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Linnvale and Drumry Community Council

Linnvale & Drumry Community Council

Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 14/01/2019

Present: Mary McAleer, John Hainey, Lorraine Hamilton, Gerard McWhirter, Police Scotland James O'Neill, Gavin Lawson

Apologies: none

The Chair: welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  • It was reported that the Council has now begun issuing acknowledgement letters to residents in Linnvale regarding the Straus Ave housing site.
  • An F O I request about this site as regards who actually owns what at the locus has been turned down. The question remains as to what area within the site
  • Gavin spoke about restarting the local TRA and the possibility of starting a Youth Club and 5 aside football team. John offered any help that the Community Council could give.

Treasurers Report: Hall hire was the only spend this month

Police Report: Report on the latest crime statistics was given Nth Drumry had 19 reported crimes with 12 detected. They included 1 house breaking 4 drugs and 1 serious assault.

AOCB Chair made an appeal for more Community Councillors
DONM 11/02/2019

Linnvale and Drumry Community Council Meeting

11/02/2019 Agenda


  1. Welcome & Apologies
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
  3. Matters arising
  4. Police report
  5. Guest Speaker
  6. Treasurers report
  7. Correspondence
  8. Toolbox Training
  9. Co-opted Members
  10. Planning Applications
  11. AOCB
  12. DONM 11/03/2019

Linnvale & Drumry Community Council
Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 11/03/2019


  • See separate sheet
  • Apologies

The Chair:

  • welcomed everyone to the meeting

Minutes Guest of previous Meeting:

  • Due to a problem with the hall heating and Lighting the Meeting
    was moved to a smaller room. As in recent meetings the discussion revolved round Strauss ave
  • It was requested that a map of who owns what at the site should be obtained by the chair. It was
    agreed that Mr Jim Lough should speak at the Planning Committee when it is convened. The chair also
    showed a copy of the Main Issues Report.
  • The Chair confirmed the co-option of Gavin Lawson and Stuart Grey to the Committee.
  • Gavin Spoke about restarting the TRAs in this area. This was supported by the meeting

Treasurers Report Hall:

  • Hire was the only spend this month

Police Report:

  • Police reported on the recent crimes in the area and rendered a separate sheet with
    the statistics


  • complaints were made regarding the state of the road signs, most are unreadable.

D O N M 13/05/2019