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Kilmaronock Community Council

Ordinary Meeting of Kilmaronock Community Council

Monday 11 January 2021 at 7.30pm

Zoom Video Conference


KCC : Gavin MacLellan (GM/Chair), Andrew Sinnott (AS/Trs), David Scott-Park (DSP), Bob Balmer (Honorary), Anita Anderson and Rory MacLeod (RM)

WDC : Cllr Sally Page (SP)

KCT : Bob Shand

Plus 20 other members of the public

GM welcomed Anita Anderson and Rory MacLeod to the meeting and they were unanimously co-opted to the CC. Later on they introduced themselves.


Jim Morrison and Sarah Guy.

Declaration of interest for tonight’s agenda


Minutes of meeting on 2nd November 2020

Proposed as accurate by GM, seconded by DSP.

Matters Arising and Associated issues

None other than already on the agenda

Treasurers Report

  1. Outgoings : Monthly subscriptions to Zoom and monthly web hosting.
  2. Current account balance : £847.89
  3. Benevolent fund balance : £424.01 pending issue of a cheque (multiple signatories being needed).

Need new signatories (at least one)

Planning Matters

No further news on Core Path ADD26 Appeal - Reporter’s advice to Minister was dated 10 Dec 2020. Kilmaronock Community Council 2020/0055 – Ross Priory – Review of LLNP Planning Committee Meeting and update of Planning Authority Committee Meeting, appeal to Minister.

Discussion on the committee meeting and the inbuilt presumption of approval as recommended by the Planning Officer. Concerns from the floor over inattention of committee members, imbalance of speaking time weighted against public submissions and the planning officer’s casual unchallenged dismissals of any points raised. The process only allows the public speakers to be questioned with no counter questions allowed. There is no community representation on the committee. General agreement that the Planning Process was not best practice and the Committee were not fully aware of the complex issues.

After letters from Councillor Page, the Minister for Planning called in the decision by LLNP on EIA screening for review. Should an EIA be deemed necessary then the planning application would have to be resubmitted.

KCC will write to the Minister highlighting the shortfalls of the screening and confirming KCC as an "interested party".

RM asked for a vote of no confidence in the planning committee. As there was no notice given on the agenda for this it was agreed that it was not competent for tonight’s business so would be placed on the agenda for the next meeting in March. That allows time for the NP CC Forum to consult more widely (see section 12 below).

GM to write a follow up letter regarding our experience at the committee meeting and in support of Sally’s letter to the minister.

2020/0293 – Tullochan Farm, Arisaig – No Comment

2020/0205/DET - Erection of ancillary residential unit incorporating existing double garage The Lea Rig Duncryne Road Gartocharn Alexandria G83 8SA

Near neighbours expressed disagreement with applicant’s reasoning on the necessity of the new build.

Evidence that the existing private sewage handling provision (septic tank) is either defective or insufficient was presented and discussed. Effluent overflow is flooding the road and reportedly entering surface water courses. The owner has not responded to concerns raised by neighbours or authorities. None of the official bodies have been able to resolve the issue – Scottish Water, SEPA, NP and WDC all have been notified by neighbours. Concerns over the limitation of the "tied" cottage since Section 50 agreements are not enforced and the accuracy of the drawings.

WDC Reference Number: DC20/253

Address of Proposal: Landfill Site Auchincarroch Road Jamestown Alexandria G83 9EY

Proposal: Amendment to Condition 1 of planning permission DC07/233/FUL to extend the time of the approved landfilling operation and restoration by 15 years.

Discussions resulted in decision to invite operators of the landfill site to give a short presentation on their operations and proposed extension to the time line.

AS to follow up on an invitation to a future meeting

Amendments to planning permission (2018/0349/DET) for the change of use and erection of second floor extension to garage/workshop (Class 5) to form a dwellinghouse (Class 9) Kilmaronock Community Council

The Garage Duncryne Road Gartocharn G83 8RY

Ref. No: 2021/0003/DET

No comment

Erection of replacement canopy

Loch Lomond Homes And Garden Centre Stirling Road Balloch Alexandria G83 8NB

Ref. No: 2020/0282/DET

No comment

Change in use of the land, formation of bellmouth access onto A811, creation of hardstanding and erection of fence and gate (retrospective)

Plot B4 Little America Site Land At Mid Gartocharn Farm Gartocharn G83 8NG

Ref. No: 2020/0265/DET

Owner of the site present to discuss further to previous meetings.

KCC concerns are of setting a precedent for every plot of the sub-divided field having access to the A811 and the remaining hedgerow being intermittently removed.

RMc expressed safety concerns being close to a bend on the A811

GM to follow up with Planning Authority on response from Roads dept and Police regarding safety.

Community Matters

Food Growing Initiative

AS gave a short PowerPoint presentation to introduce the opportunity for a village community garden. The presentation will be placed on the website with these minutes.

In summary, KCC will facilitate a consultation to look at the options for a community food growing garden in the village. This will include local demand, type of use – food, flowers, wildlife, sensory or combination. Funding and assistance in starting up is available but enthusiastic volunteers will be needed to drive success.

Comments during the meeting


- Everyone in village has a garden so not needed

- Outsiders from village won’t be appreciated

- Sometimes these gardens start out beautiful but deteriorate over time


+ Not everyone in village has a vegetable patch or fruit trees

+ Opportunities for communal sharing has wider benefits such as expertise and experience

Kilmaronock Community Council

+ Not everyone has the expertise to grow successfully, this would enable training

+ Produce could be sold or donated to the community

+ People may be more proactive as part of a community approach

WDC - Participatory Budgeting – phase 5

Closing date for applications is 25th January. Voting will be exclusively online due to COVID-19. Guidance on applications and how to vote are on the WDC website and will be on KCC site shortly. If any village projects are submitted, we will advertise and highlight the voting instructions more widely.

Kilmaronock Community Trust

Bob Shand chair of KCT presented the following :

KCT AGM: we will hold our Annual General Meeting on 17 February 2021 at 7.30 pm using Zoom. This is our first AGM in our new status as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Members will be notified of the agenda and joining instructions nearer the time. If anyone is interested in joining us as a member, please contact Elaine Ellen or myself and we will send you an application form.

Paths: Although we were not successful in obtaining a National Park Grant for the Dumpling Path repair work, you may have noticed that some surfacing and drainage works have been completed. We thank Alan McMullen and the West Dunbartonshire Environment Trust for managing and doing this work, free, in downtime before Christmas. Further work to resurface the further muddy section is a much more expensive project and we are still pursuing funding options.

The National Park have now amended their conditions for the Grant for the Aber Dam bridge works and we are closer to accepting this offer. It would include using volunteer effort for the decking repairs and some routine inspection & maintenance work such as clearing leaf debris. We hope that WDET will be able to project manage the repair work and I'd be happy to hear from anyone who is available to assist with the ongoing maintenance.

Superfast Broadband: Jackie Baillie MSP has obtained a statement regarding Gartocharn from the relevant Scottish Minister.

Mr Wheelhouse advises me that the remaining premises in the Gartocharn area, which do not currently have access to superfast broadband, are included in the intervention area for the R100 programme. This means you will be reached either via the contract they have with BT for delivery across Central Scotland or will be eligible for the main voucher within the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme (SBVS).

Access to superfast broadband will be provided for your property through the R100 Central lot contract.

It does appear that further detailed survey work is continuing in the area, conducted by Morrison Utilities.

National Park Issues

A lot of discussion during the planning section. Suggestions that it is time for a review of the purpose, effectiveness and governance – 15yrs plus should be sufficient time for Kilmaronock Community Council Performance to be evaluated dispassionately. Something for the next government term to consider – see section 12 below.

West Dunbartonshire Council

KCC still waiting for a response from WDC roads, Derek Barr regarding our overdue meeting with them.

Cllr Page gave us an update that she will have a meeting with Gail MacFarlane to discuss the A811 issues – still no signs of the signs which were part of the previous resurfacing upgrade. Lomond Rd bridge works are due for completion mid-May.

WDC have handed out almost 9000 devices for children’s home learning.

John MacDonald, headmaster of Gartocharn Primary has devised the home learning – Campus Online for WDC

Citizens Advice Bureau – 16500 issues handled – still open for face to face sessions if needed

Homelessness Seminar – 1021 cases handled – Zero instances of rough sleeping

NP Community Council Forum

A Forum of 9 Community Councils have been formed to address cross park issues. The Forum is seeking consensus on matters of common concern.


Police Report

The Community Police Team has been restructured hence we have not been receiving crime reports since October. As soon as new contact information is received it will be posted in the News section of our website.

Scottish Water Annual Consultative Meeting 2020 – closing date for online questions is 20th January – more info on our website and following the link here : Annual Consultative Meeting - Scottish Water

Next Meeting

Monday 1st March 2021 at 19:30

Please send in any agenda items in good time to


WDC have a new head of waste services, Kenneth Lang, could be an opportunity to invite him to make a presentation – could tie in with a landfill presentation from Barr’s if it can be arranged.

Meeting closed at 22:05

Ordinary Meeting of KCC

Monday 1st March 2021 at 7.30pm

Zoom Video Conference


KCC : Gavin MacLellan (GM/Chair), Andrew Sinnott (AS/Trs), Jim Morrison (JM/VC), David Scott-Park (DSP), Bob Balmer, Anita Anderson (AA)

WDC : Cllr Sally Page (SP)

LLTNPA : Willie Nisbet (WN)

MSP : Maurice Corry (MC)

Balloch & Haldane CC : David Keown

Plus 14 other members of the public


Bob Shand, KCT

Declaration of interest for tonight’s agenda

JM is neighbour of one planning applicant (PSC/2021/0002), AS is neighbour of another (2021/0055/HAE).

Minutes of meeting on 11th January 2021

Proposed as accurate by GM, seconded by AS.

Matters Arising and Associated issues

AS has been in contact with Kenny Lang, Waste Manager at WDC. Kenny is keen to engage with local communities and will attend a future meeting. He is also following up with a contact at Barr Environmental to get them to come along too. Our preference is to hold a physical meeting post-COVID restrictions. Next meeting 17th May is probably too early so we will keep in touch to follow up.

Treasurers Report

  1. Outgoings : Monthly subscriptions to Zoom and monthly web hosting. This month we also purchased a Data Storage HDD for record keeping and handover after elections.
  2. Current account balance : £740.74
  3. Benevolent fund balance : £424.01 pending issue of a cheque (multiple signatories being needed). Kilmaronock Community Council.

AA has agreed to be a new signatory and the long, complicated process with the bank is underway.

The end of financial year is Feb 28th, the service contract on the website is due for renewal. The new quote, for the same service, is for the same cost of £120. Unanimously approved.

GDPR – We are in the process of registering with the ICO – this will cost £40 per year. Unanimously approved.

Planning Matters

Three new applications since the last meeting :

Erection of replacement shed, greenhouse and drystone wall

Boturich Cottages, Boturich

Ref. No: 2021/0055/HAE

KCC – No comment

Creation of wetland scrapes, 4 no. pools and field drainage system

RSPB High Wards Farm Gartocharn

Ref. No: PSC/2021/0002

Note : Application for a EIA Screening Opinion with reasons not to require full EIA given. Not the application itself.

After discussion around EIA requirements and the nature of the project it was decided to make no comment on the screening.

KCC – No comment

Proposed partial demolition of conservatory and erection of single storey extension

Dunag House Church Road

Ref. No: 2021/0029/HAE

KCC – No comment

Land at Dumbain Rd, Haldane

2019/0175/DET / Review Reference number 2021/0002/REVREF

Review of Refusal

A second housing scheme for Dumbain Rd was refused by the Planning Authority in 2020. The applicant is appealing so it will go to the Local Review Body. WN clarified the difference between appeals going to the LRB and the reporter.

Planning Application - Lea Rig 2020/0205

A neighbour to Lea Rig, with concerns, gave an update on the septic tank issues and has now managed to contact and inform SEPA of the works. Cllr Page has requested that WDC Kilmaronock Community Council building control inspect what has been put in place and that they liaise with SEPA as the outflow is clearly not satisfactory.

Planning Approval – Ross Priory -2020/0055

The appeal by Councillor Page and the KCC for an EIA to be requested for the THF development at Ross Priory was rejected.

Letter from Kevin Stewart, Minister of Planning attached. SP was not satisfied with the response so has corresponded further with the minister and a new case number has been opened.

Community Matters

Food Growing Initiative

Following the introduction of the Community Garden proposal last meeting, CC members agreed to arrange a Post-COVID consultation/presentation whenever deemed safe to meet in the Millennium Hall. AS was in communication with Andy Devine from WDC who is keen to assist with the consultation/presentation and can bring along existing community garden groups to share their experience and advice. Only one other response was received from the local community, Mary Sweetland shared her experience with Lomond Community Gardens & Allotments Association. They have a small well organised and popular garden/allotment at Lomond Parish Church. Mary has offered her expertise and has provided an example of a constitution and operational rules as used by her group. Anyone else with interest or expertise is welcome to contact us any time :

It is recognised that most villagers have their own garden so the demand may well lie outside the village. It was also noted that there are villagers with their own garden who may just need assistance and perhaps that is another way we can develop community growing. Hopefully. we can meet safely this year to start making plans for next year’s growing season.

Smartocharn – The Annual Village Litter Pick – Postponed!

This year, as for 2020, COVID restrictions prevent us having a communal event at the usual ‘harvest’ time which is chosen to get the job done before vegetation growth and increased traffic of the Spring and Summer months. We will keep an eye out for an opportunity later in the year but will certainly prepare for the 2022 event to be bigger and better. Thanks, as always, to Peter Page for taking a lead on this.

Kilmaronock Community Trust

Bob Shand chair of KCT sent apologies for absence and a short report :

  • Kilmaronock Community Trust held their 14th AGM on 17th Feb and confirmed the election of six Charity Trustees. Janet Beveridge has stepped down and we thank her on behalf of the community for 18 years service to KCT and its predecessor organisation. AS was elected as trustee to represent KCC.
  • We have agreed a contract with LLTNPA for funding the work to repair the bridge at Aber Dam and the materials should be delivered in the next few days. Alan McMullen and his team at WDET have kindly agreed to Project manage and undertake the work.

Kilmaronock Community Council

  • The Trustees will meet soon to appoint a Chair and other officers, and to start to prioritise the projects and initiatives we intend to progress in the next year. We are always happy to hear from members of the community if they have any projects they would like us to get involved in and which fit with our Charitable aims.

AS added that the present Community Action Plan remains live until replaced by the new format which has yet to be defined. Community consultations for a new "Local Place Plan" will be planned when we know more.

National Park Issues

CC’s were recently notified of the winding up of the Community Partnership whose role will be absorbed by the NP’s Countryside Trust. All Community Councils within the Park will be invited to be "members" of the Trust though this is not detailed any further. This was welcomed as a start for CC representation and communications by the chair. KCC have expressed interest in membership. WN gave a little bit of background to the change and said there would be a bit more money available.

West Dunbartonshire Council

Cllr Page gave an update on WDC business along and will tomorrow have a meeting with Gail MacFarlane, Chief officer - Roads and Neighbourhoods at WDC, to discuss the A811 issues.

KCC met with WDC roads, Raymond Walsh and Derek Barr attending. Discussed previously planned work on the footway alongside A811 between Balloch and Gartocharn, the status of replacement signage, flooding at Tullochan Bend and Arisaig Farm, Church Road continuing work on the back roads etc.

We discussed the online fault reporting system and were advised that it is best to back up any report with a phone call to the WDC "general complaints" phone line 01389 608152.

Flooding at Milton Grove is under investigation by WDC Roads dept.

The recent road accident on A811 caused the back roads to be chaos again – it has been suggested repeatedly that a one way system be introduced during such emergency diversions. Ultimately the back roads were closed and drivers diverted via Duntocher. WN suggested that KCC liaise with Croftamie CC and Police Scotland to sort this out. GM said there was a plan developed and we will follow up why it was not used. SG pointed out that verges had been damaged since the extra traffic was not managed and will forward photos for us to pass on to Raymond & Derek.

KCC(AS) to follow up with Police Scotland and contact Croftamie CC for their views.

SP will be reviewing the back roads in her meeting with Gail MacFarlane following the Dash Cam survey of 3 years ago looking at verges and passing places.

Residents of Church Rd reported that issues with the road surface and the drainage have still not been addressed. Roads dept are aware but it seems that Scottish Water are the root cause and need to be prompted again. SP will follow up with Gail MacFarlane. MC advised that any Health & Safety issues should be highlighted as that would improve chances of repair.

NP Community Council Forum Kilmaronock Community Council

The survey mentioned last meeting has gone live. There has been mixed feedback, some welcoming the opportunity to have their say, some concerned about the pre-amble. A revision will be made to reflect some comments from attendees.

DSP asked what the contact details will be used for and GM clarified that they are only used internally to determine residency or not. They will not be passed on to anyone in compliance with our GDPR policy.

WN once again explained the role elections play in selecting board members not representatives.

GM summarised that progress is being made in CC representation within LLNP but there is more to go and the survey is one step on the way.


Police Report

The Community Police Team has been restructured hence we have not been receiving crime reports since October. As soon as new contact information is received it will be posted in the News section of our website. MC will assist in getting us reconnected to the local policing team. AS has been trying and will continue to try to get the new contact details.

Online Workshops

NPF4 – Several online events were held for CC’s across Scotland to comment on the Scot Gov position statement on the National Planning Framework (#4). GM and AS attended separate sessions and compiled a summary response which can be seen on our website.

Zero Waste/Circular Economy – Similarly, several online events for this too. GM and AS also attended separate sessions.

Scam Share Bulletin from Trading Standards – Cyber scams & attacks advice – will be posted on our website.

Scottish Government responses to letters from Jackie Baillie on our behalf are appended to these minutes.

Next Meeting

Monday 17th May 2021 at 19:30 – AGM followed by ordinary meeting – most likely still a Zoom format anticipated.

Please send in any agenda items in good time to


Lambing Time

The farmers of our community are having issues with dog walkers added to their daily work. Dogs were recently chasing pregnant sheep at Wester Cameron. This can easily cause aborted lambs when sheep are close to lambing or worse death of sheep too. Please remember to keep dogs on leads when on roads or paths next to fields of sheep. Kilmaronock Community Council

Meeting closed at 21:27.