83 8NG

Changing/re-routing access to existing property. Current access from A811 through neighbouring property (farm and equestrian) is unsatisfactory to both parties. ‘New’ access from Duncryne Road (not Church Rd!). Entrance around existing gate to be improved. Hardcore track from there to house.

No comment from KCC

Older applications

2020/0151/DET - Change of use from vehicle breakers yard (sui generis) to campsite and motor caravan hire centre (sui generis), erection of toilet block and associated landscaping

Update : Further letters of support for proposal added to planning portal

2020/0060/DET - Use of land for a mixed use comprising agriculture and business (including the provision of heat and power from biomass), operational development including the formation of a wood chip storage bay, parking area and access track, installation of a sewage treatment plant (retrospective), variations to the external appearance of office and storage building (approved under reference 2015/0191/DET) , and erection of a solar car port

Arisaig Farm Gartocharn Alexandria G83 8ND

Update : WDC roads satisfied with the access arrangements. KCC had requested additional information from the NP/Applicant. Both KCC and applicant are waiting on replies from NP.

KCC will prompt NP for an update.

2020/0055/DET - Erection of training centre (use Class 8) comprising leadership centre and 4 no. visitor accommodation buildings with associated parking and landscaping

Land Adjacent To Ross Priory Gartocharn West Dunbartonshire G83 8NL

New documents submitted as requested by KCC e.g. traffic management plan

Notional plans submitted for HGLC to be connected to public sewer. SEPA will withdraw their objection if connection to public sewer goes ahead otherwise they advise that Kilmaronock Community Council conditions be attached should private arrangements be made. A pumping station and a backup storage solution will be needed as there is a 20m head to the sewage treatment plant to be overcome.

Letters of support from FoLLAT and Strathclyde University lodged

No news of it being called in.

KCC to arrange a special meeting to discuss updates. Monday 9th November at 7.00pm.

Other updates

Core Path ADD26 – no news from reporter

Little America – the owner was present to update us on the status of the works on site and the intention to apply for retrospective planning permission for an access off the A811.

Community Matters

Food Growing Initiative

WDC sent us some correspondence with a draft strategy document which we decided to follow up. A local resident has offered a potential site for a community facility. No land purchase will be necessary. The vision is for a ‘Wisley’ rather than a ‘shanty’ style allotment.

KCC (AS and DSP) to follow up further.

Kilmaronock Community Trust

AS presented a note from the chair of KCT who was unable to attend tonight.

Path Repair Grants.

KCT submitted grant applications to the National Park to fund repairs to Aber Dam Bridge and the Dumpling Path. We were successful in the Aber Dam project. We are however still in negotiation with the NPA because the award would include KCT taking responsibility for any bridge repairs over the next 5 years including, for example, flood damage and we are not prepared to take that on. Discussions on this matter and the detailed implementation plan are ongoing.

We were unsuccessful in the application to fix the drainage and resurfacing issues on the Dumpling path where it crosses the fields. We are now investigating alternative funding sources and possibly reducing the specification.

National Park and Community Partnership Issues

Nik Turner – Litter and waste prevention manager LLTNPA

Nik introduced herself and described her role within the NP and how it came about.

In general, the NP role is to engage with the public and other agencies and via the Environmental Protection Act have some enforcement powers. Waste collection is generally the responsibility of the 4 local authorities within the NP although as landowners, NP do have a collection role. For this there is an Estate Management Team along with the Rangers. Kilmaronock Community Council

A national litter prevention strategy is in the making but held up by COVID. A local strategy has been put before the NP board and approved last month. The three pillars of the strategy are Information/Engagement, Infrastructure and Enforcement.

Nik went on to describe each of the pillars in more detail and then took our questions.

Regarding enforcement powers, Rangers can issue fixed penalty fines across the NP not just on NP owned land.

Public can report litter to their local authorities and flytipping to local authority or Dumb Dumpers website ( There s no specific NP reporting site other than the general enquiries helpline.

There is no specific pollution team in NP so all reporting should go to SEPA for water contamination or local authority for land contamination. SEPA have a free 24hr hotline 0800 80 70 60 or online at

SP asked WN to bring up to the board that they should seek more funds from ScotGov to cope with peak visitor pressure as they continue to encourage visitors without providing the infrastructure to cope leaving it to locals to deal with the overspills. WN pointed out that NP had applied for and received more funds this year.

Active Park, Healthy People

KCC have suggested to the NP that all strategic planning within the NP be driven by Risk Assessments in order to shake out any knock-on impacts to local communities in general and the environment in particular. As noted earlier, there is increasing tendency to encourage and bring in more visitors without first providing the infrastructure to accommodate them.

Engagement Survey/CC Forum

A number of CC’s from the 4 council areas within the NP have discussed collaborating as a forum to share common ground and improving community representation within the NP area. KCC discussed this and have agreed to participate in such a forum.

West Dunbartonshire Council

A811 pavement

We held a zoom conference but WDC roads dept failed to join in. There has been no further response from them either to us or councillor Page. Sally has written to Gail McFarlane.

Cllr Page Report

SP is checking into work by Scottish Water time to fix the hydrant (specifically why the crossing lights were out for a week for a <12 hour repair) and has reported a potential leak on School Rd

The care inspectorate visited Gartocharn Primary School and approved extra places which means all local children who wish can now attend Early Learning.

Lomond Bridge works – completion date now May 2021

Balloch Station Square improvements – consultation ongoing until 15th Nov Kilmaronock Community Council

Sally persuaded them to include a more cost effective option of a thorough tidy up of the area and has lobbied for the creation of a public toilet facility behind the Visitor Centre allowing the removal of the present ‘Tardis’ public loo.

GM acknowledged that though not directly on our patch he was able to pass on the concerns of BHCC. DSP supported removal of the litter on the tracks at Balloch station as that is the first thing visitors see when arriving by train. AS agreed that the option of a tidy up was all that was needed and suggested some investment in the car park (surface and lighting). SP reminded us that the car park is owned by Scottish Enterprise. SG asked whether the present public loo, if removed, could it be transferred to Gartocharn.

KCC support the proposals of Cllr Page as best we can.


Police Report

Between 01/09/2020 - 05/11/2020 There were 29 calls made to police for Gartocharn (beat 13) however there were no crime reports raised.

In terms of advice, with the darker night's drawing in, I would encourage people to ensure they are locking doors and windows and reporting any suspicious behaviour in the area, persons, vehicle etc.… I would also encourage people to wear hi visibility clothing when out and about walking, as we are aware the speed some vehicle travel through Gartocharn is excessive and that this is an ongoing problem.

PC Glen Roberts is no longer the Community Officer for Gartocharn. KCC thank him for his good work and cooperation and wish him well for the future. We hope to welcome his successor soon.

Ardoch & CHAS

KCC received an email from Peter Armitage confirming that Ardoch Management are now running Ardoch on behalf of CHAS as new owners. CHAS have invited KCC to view the facility once COVID rules allow.

KCC want to thank Peter Armitage for donating this asset within our community to a worthwhile cause.

Next Meeting

Monday 11th January 2021 at 19:30

Please send in any agenda items in good time to


Remembrance Sunday - COVID has affected services. WDC commemoration in Christie Park will involve wreath laying at 15 min intervals. James Macrae organises the wreath laying at the Gartocharn War Memorial.

Meeting closed at 22:05