Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Minutes of Meeting 8th January 2019


Mrs I Plunkett, Mrs R Young, F Boyle, D Keenan, Mrs M MacAulay, Mrs D Robertson, Mrs E Stormonth, Mr G King, S Healy, Mrs C Hutchison, Mrs A Hamilton, Cllrs Casey, Lennie, McNair & Hendrie.


J Moracova, Mrs E McNally

Minutes of previous meeting

Approved by Mrs M Macaulay and seconded by Mrs A Hamilton.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance as at 30/11/18 - £3109.60
Expenses - £94.05
Balance as at 31/12/18 - £3015.55

Secretary’s Report 

  1. Still awaiting replies from WDC on the following matters:
    • Costs and Occupancy of the Napier Hall – will chase w/b 14/1
    • No response from the landowner of the old Barclay Church land
  2. Grant submitted to Scotmid (for Scottish Opera Day) acknowledgement received and expect to receive a decision in the next month.
  3. FOI information received from Scottish Enterprise – and a letter now sent to WDC to clarify the legal issues arising from the information received to date.
  4. Checked with Lottery Grants- have confirmed you can submit multiple grant applications (not exceeding £10,000) under the Awards for All scheme.

No Police report

Chair’s Report

  1. priorities have been identified for the coming year.
    • Ongoing consultation with community-Isobel made a short statement about conducting surveys, Newsletters, Community Events.
    • Increase community participation – ensuring we get community response.   Woman’s day event Saturday 9th March, Pop up Opera ( Scottish Opera)  w/b 3/6/19, A panto, Community Film Club.
    • Developing a brand website. Advertising, profile.  This would involve having our own community leaflet, looking at a strap line. 
    • Due Diligence- homework for proposals e.g. Planning walks, Glen Lusset (looking at entrance)  Napier Hall, Boundary Changes.  This means building up a knowledge of processes so we are better prepared.
    • Increase cultural activities- looking at what’s organised this year and progressing ideas into the next year.

Training is available for all community council members if they feel it’s appropriate and are interested in learning.

The Chair was looking for volunteers to go into to sub groups for each event or indeed for any background work that is required around Napier Hall, Glen Lusset, boundary changes.

Mrs R Young agreed to look into issue surrounding Napier Hall.

Jana Moracova will get involved with any Marketing and IT

Sue Healy keen to be involved in the Panto organisation.

Alison Hamilton, Moira MacAulay, Caroline Hutchison, Florence Boyle will meet to discuss and plan the International Woman’s Day on 9th March 2019.  

International Woman’s Day - Save the date posters and Facebook prior to the date.  This will be in the morning from 10-12 and the format will be inspiration, perspiration and consultation.  Speaker will be Marie Craig. There will be some dance- exercise. It will be funded by the community council and will involve providing tea etc.  We need to decide how much money we need to hold the event and the sub group will meet separately to discuss all aspects of the day.  Suggestion was made that we purchase supplies for all events now to equip our kitchen etc.- this should be taken forward to the first meeting of the sub group later this month. 

Action - Florence to look into conditions of funding which were issued in 2016.  

Councillors Report

 Cllr Lennie advised that legal haven’t got back to him yet on the issue at Orinsay Square re the adoption of their road.


  • Consultation meeting re Council Budgets at end of February.
  • Florence will send out an email re the Boundaries which is due to be reviewed in 2020.
  • Mrs Young advised there is a series of Community transport meetings on 22/1 in Alexandra, 22/2 in Dumbarton, 22/3 in the Clydebank Town Hall ( 5.15 to 8pm with refreshments)
  • Mrs Young asked if the community Council have been invited to Elderly Friendly for West Dunbartonshire meeting- answer was that no invitation had been received.
  • The Parish Church is holding a Valentines Coffee Morning on 9th February.
  • (11-1) Councillors issues raised-  Light out at Dalnottar Ave, Any update on the Cemetery Wall repair at Kirkton ,  also we are still awaiting the survey report re bridge at the Saltings.

Next Meeting

12th February 2019    

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Napier Hall
12th February 2019 

  1. Apologies
  2. Actions from last Meeting- see issues log for updates
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Police Report -7.30pm-7.45pm
  5. Secretary Report –to be tabled in advance - 7.45pm -8.00pm
  6. Guest :George Murphy-NHS Community Partnership  - 8.00pm-8.30pm
  7. Chair’ Report
    1. Report back on a series of meetings in the last few weeks with Planning, WDC officers, Community Empowerment event
    2. Arrangements for IWD coffee morning - 8.30pm-8.50pm
  8. Councillor’s Report
  9. AOCB

Meeting Protocol

  • Any additional items for agenda to be submitted by Friday –with a short background/explanation
  • Matters arising will focus on actions required rather than a review of the last meeting
  • Agenda will carry indicative timings following finalisation of items-if more time is required that will be done with consensus of the meeting and Chair’s discretion


  • reserved for passing on information, matters for noting or urgent matters–anything substantial to be on the agenda

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Minutes of Meeting 12th February 2019


Mrs I Plunkett, F Boyle, Mrs R Young, Mr G King, Mrs A Hamilton, J Moracova, Mrs M MacAulay, Mrs E Stormonth, Mrs C Hutchison, Mrs E McNally, D Keenan, Cllrs Hendrie, McNair & Lennie


Mrs D Robertson, Cllr Casey, S Healy

Minutes of previous Meeting

Approved by Mrs M MacAulay and seconded by Mrs A Hamilton.

Visitor George Murphy from NHS Health and Social Care Partnership addressed the meet ng and firstly advised there are 2 public events are being held to discuss strategy of the future of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. 

These events are on 13/3/19 at Church Street in Dumbarton and 19/3/19 in Clydebank Town Hall both from 9.30 to 12.  The discussion was about how people access services and highlight different ways to access services and emergency services trying to work together to make better services available. 

The main priorities are Early Intervention, Resilience and Assets and Equalities. He stated that the way health services operate are not sustainable. A short discussion took place.

Secretary Report

  • Napier Hall - costs and occupancy of the Napier Hall have been circulated by email- the Hall rentals cover running costs and make a contribution towards salary costs. 

Issues Log has been updated and distributed prior to meeting with a couple of issues closed off.

  • Ferrydyke Cottage – ownership located and email sent to owner (25/1).
  • Burger Van on vacant land opposite Glen Lusset Pub- Letter sent to Richard Cairns to encourage enforcement action.
  • Survey report received re Salting’s Bridge.
  • No update on big tree down after storm in October.
  • Lighting on Oronsay Sq update received from D Lennie and passed to residents. 
  • Scotmid Grant followed up 1/2/19. 
  • Disrepair of fence and retaining wall at glen entrance- Liability with homeowner, OKCC in correspondence with WDC.
  • Facebook page updated for contact information for reporting faults. 

OKCC to be an escalation point for unresolved issues rather than first point of contact.

Treasurers Report

Balance as at 31/12/18 - £3015.55
Expenses - £36.75
Balance as at 31/1/19 - £2978.80

No Police Report

Chair’s Report

Isobel and Florence met with Andy Moffatt, Facility Manager to discuss improving Napier Hall and agreed actions on Cleaning and Organisations, Stage Curtains and Painting and Decorating. 

They also discussed fundraising for these issues and he was happy to co- operate and assist.

Community Council are willing to have many events in the Hall to promote the Napier Hall as no promotion of the Napier hall happens at present. 

The sub group met for International Women’s Day and all who attended have tasks. Moira is putting together a list of items required, ie kitchen items etc. 

Clarification was sought re using community council funds for such items as these will be used in Consultation events with the local community. 

Advertising will take place and hoping for at least 60 Woman to attend. 

On the 6/2/19 they attended a meeting on ‘Getting in on the Act’ about making things happen in your community and also the empowerment act. 

SEDC and WDC are drawing up a Strategy plan about community empowerment act.

We have received notification from Battle of Somme Veterans and they are looking to install benches in various places with one being at the OK War Memorial site.

Isobel reported that there is 100% funding available by a company called 3uk Wide Murals (Darren Cullen) . We are looking to find out who owns the arches in the glen and looking into this funding. (C Hutchison to look into ownership) 
Isobel, Florence and Moira met with Anthony McGuinness (Section Head from Planning) who is looking at Locality Place Plan in OK.  We are invited to join in conversation to discuss driving developments within this area and have the opportunity to be involved.  Isobel asked permission to have a further meeting to clarify next steps.

Entrance to Lusset Glen- we will be getting in touch with Scottish natural Heritage to look into our options to get a nicer entrance and perhaps in discussion and put into the Locality Place Plan.

It was reported that Francis McNeil of Bowling Community Council has passed away.

Sue Healy has put her resignation from the Community Council as she has now gained full time employment and is unable to continue but will help when able.

Councillors Report

Isobel proposed that for future meetings the Councillors come with information from any council issues that affect Old Kilpatrick.  Cllr McNair is happy to report any issues which are relevant.

Wall at Kirkton – there is no funding available at the moment and this should be looked into.

Community Budget voting Event is being held on Saturday 23rd February 11am to 2pm.  You can also vote online.


SGN will be moving out of Hyde Park and they will clear the area and put back the way it was.  Do the council still have the funds for upgrading the Changing Rooms and when will this happen?

Mr G King raised issues about repairing green boxes in the Village.

Sub group will meet re International Women’s Day on 18/2/19 at 7.30. 

Next meeting

12th March 2019

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Napier Hall
12th March 2019 

  1. Apologies
  2. Actions from last Meeting- see issues log for updates
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Police Report 7.30pm-7.45pm
  5. Guest : Billy McHard- Somme Bench for the Memorial 7.45pm-8.00pm
  6. Secretary Report  8.00pm-8.15pm
  7. Chair’ Report 8.15pm-8.30pm
    1. Report back on meeting communication with WDC officers,
    2. IWD event feedback
    3. AOK –Community Budgeting success
  8. Councillor’s Report 8.30pm-8.45pm
    1. What’s happened in the last month that could impact Old Kilpatrick or services
  9. AOCB

Meeting Protocol 

  • Any additional items for agenda to be submitted by Friday –with a short background/explanation
  • Matters arising will focus on actions required rather than a review of the last meeting
  • Agenda will carry indicative timings following finalisation of items-if more time is required that will be done with consensus of the meeting and Chair’s discretion


  • reserved for passing on information, matters for noting or urgent matters–anything substantial to be on the agenda

Old Kilpatrick Community Council 
   Minutes of Meeting 12th March 2019


Mrs I Plunkett, Mrs R Young, Mrs D Robertson, Mrs M MacAulay, Mrs L Stormonth, Mrs E McNally, F Boyle,  Mrs C Hutchison, Cllr Hendrie, Casey, Lennie & McNair.  William McHarg & Ryan Banks from Dumbarton Argyll Somme  Association.


Mr G King, Mrs A Hamilton, D Keenan, Jana Moracova

Minutes of previous meeting

Approved by Mrs M Macaulay and seconded by Mrs E McNally

Actions from previous meeting

see Issues for update.  Cllr McNair to pursue the issue of the abandoned burger van. Grant application from Community chest approved for the Scottish Opera (the pop up Opera)

Treasurer's Report

Balance as at 31st January 2019  - £2978.80
Expenses - £85.40
Balance as at 28th February 2019 - £2893.40                                    
Treasurer reported that she will formally apply for this year’s Grant.

Police Report

PC John Pryde was unable to attend however he sent an email which was forwarded to all community councillors.  82 calls, 30 of which refer to incidents on A82 or Erskine Bridge. 

5 crime reports, 2 of which are detected. 

2 of the crime reports refer to theft/attempted thefts from vans overnight. This fits an ongoing trend of thefts of tools left within vans throughout the West of Scotland. 

Police advice would be to remove any valuables from vehicles when left overnight and to make sure that vehicles are locked and secured.  

PC Pryde has also included in his email a questionnaire to complete online to gather opinion on policing in Scotland and proposed outcomes, approach and ways that the community and partners can be involved in working with Police Scotland going forward.  Please complete via the email sent.

Guest speaker Mr W McHarg gave a brief outline of the Dumbarton & Argyll Somme Association which was set up 4 years ago.  The main aim is to put memorial benches in various locations and Old Kilpatrick is next to receive a bench to be installed at the next remembrance service in November.  They will arrange with the council to erect a Plinth and they will do the rest.  They will be in touch nearer the time to organise this and the aim would be to have the bench dedicated.   Mrs Young asked if the names of the soldiers could be put on the plaque on the bench.

Secretaries Report

Florence has been on a walk and talk with Iain Bain and Donald Petrie.  In the glen there will be some topping of trees and maybe some benches.  The informal path from Oronsay and with help from Scottish water to make a more formal path and sort the fence.  Potential funding from Scotrail.  Land behind the new estate owned by Scottish enterprise is now not up for sale. Awaiting a response to at least remove the fence.  Donald Petrie arranged for stairs and bannister to be repaired.   She also contacted the Council re contaminated land as at present it’s not on their plans.

Kilt walk on 28th April 2019 - she has been advised that the Recycling plant will be closed that day and also the car park at the Saltings. 

Florence also advised that she attended a Training Session about the role of a community councillor and found it very interesting. 

Chair's Report

At the IWD the curtains fell down and the facilities manager has been asked to clean repair or replace.  We have now got a Kitchen cupboard and dishes etc have been purchased.  We have also asked for a new cupboard.  

Locality Plan-  further meeting to be arranged with Anthony McGuiness. Community transport meeting in 2 weeks.  

IWD- Isobel thanked everyone for the support and in particular thanked Moira for making all the purchasing. 

AOK- Following the Community Budget AOK have been given the funds for the Xmas Tree.  It was also reported that the Forestry Commission are providing 4k trees for the Antonine Arboretum (behind Gavinburn School).  Caroline also advised they are looking to get the station area tidied up and getting some new planters.  She is also looking into who is responsible for the Tunnels in the glen.

Councillors Report

Cllr McNair has been looking in to the boardwalk in the saltings and to getting external funding for this project.

It was also intimated that the sod was cut for the new care home and it’s hoped to be complete by April 2020.  Mrs Young asked if Cllr McNair could find out the capacity of the remaining care homes and hoped there would be sufficient space in the new care home.  There are 84 beds in the new care home.  

District Heating System- hope to generate heat by September with the ultimate goal to build more hubs and spread it over whole of Clydebank and the aim would be to cut down household fuel bills. Provost Hendrie reported he held a reception for the Rotary Club to celebrate their 50 year anniversary.  Provost Hendrie provided a handout of his itinerary for the past month.

Next Meeting

9th April 2019. 

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Napier Hall
9th April 2019 

  1. Apologies
  2. Actions from last Meeting/Approval of last month’s minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Police Report
  5. Secretary Report: (to be tabled in advance)
  6. Discussion and action on increased charges for elderly care service: Rhona Young 7.30pm-8.00pm
  7. Guest: Antony McGuiness, Planning WDC
  8. Chair’ Report  8.00pm-8.30pm
  9. Councillor’s Report 8.30pm-8.45pm
    1. Report back from Councillor on recent council activities and decisions
  10. AOCB

Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Minutes of Meeting 9th April 2019


Mrs I Plunkett, Mrs R Young, Mrs E Stormonth, Mr G King, D Keenan, Mrs D Robertson, J Moracova, Mrs E McNally, Cllrs Casey, Lennie & Hendrie,  Antony McGuiness, Susanne Greer.   13 members of the public attended.


Mrs A Hamilton, Mrs M MacAulay, Mrs C Hutchison & Cllr McNair

Minutes of previous meeting

Approved by Elaine McNally and seconded by Mrs I Plunkett.

Antony McGuiness, WDC Community Planning – Guest Speaker. 

Mr McGuiness gave an outline of what the Locality Plan was explaining that it will give more powers to the community, with groups of local/key people taking the views of the residents to agree a set of actions to improve our area.  There will be a set structure giving the community a bigger input as to what happens in the village.  Neighbourhood Action Plan is key to this new approach and he welcomes the Old Kilpatrick Community council wishing to support this new initiative.  This is linked to the community empowerment act.  All groups will be invited to participate and a steering group will need to be set up with hopefully all groups represented looking at short term goals and long term goals.  Mrs Young asked if it would be the community council leading this initiative and she wasn’t aware of the Locality Plan, Isobel read out a section of the minutes from February meeting where this was discussed and agreed we would wish to pursue the Locality Plan. 

Mrs I Plunkett said we would need to adapt the Place standard tool and perhaps more training might be required.  She also suggested that we may wish to involve Bowling Community

Council and that firstly need to get a steering group in place with a good structure.  Susanne Greer said that she would look at the training and that Planning Aid Scotland had a session in October 2018 but perhaps we could request another session. 

Antony McGuiness will also look at training. 

It was discussed that we would invite as many groups from the village as possible with community council steering this and discuss how we would conduct a consultation using the place standard tool perhaps by way  of a public meeting. 

Firstly there would need to be an information session to Community Council to allow us to fully understand how this would all work.   A brief walk about plan which was done previously was circulated however there was only one copy so further copies will be made available and one should be put on the notice board.  

A member of the public raised the issue of speeding traffic between Station Road and the Chapel, 5 cars have been involved over last 3 years and this is a huge issue. The community council will take this on board and Cllr Casey said she will raise this with Roads Department to see if this can be looked at and trying to reduce the speed.

Treasurers Report

Balance as at 28th February 2019 - £2893.40
Expenses - £ 938.02
Balance as at 31st march 2019 - £1955.38

No update re grant as yet.  Mrs Stormonth reported that she received an email from Pamela Murphy via Florence to advise that some minutes were missing and Mrs Stormonth has emailed these again.  This apparently was holding up the grant application. 

Secretary’s Report 

Florence had previously submitted her report via email as follows:

  1. SE Land- For sale notice has been taken down until resolution between SE and WDC or some other arrangement can be made.  WDC are using at least two pieces of the land currently- tree planting on spare land.  Meeting with AOK Co and chair and SE to establish plans for the land.
  2. Contribution of £50 received from Rotary for Pop Up Opera.
  3. Burger Van- Raised with community engagement officer at AOK consultation.

Chair's report

  1. Invitation to attend People Powered Planning run under the auspices of Planning.  Democracy.org.uk   they are hosting an event in May.
  2. Request from Margaret Hamilton regarding SGN assessment re information dissemination - Jana agreed to follow this up.
  3. Report regarding participatory budgeting has been published by the Scottish Government known in Scotland as the Community choices Fund.  At least 1% of council Budgets will be subject to participatory budgeting by 2020/21.
  4. Scottish Enterprise has withdrawn their plans to sell off land in the village until further notice.  There has been some doubt as to permitted use and potential ownership which will require further investigation.
  5. Greater Glasgow and Clyde health Board held community consultation events to discuss “Moving Forward together”.  The health board is moving forward to integrate services even more- preventing unnecessary admissions, assisting with hospital discharges, community supports, more efficient services and shorter hospital stays.
  6. Developing a Community Transport Service in West Dunbartonshire following 3 planning meetings awaiting draft plan proposal.

Councillors Report

  • Danny Lennie gave a brief outline re issues on Community Transport.
  • Provost Hendrie provided a report re what he has been working on.
  • Councillors reported that the main thing they have been working on is the Budget and this has now been set and agreed by council.
  • Increased charges for elderly care services- Mrs Young advised that the community alarm has been increased from £3.50 to £5 per week, this is not means tested and she has suggested that we send a letter of protest to the increase.  Action- a letter will be sent


  • Pop up Opera - Florence to email to all community councillors asking for volunteers to organise this event taking place 3rd and 4th June.

Next Meeting

14th May 2019    

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Napier Hall
14th May 2019 

  1. Apologies
  2. Actions from last Meeting/Approval of last month’s minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Police Report
  5. Secretary Report
    1. Update Burger Van
    2. Update Pop Up Opera
    3. 75th Anniversary of VE Day 8t May 2020
    4. Cochno Stone –archaeological dig
  6. Discussion and action on increased charges for elderly care service: carried forward from last month –Rhona Young
  7. Chair’ Report
  8. Councillor’s Report
    1. Report back from Councillor on recent council activities and decisions
  9. AOCB

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Minutes of meeting 14th May 2019

PRESENT:  Mrs R Young, Mrs E McNally, F Boyle, Mrs D Robertson, Mrs M MacAulay, Mrs C Hutchison, Mrs G King, Mrs L Stormonth, Mrs A Hamilton, Cllr Casey, McNair & Hendrie.
APOLOGIES: Mrs I Plunkett, J Moracova, D Keenan, Cllr Lennie
Minutes of previous meeting approved by Mrs E McNally and seconded by Mrs A Hamilton.

Treasurers Report:
Balance as at 31/3/19 - £1955.38
Grant received                 £ 829.98
Expenses            £    50.64
Balance as at 30/4/19    £2734.72

Police Report- No attendance

Secretary’s Report:

  • Update on abandoned Burger van- Florence put this on Facebook and its had 4500 hits.  She has found 2 more addresses to write to re the owner.  Waste enforcement Officer has also sent a letter.  Also she has contacted the Abandoned Vehicles in keep Scotland beautiful who have advised that it’s very hard when it’s a private owner.
  • Pop-up-Opera:  It will be located in Gavinburn with the infant pupils seeing the show.  There will be 40 adult tickets available for 6/6/19 and Florence will post the electronic flyer.  The opera is called Puffy McPuffer and Crabbit Canals.
  • FYI- 75th anniversary of VE Day 8/5/20
  • FYI -  Cochno Stone -  archaeological dig 27/28 June if anyone interested in going along.
  • Increased charges for elderly care service:  Mrs Young advised that 150 people have sent back their community alarms due to increase charges.  Mrs Young had received a new standing order mandate and made special trip to bank and then afterwards received a letter saying she had overpaid.  ACTION -Florence to send a letter a protest re the charges.
  • Update from Action OK –
    • Community Consultation with Forestry Commission re Roman Arboretum on 10/6.  Proposal is to plant 4000 trees.
    • Kilpatrick Station has been shortlisted for adopt a station.  Hope to hear the result on 7/6.
      Network Rail own the tunnels in the glen and Action Ok have been given permission to paint them.

Councillors Report:

  • Speeding Issue- Raymond Walsh replied that he was unaware of any issues.  Any speeding issues/driver behaviour should be reported to Police Scotland as the relevant and sole enforcement authority.  He has undertaken to have the history reviewed and if appropriate undertake further speed surveys; any change of speed limit would require Police Scotland report.  The 20 mph speed limit is at stage 1 of the Bill; further updates as to its application are expected late summer/autumn.
  • Housing Committee met last week and is coming along at a good pace in Clydebank and Dumbarton. 
    District heating system- Frame and pipework being put in place.  New health centre and care home has been held up when road and boilermaker as workforce were moved to district heating system.
    Planning permission to clear up the carless site has been agreed.  Hope it will turn into a Marine Technology Park.
  • Mr King asked for an update on the changing facilities at the park and Cllr Casey advised that SGN will erect a new facility once their work is complete.
  • Cllr McNair reported there is to be a feasibility study on Glencairn house in Dumbarton and bring it back into use.  There will be a consultation event.
  • The sale of the former council building at Rosebery place has been completed.  Miller Homes will be building new private homes.


  • Mrs Young advised that there is an Armed Forces Day Parade in Dumbarton on 27/6/19 if anyone is interested in attending.
  • Can the councillors look into the issue of 4 trees growing out of the Ash tree at St Patricks Well. This has been reported twice by residents.
  • Planning meeting scheduled for 22/5 re plans for the Glebe Field.
  • There have been reports that either wasps/bees are at the bus stop outside St Patrick’s cathedral and also at the wall at the gate of the Parish church can the councillors look to see if environmental health can do anything.
  • Mr King has asked for the small wall at the War Memorial to be looked at as its beginning to crumble. 

Next Meeting 11th June 2019          

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Napier Hall
11h June 2019 

  1. Apologies
  2. Actions from last Meeting/Approval of last month’s minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Police Report
  5. Secretary Report-given by Chair
    1. Update Burger Van-enforcement notice issued
    2. Report back Pop Up Opera
    3. 75th Anniversary of VE Day Bank Holiday May 2020
  6. Chair’ Report
  7. Councillor’s Report
    1. Report back from Councillor on recent council activities and decisions
  8. AOCB

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Meeting Minutes 11Jun19

Isobel Plunkett, Rhona Young, Gordon King, Jana Moravcova, Debbie Keenan, Carolyn Hutchinson, Cllr Hendrie, Cllr Casey, Cllr Lennie
Elizabeth Stormonth, Cllr McNair, Florence Boyle, Moira MacAulay, Elaine McNally

Minutes of Last Meeting
approved by Mr King, seconded by Mrs Young;   Cllr Lennie advised that quotations will be sought for the repair of the wall at the war memorial and it will be carried out if there is sufficient budget available  Cllr Hendrie reported that the council had received reports of bee sightings at the church wall (St Patrick’s church) and the insects have been identified as masonry bees, a non-aggressive species that nest in the walls. OKCC is to approach the church to consider repairs to the walls to prevent bees nesting in the future.  Insect also reported at the OKB parish church wall – children at risk to jump into road to avoid them. Mrs Young requested that council confirm whether these are also masonry bees or wasps.  The issue of trees growing at the St Patrick’s well will be dealt with.  The changing facilities at Lusset Park to be erected by SGN once their work is done.  There has been no response with regards to the increased charges for elderly care services. A letter or objections had been sent by OKCC secretary.  Kilpatrick station adopters AOK received a bronze award from Scotrail for their efforts at an award ceremony last week. AOK plan to add more plants and make further improvements to the station.  AOK have been given permission to paint railway tunnel arches in Lusset Glen. To try and prevent possible vandalisation, young people will be involved in the project; Y-Sort-it will be approached to help.

Treasurer’s Report: 
balance as at 31May2019: £2645.12 

Police Report: 
No attendance

Secretary’s report
Burger van update – reps from OKCC met with Richard Cairns, WDC’s director for Regeneration, Environment & Growth, who advised a new address for the land owner had been obtained and the owner was contacted – in case of no response, the council will put a notice up on the van and it will be legally removed. The council are also keen to pursuing plans to develop the disused land at the bottom on the Lusset Glen, negotiating with the current landowner, if they come forward. There are legal ways to enforce the sale of the land to the council which may be pursued.
Pop-up opera has been a great success; both the school and the Scottish Opera were pleased with the positive response from children and local residents.
75th anniversary of VE Day – bank holiday moved to the first Friday in May 2020. A street party proposed to be put on to commemorate this. A subgroup to organise this and look at hiring a stage, tables, marquee etc. The event may include a picnic and local community groups will be asked to take part. Possibility to link this with a bigger WDC event – Cllr Hendrie to confirm if WDC have any plans for this event.

Chair’s Report:
Planning Pre-Application Consultation meeting for Dumbuckhill Quarry to take place on 13Jun; quarry seeking to renew their minerals permit.
SCDC (Scottish Community Development Centre) published the results of their research in the Strengthening Community Councils report and provided recommendations to reform community councils in Scotland through giving them enhanced power and increased resources while supporting them to involve and engage with their wider communities and to become more representative of local diversity. Report is available online on the SCDC website: www.scdc.org.uk

Councillors’ Report
Cllr Casey reported on the Local Plan 2 meeting – representations received on the plan were discussed, including the Glebe field in Old Kilpatrick.
Motions discussed at last council meeting included assisted dying, release of balloons and nuclear- free local authorities.
Cllrs were asked to follow up with Andy Moffat from WDC Leisure Trust re curtains in Napier Hall to be cleaned and repaired.
Mr King reported an issue with flowing water coming from Glen Rd. He had written to Scottish Water who came to investigate and take a sample. They reported it’s ground water and not from their network. WDC to be consulted. Mrs Plunkett advised the issue has been mentioned to Richard Cairns who is dealing with it.
Council education committee met to hear reports from local schools – overall positive.
Speeding in village discussed; signage not sufficiently visible at bottom of Stuart St where the limit changes from 40 to 30. A bigger, flashing signage needed. Cllr Casey will also follow up with Raymond Welsh with regards to conducting a speed survey in the village.

Mrs Young alerted the community council to a marketing mailshot she received, appearing to be from a local resident asking others to sign up to a local social network.

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Napier Hall
13th August 2019  

  1. Apologies
  2. Actions from last Meeting/Approval of last month’s minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Police Report
  5. Secretary Report-sent with agenda
  6. Chair’ Report
  7. Neighbourhood plan -attached
  8. Councillor’s Report
    1. Report back from Councillor on recent council activities and decisions
  9. AOCB

Old Kilpatrick Community Council Minutes of Meeting on 13th August 2019  

 Apologies: Councillor Marie McNair, Councillor Danny Lennie, Debbie
Keenan, Liz Stormonth, Moira McAulay, 
sederunt: Isobel Plunkett (Chair), Florence Boyle (Secretary) Alison
Hamilton, Elaine McNally, Rhona Young, Davis Robertson, Councillor
Willie Hendrie, Councillor Gail Casey, Caroline Hutchison, Jana
In attendance- Suzanne Greer, Megyn Tyrell (WDC)

Actions from last Meeting/Approval of last month’s minutes

  • Correction to previous minutes – replace name Moira Harkness with Moira McAulay
  • Secretary reported back on note sent speed limits in the village sent to Police Scotland 

Treasurer’s report
Opening Balance    £2,669.62 Expenditure in the month   £72.75 Closing Balance    £2,596.87
Police Report
No police in attendance.   It has been some months since police attended the meeting.  Rhona happy to raise at next Community Alliance meeting in late August.

Secretary’s Report

  • Actions log had been sent previously, short discussion on the removal
    of the burger van.
  • Need to raise the issues of Saltings Bridge with Council.  A sheet of plywood is a makeshift repair and is dangerous when wet.

Secretary reported back on actions agreed with WDC for the Lusset Glen:

  • Cut back the canopy
  • Removal of overgrown laurel bushes at the bridge
  • Plans for bluebell & snowdrop planting in October
  • Improvement to broken, unusable benches
  • Improvement to drain to mitigate running water on path

Neighbourhood Plan

The chair introduced council officers to the meeting and introduced the topic:

  • Opportunity for the Old Kilpatrick community to contribute, in a proactive way, to the local plan, to identify community priorities in terms of services and infrastructure which would then feed into the local plan.
  • New approach being trialled by WDC -Alexandria/Renton area is also included but not will not operate in the same way because there is no active Community Council.
  • Suzanne Greer advised that one of the advantages of being involved in this approach was that it was join effort with the Council.
  • The Chair advised that what she was seeking was approval to start consultations with other groups with the aim of creating as broad a representation as possible and establishing a steering group.
  • After discussion Elaine McNally, Alison Hamilton and Rhona Young all volunteered to be part of the steering group.

VE Day 75th Anniversary

The Chair outline suggestions and plans for VE 57th Anniversary

  • Reminiscing event -old and young-involving the Tuesday Club & the Primary School
  • Exhibition in Napier Hall -Old Kilpatrick at War
  • Research history of WW2 casualties on war memorial
  • Picnic Day on the Saturday of the holiday weekend

Chair opened the floor for discussion and committed to keeping everyone up to date-we are currently trying to nail down costs and firm up ideas.

Councillors’ Report

  • Council has been in recess because of holidays.  The Provost tabled his list of engagements and activities during the past month.


  • Alison raised an issue about the lack of bins at the crematorium-bins have been removed and people cannot dispose of old flowers and rubbish.  Councillors attending noted and undertook to follow up. 

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Napier Hall
AGM Agenda
8th October 2019 


  1. Apologies/Sederunt
  2. Minutes of previous AGM
  3. Chair’s Annual Report
  4. Secretary’s Annual Report
  5. Treasurer’s Annual Report & Balance Sheet
  6. Standing down current Office Bearers
  7. Election of Office Bearers
  8. Date of next AGM
  9. Police Report
  10. Chair’s Report
    1. Update on VE 75th anniversary
  11. Councillor’s Report
    1. Report back from Councillor on recent council activities and decisions
  12. AOCB

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
AGM Minutes of Meeting 8th October 2019

PRESENT:  Mrs E Stormonth, Mrs I Plunkett, Mrs M MacAulay, J Moracova, Mrs A Hamilton, Mrs D Robertson, Mrs R Young, Mr G King,  Cllrs Hendrie, Casey. 
APOLOGIES:  Mrs C Hutchison, D Keenan, F Boyle, Mrs E McNally, Cllr McNair & Lennie
Minutes of previous AGM - previously approved at the November 2018 meeting.

Chair’s Annual  Report

Since our last AGM it’s hard to believe a year has gone by.  Our Community council appears to have found enthusiasm for tackling new ways and engaging with the community.  We have continued to have dialogue with the local authority on a number of issues, both strategic eg. Community Planning and the Participatory Budgeting Community Empowerment Act.  Plus some practical issues namely the entrance to the glen and other issues highlighted on our action spreadsheet.

Whilst we have some initiatives planned for next year we must follow through with exploring the role of the Community Council and its functions in the year ahead.  The Community Empowerment Act and its function in enabling communities to have a more positive role are exciting and one which I hope we will embrace. 
I am delighted that we have a Community Council that is willing to tackle and explore new ideas. Eg. The Local Plan etc and that we are one of the few active Community Councils in the area.

It has been a good year even although at times we seem to take 3 steps forward and two steps back and we have had to learn that bureaucracy moves to its own tune.  I am also pleased that we are working as a team and that people are willing to take steps out with their comfort zone to try something new.  So thank you to all,   “The Positivity of the action is better that the negativity of the thought”. 

Secretary’s Annual  Report

In the last year OKCC has worked to promote events including Armistice Day Centenary, International Women’s Day and Pop up Opera.  These events had varying degrees of success but has given us a better idea of what villagers want to get involved in. We hope to build in the coming year, and we look forward to making a big celebration for the 50th anniversary of the Erskine Bridge.


There have been continuing discussions with WDC about potential improvements in the village, in terms of service and infrastructure.  The Council has encouraged OKCC to become involved in a new way of planning, more community led and more proactive, so that when funding becomes available Old Kilpatrick would have a set of projects and initiatives, already consulted on and ready to go.  The Local Plan is now in Edinburgh awaiting approval and doubtless will generate issues in the coming year.

Issues & Complaints: the big ‘Win’ this year was the removal of the burger trailer at the entrance to the Lusset Glen.  This process was time consuming & frustrating but is proof that persistence pays off.  Improvements to the Lusset Glen have been agreed with the Council, and we hope to see this in the coming year.  There are continuing concerns about the state of repair of the Saltings Bridge and traffic management issues.

Treasurer’s Annual Report & Balance Sheet- Annual Finance Report to 31st March 2019 was provided and was accepted by all at the meeting. 

All current Office Bearers stepped down and then were duly re-elected. 

Date of Next AGM  13th October 2020
Mrs Young moved that there should be a change to the constitution that October be the month that we hold our AGM instead of April. This action was agreed.

No police report- As no attendance again the Secretary to write to police asking for a monthly report to be submitted to the secretary for reporting at each meeting.

Actions from previous meeting (Sept 2019)
Councillor Casey reported that she spoke to Anthony McGuiness re Glebe field and he confirmed that the council have not been out to visit this sight or down any works in that area.

Councillor Casey also reported that there are no plans at present for the Ashtree court ground.   She also has asked re bins at crematorium but still nothing has been done about this at present.

Councillor McNair sent in a report re pavilion – Our contractors are waiting for SGN confirm their new layout of their high pressure gas mains and how this impacts on our build. SI should be received by end of September now that we have full access to the site.  Ducting for the power line has been put in place for the new build. Mains water supply has been put in place for the new build. Drainage investigations ongoing and expect to have confirmation on this by end of September.

Bench from the Somme Committee -  W McHarg has apologised for the delay as they have just  recently rec’d new funding and as I Bain was on holiday there has been a delay in getting someone to make to decision re the siting of the bench. Isobel  Plunkett has communicated to him that there is no rush.   She awaits further info.
Agreed we would jointly fund the next AOK newsletter and forward any activity/events for the new letter re Jana by 1/11/2019.

Cllr Casey receives email giving advance notification of works that will have a significant impact on Local bus services in Bowling and Old Kilpatrick area. Network rail will be working on the bridge on Dumbarton Road located to the north of Roman Crescent originally meant to take place at the October school week however there has been a delay and start date will be advised asap.  This will require the diversion of services of 1/a/b/e and result in OK and Bowling being without a service for the duration of the works. SPT are aware of this and that it would require a shuttle bus, however network Rail have subsequently advised that they will not be funding this.      
4 year external painting project from Erskine Bridge- night time traffic management and they will keep any disruption to a minimum.

Previous minutes of meeting approved by Mrs M MacAulay and seconded by Mrs I Plunkett.

Chair’s Report

Mrs Plunkett is to attend a meeting on 9th October re being a Critical Friend for the WDC Empowerment Strategy
Community council forum met and meeting went well.

Met with Charlie Sherry- Creative solutions about the celebration re the 50th anniversary of bridge in 2021.  She now has the contact details for Erskine comm council and is looking at doing a project in the village and possible exhibition maybe a before and after.  Gordon King has as asked that maybe Rhona gets a prominent place in the exhibition.  Florence has spoken to the council as to what their plans are and hasn’t received any answer or indeed if they have any plans.

Pantomime will go ahead at bowling club on Friday 27th December 2019 with a night time show at 7pm.  There was a mix up with dates and also the Napier Hall is closed for a fortnight at Xmas and New Year so we couldn’t use Napier Hall.  Tickets will be   £6 for adults and £4 for children. 

Approached bowling club to start a cinema club and have this as an ongoing event.  They have agreed in principal with this. 

Spoken before for a strap line and look at re-branding the Community Council.  We need to look at making our own leaflet and let people know what we do.   Jana will have a wee think.

Update on VE 75th Celebrations
Still collating quotes and we will work on the basic programme.  Rhona going to contact the old fashioned sweet shop for the picnic day. 

Councillor’s Report
Closure for 2 days Park Road Dalmuir from  2/11 to 3/11.   No parking at that time.  
Councillors to chase up and get an update re speed signs in the village.
Rent setting meeting for Council on 9/10/19.  This is a public meeting. 

Ask Ian Bain to do something about war memorial -   Cllr Casey to raise this issue
Re grass cutting etc and ongoing maintenance as its not acceptable just to do before the remembrance service. 
Florence to raise re police presence and looking for a monthly report.

Church events committee-   Xmas Fayre is on Saturday  7/12 from  1 to 3  in Napier Hall and Mrs D Robertson has asked for permission to use the community council cups and saucers and this has been agreed. 

Isobel raised the issue of keys (set of 3) to be given to office bearers.  Anyone with keys for cupboards and notice board who isn’t an office bearer please hand these to Isobel. She will arrange for set of keys to be provided to each office bearer.

Critical Friend meeting for 9/10 tomorrow Mrs Young has a set of questions but Isobel hasn’t rec’d the questions.  Rhona felt that the community councillors should have a note of questions and get community councillors opinions.   The questions were read out. A re- draft of the Community Empowerment Strategy and Empowerment Plan Draft document will be submitted at this meeting following the feedback from the participants at the last meeting and this is a follow up from last month.  

Remembrance Sunday Isobel and Alison will lay the wreath. 

Next meeting 12th November 2019.  Davis apologies for next meeting.

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Minutes of Meeting 12th November 2019 

PRESENT:  Mr G King, Mrs I Plunkett, Mrs L Stormonth, Mrs R Young, Mrs C Hutchison, Mrs M MacAulay, D Keenan, F Boyle, Mrs E Mcnally, J Moracova, Cllr Lennie, Casey & McNair
APOLOGIES:  Mrs D Robertson, Mrs A Hamilton & Cllr Hendrie.
Minutes of previous meeting approved by Mrs M MacAulay and seconded by Mrs I Plunkett.

Actions from previous minutes:

  • Mrs Young advised that the council had been working on the drain covers in Mansefield Crescent and that the works had nothing to do with the Glebe Field.
  • Police presence at community council meetings has been raised with John Paterson, Area Commander.
  • No update received regarding the Pavilion.

Treasurers Report:

  • Balance as at 31/10/19 is £2549.12
  • No expenditure last month.

Police Report-  No Police present. 

Secretary Report (Spreadsheet handed out on outstanding actions)

  • Work in the Glen is progressing and a follow up has been sent to Richard Cairns to commission an engineering Survey re the fence at the burn- no response yet.
  • Florence has commented that as there is reluctance for people to attend meetings and as the Place Standards have been done before we should consider doing something again in January and we would need to consider how to distribute this Questionnaire maybe by email.
  • Florence reported that she distributed an email re youth funding grants to the Scouts and they have been successful in obtaining £20k.  To build on her email contacts all Community councillors to send in to the secretary a note of all emails that may be relevant in the future to apply for other grants.  All grant s are available to view on the WDC website but it would be good if the secretary could build up the email list for any future grants/ info.


  • Speed flashing lights - It was reported that a trial is happening at present to see how necessary this is for the village.
  • Mrs Young and Mrs Plunkett as critical friends have attended further meetings re the Induction pack which is now 54 pages long and giving their input where required.
  • On the 25th November a Bulb Planting in the glen has been organised starting at 10 o’clock.  All interested parties should meet at the entrance with appropriate clothes and footwear, gloves and a trowel.
  • Update re VE Day funding Applications- still waiting for some quotes and also the Somme Association are keen to be involved.   West Dunbartonshire local Woman’s Christian Group also wish to be involved.
  • Mrs Plunkett has requested that AOCB is removed from the Agenda starting in the January meeting, and any business to be discussed should be advised to Florence the secretary one week before the meeting.  This is to allow for the last 20 minutes of the meeting for the sub groups to discuss and take actions to save them meeting at other times.

Councillors Report

  • Corporate Service meeting taking place on 13/11 to discuss saving money on community halls.  D Lennie will be in attendance.
  • Changing Facilities at the park should commence in March 2020.
  • No update re Network rail works due on bridge in Dumbarton Road which is still delayed.


  • Pantomime tickets went on sale w/b 11th November on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Napier Hall when the mother and toddler group meets.  Mrs Young reported that not all people come from the village and there wasn’t any significant sales.  She will continue following week. It is now on the Community council website and Facebook and also some posters are now up.  She has sold 4 out of 100.  Mrs Stormonth advised that maximum is 95 and this should include all community councillors who will be in attendance to help at this event.  Any community councillors wishing tickets should advise Mrs Young.
  • Mr King raised the issue of the banner outside the Parish church asking for donations.  A short discussion took place.

Dates for Diary- 1/12/19 is Bauble hanging day between 2 and 4, please bring any unwanted baubles.    8th December the lights outside the hall on the lamp posts will be switched on by Mrs Young at 4pm.   The idea will be to light up more lamp posts in future years with local businesses or families adopting a lamp post.  It is also been thought that a certain times of the year the lights will be put on to celebrate certain calendar events.

Next meeting 10th December 2019 (Cheese and wine)        

Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Minutes of Meeting 10th December 2019 

PRESENT:  Mrs I Plunkett, Mrs E Stormonth, Mrs A Hamilton, F Boyle, Mrs C Hutchison, Mrs E McNally, Mrs D Robertson, Mrs M Macaulay,  Cllr Lennie and McNair.
APOLOGIES:  Mrs R Young, Mr G King, D Keenan, J Moracova, Cllr Hendrie and Casey.
Minutes of previous meeting approved by Mrs E McNally and seconded by Mrs C Hutchison.

Actions from previous meeting:
Still awaiting building warrant/planning permission for the new changing facilities at the park.

Treasurer’s Report:
Balance as at 31/10/19 - £2549.12
Expenses                                   58.05
Balance as at 30/11/19- £2490.87 

Secretary’s Report:
Awards for all Grant application submitted for VE Day/week.
We will be speaking to Gavinburn Parent council re having another Pop up Opera.
Strategy document for Community empowerment on WDC website.   
WDC Facebook and website - encourage all too regularly view 

Chairs Report:

  • Isobel and Rhona continue to take part in the participating short life working group on Community councils.
    AOK/ Community Council Newsletter – good response to the content.
  • VE Day- We need to think about we promote this day.  It was also reported that the Woman’s History Group in Dalmuir are keen to be involved.
  • Community Council Forum is to be re-instated.  Chair and vice chair are the designated reps which was agreed in the September meeting.  Mrs Young will be the reserve representative should chair/vice chair be unable to attend.
  • Chair offered invitations for the Annual Scout Xmas Party with several community councillors taking up this offer.
  • Napier Hall: Due to a smell there has been a full drain inspection with nothing found.  Would appear to be dirty nappies in bins etc not being disposed of correctly.  This will hopefully be attended to in the near future.
    There is a requirement to meet with the people from the bowling community Hall early January.
  • Focus in the New Year will be on the small sub groups.-
    Locality Planning- Isobel, Florence, Alison and Elaine.
    Events Group- Isobel, Moira, Alison, Elaine, Debbie, Liz, Carolyn and Florence 

Councillors Report:

  • At the full council meeting there was a discussion on what Community Council’s should be able to use their grant for, with a document being produced shortly.
  • There was also a motion agreed to have better control of fireworks and to keep the local displays.
    The care home is still on track for May 2020.
  • Still looking to get the new Heating system up and running.
  • The council are still looking in to saving money on community Halls following a meeting of Corporate Services held on 13th November.


  • Bulb planting took place in the Glen over two days with a small number of volunteers and proved to be quite challenging.
  • AOK have done a great job in getting the lights up for xmas and the plan would be for the lights to be used throughout the year for different celebrations.  
  • Santa Parade- Meet at church 6.15 with parade at 6.30, there will be several stalls.
  • Pantomime- starts 7.30 on 27th December 2019, Money raised will go to the Panto Company with Bowling club giving hall for £30.
  • Parish Church accepting food donations at church hall on a Friday 1.30 to 3.30 and before the Sunday service. 

Next Meeting 14th January 2020.