Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Old Kilpatrick Community Council 

Minutes of Meeting 14th January 2020 


Mrs I Plunket, Mrs E Stormonth, F Boyle, Mrs a Hamilton, Mrs C Hutchison, Mr G King, Mrs R Young, Mrs E McNally, Mrs D Robertson, Mrs M MacAulay, Cllrs Casey, Lennie, McNair, Hendrie


J Moracova, D Keenan

Mrs Plunket opened the meeting wishing everyone a Happy New year.

Minutes of previous meeting

Approved by Mrs M MacAulay and seconded by Mrs A Hamilton.

Action from previous meeting


Treasurers Report

Balance as at 30/11/19 - £2490.87
Income from Panto - 66.00
Expenses - £330.00
Balance as at 31/12/19 - £2223.87

Panto ticket sales £397.20 with expenses of £280

Grant monies received but not included in above.

Bridge repair at West End of Village

  • Work will take place Monday 13/1 to Friday 27th March.
  • Day shift 08.00 to 17.30 Monday to Friday. Night shift from 21:00 until 07:00 every Saturday night.  This work will involve bridge strengthening works to Railway Bridge in Old Kilpatrick. 
  • Road Management will be in place on Dumbarton Road-
    • Monday 13th January until 6th February- half road closure.
    • From 22:00 on Thursday 6/2 until 06:00 on Monday 17th February - Full Road Closure. (24/7 working)  Diversion signs will be in place.
    • From Monday 17th February until 27th march Half Road Closure.
    • The equipment in use means that some noise may be unavoidable
    • It has been reported that there will be no supply of Public transport from school to reelan’s.  It has also been reported that buses coming from Clydebank may finish at Mountblow Road.  The Village will effectively be cut off.  Florence will put this on our Facebook and contact our MSP.  It was suggested that people try and help neighbours that rely on public transport.

Secretary’s Report

  • Nothing in the planning Committee that affects Old Kilpatrick.
  • Correspondence (email) received re Grants available from Scottish water and this will be passed on to local groups.
  • Works at Bowling Harbour are making good progress with a walk way, Boutique Hotel and Steak House.

Chair’s Report

  • Feedback on Panto- 60 attended and well received.  Thanks to Mrs Young for her support in the ticket sales at the Napier Hall.  It was a good panto and the hall looked very busy, thoughts that we would do this again for Dec 2020 and look at holding it in the Napier Hall.
  • We have received the grant for VE Day celebrations.

Councillors Report

  • Budget meeting coming up soon.
  • Speeding in Village - WDC is gathering information and will review.
  • Bridge at Saltings is now half finished.
  • It was reported that there is a huge puddle at the top of South Platform at the station as you go into the Glen-  Caroline to take this forward.
  • It was also reported large puddle in the car park at the Lusset pub this is caused by a blocked drain  can councillors look into this.
  • Cllr McNair has spoken to John Paterson twice now re Police presence at community council meetings with no response so far. 

Next meeting

11th February 2020.     

Old Kilpatrick Community Council
Minutes of Meeting 11th February 2020 


Mrs I Plunkett, Mrs E Stormonth, F Boyle, D Keenan, Mrs E McNally, Mrs A Hamilton, Mrs R Young, Mrs M McAulay, Mrs C Hutchison, Mr G King, Cllr, Casey,  Lennie &Hendrie.


J Moracova, Cllr McNair

Minutes of previous meeting

Approved by Mrs E McNally and seconded by Mrs M McAulay.

Treasurers Report

Balance as at 31/12/19 - £2223.87
Expenses - £92.75
Balance as at 31/1/20 - £2131.12
Grant of £5950 received for our VE week activities.

Secretary’s Report

  • There is a Communal Insurance Policy for Community Council and we have asked what this policy covered.  It would appear it covers 14 Community councils?  It does not cover equipment, and events.  It would appear this is auto renewed by the council and the Community Council forum get advised that it is renewed.  The Secretary is trying g to find someone to speak to who can assist in ensuring that we are covered for our requirements.  It would appear we are only covered for slander/libel however we would need cover for outside activities, events and equipment.  The councillors to take it back to the finance dept to look into this policy.
  • Last year we had applied to Alexander Cross Cameron Trust fund for £850 however we obtained another grant quicker and so we have returned this cheque twice.  Mrs Plunkett has now received a further letter asking for details on how we have spent this.  Councillor Hendrie to investigate.

Chair's Report

  • CC forum met last month and climate change was raised as to how the CC was promoting this and it was agreed we would do our best at all events.
  • The sub group which is meeting to review Community Councils and a draft document will now be produced and provided to all Community Councils to comment prior to adoption.
  • Isobel attended a conference re Participatory Budget. 
  • Community alliance are having a 1st Annual Community conference on 22nd February 2020 from 10 till 3 in the Clydebank Town Hall.  This is to learn more about Community Planning and Empowerment and how our group can get involved.
  • A new constitution for CC Forum has to be circulated (Florence will attend to this)
  • This is the year for Community Councillor elections and it is hoped we will be able to re-access the boundaries but we are trying to find out the process and are still awaiting clarification.
  • Planning applications -  School to update WC facilities. Extension in Kirk Crescent, and internal work in a house in Lusset Road.
  • At this stage Mrs Stormonth raised that it had just come to light that a company called Link Group are applying to erect 2  x Six storey flats and parking on the site of Craft Steel.  This has not been highlighted yet to the Planning Committee of council.
  • On 19th/20th February in the SECC there will be a conference hosted by Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.  (19/2 9.15 to 5 and 20/2 9.15 to 3)
  • VE Week-
    • The school are hosting on 27/4 an afternoon tea to incorporate a Dig for Victory with the Leamy Foundation  assisting. 
    • On 4th May we will set up the exhibition, on 5/6/7 May we will host and afternoon Tea and the Local History Woman’s Group will provide the tour of the exhibition.
    • A Film night will be hosted in the Bowling club on the previous week.
    • 8th may at 3pm there will be a Commemoration Service at the War Memorial with invited guests.
    • The Glen Lusset Pub will provide tea and coffee and the electricity for the sound system.  
    • 9th may will be a family picnic from 2 till 4 with various activities to be organised with different groups doing a turn on a stage.   Jana will produce a brochure.
  • Another local newsletter is due out soon with end of February with a deadline for all articles this is done in conjunction with Action OK.
  • Locality Planning – Isobel has met with Anthony McGuiness and it is proposed to start with the school. 

Councillors Report

  • Corporate Services have been discussing whether CC can pay for wreaths.
  • Planning Committee meeting 12/2/20 and some areas were advised for discussion.
  • District heating system should be going live shortly with a few new additions.
  • Budget meeting 4/3/20.
  • Still awaiting a response re police presence at our meetings and this is to be carried forward to next meeting as Cllr McNair not in attendance and she was looking into this issue. 

Next Meeting


Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Minutes of meeting 10 March 2020



  • Mrs I Plunket,  Mrs C Hutchison, D Keenan, F Boyle, Mrs E McNally, Mrs E Stormonth, Mrs M McAulay, Mrs A Hamilton, Mrs D Robertson, J Moracova, Cllr Casey, Hendrie, Lennie and McNair


  • Mrs R Young and Mr G King

Minutes of previous meeting approved by Mrs M McAulay and seconded by D Keenan.

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Cllr Hendrie contacted the alexander Cross Cameron Trust to clear up the issue that they were asking for invoices etc for a grant we returned unused. At present they have advised that they have contacted Isobel for clarification. Cllr Hendrie to pursue.
  • Community council Insurance- no update
  • Florence to circulate the new constitution of community Council forum.

Treasurers Report:

  • Balance as at 31/1/20                             £2131.12
  • No expenses
  • Balance as at                                             £2131.12

Secretary’s Report:

  • Invitation received from the members of Friends of Levengrove Park inviting all members and stakeholders including partners to discuss their development of a strategic action plan on 18 March @ 6.30 in the Training suite in Levengrove Park.
  • Making things happen in your community west Dunbartonshire community Empowerment Strategy to Reality – now they are looking to develop a detailed delivery plan. Sessions in Dumbarton Monday 30 March in the Abbotsford Hotel 7 to 8.30 and Clydebank Session Tuesday 31 March in the town hall 1 to 2.30. Alexandria Session Wednesday 1 April loch Lomond National park, Robert Grieve suite 7 to 8.30. The Official launch of the Community empowerment strategy on Thursday 19 March at 2pm in the church street office.
  • Participatory Budget- awaiting details about how this will happen this year.
  • Andy Moffat advised that the exterior of the Napier Hall will be painted in April.
  • Florence has completed a Community police Questionnaire for our Picnic Day on 9 May.
  • Police attendance at meeting; Cllr Casey was asked to meet with the inspector of community policing and it was agreed that an invitation to our next meeting would be good.

Chair’s Report

  • Jana is currently looking to complete our VE week programme along with the joint newsletter. (Articles to Jana ASAP)
  • Isobel has been invited to talk at the Community Empowerment Strategy meeting on Thursday 19 March at 2pm - she is to talk about working with the council.
  • International Woman’s day on the 7 March was fairly successful and managed to get some feedback which mainly were all the issues we will be working on.
  • Isobel is currently working on building a library to assist Community Planning.
  • Community Clydeside- Health and Wellbeing 28/3 all day.
  • Locality Planning- it’s been talked about for a while to get groups together which hasn’t been too successful so far. We will go to the groups now starting with the school.   It was also suggested that we link with Bowling CC. this may or may not be possible as they are just building up their CC.
  • After May we will collate all info about Old Kilpatrick to give us a starting point.
  • Florence has drafted a letter to Joyce White Chief Executive about the lack of support and following through with actions/promises given from our walkabouts etc. This has to be circulated to all CC members for their feedback before it is sent.
  • Isobel talked about our branding and came up with a suggestion which Jana will work on and she proved a single sheet that action OK have done to show what she was meaning. This will need to be progressed so that it can let our community know what we are doing.

Councillors Report:

  • Budget was passed with an increase in Council Tax by 4.84% and rent increase by 1.9%.
  • A short discussion took place re the application to build 2 six storey flats in the village. This has not reached planning as yet. Looks like the consultation is finished so we await developments.

Next Meeting 14/4/20

Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Minutes of meeting 10 November 2020



  • Mrs I Plunkett
  • Mrs E McNally
  • Mrs D Robertson
  • Mrs E Stormonth
  • F Boyle
  • D Keenan
  • Mrs M McAulay
  • J Moracova
  • Cllr McNair.


  • Mrs A Hamilton
  • Mrs C Hutchison
  • Cllr Casey
  • Mrs R Young.
  • This meeting took place on Zoom.
  • Minutes of previous meeting 10th March 2020 approved by Mrs M McAulay and seconded by Mrs E McNally.
  • Florence wrote to Scottish canals about the cycle path between Erskine ferry and Bowling harbour as its not wide enough and no signs about how to distance and speed of cyclists and she has asked them to think about what might they do.
  • Still progressing the piece of ground behind the cemetery about trying to take this over and Florence is liaising with Cath Ryall. Scottish enterprise put some areas up for sale.

Chairpersons Remarks

  • Lusset Park/High Park – Planning department are going to produce a strategy for how this will look going forward.
  • Communities Team spoke to S Greer about the elections and the boundaries. Response from Suzanne Greer and we now have Megan Tirrel to assist us when and if required. The elections will be put back till next year and also the scheme of establishment and work will start early next year and look at the boundaries. We may as a community council wish to look at how we get people involved in the election and we may wish to put out a leaflet to try and get the new estate into our community council area. Isobel has asked us to think about planning a campaign.
  • Bowling Harbour had a conference and Isobel attended a zoom meeting. Interesting about plans for the harbour and the customs house is now complete. This will be a holiday let. Looks very nice and will be available to rent.   The plans for the high line a linear park and the plan looks lovely. Scottish Canals should maybe consider involving OK.
  • Plans for the depot are going to planning committee.
  • Moira and Elaine laid a wreath at war memorial.

Action OK update:

  • There will not be a Santa parade this year but are planning an alternative. Looking at a bobble Sunday. Looking at a Santa Trail.

Covid Testing Centre:

  • Cllr McNair reported it was originally 3 months with a view to extending for 6 months.  

Treasurers Report

  • Balance £6906.70 which includes the lottery grant of £5k (originally for the celebrations due for VE day.
  • Expenses this month was £141.95 (hall let and expenses for international ladies day and the wreath) Florence to check out why the bill was £93 for international ladies day.
  • Need to think about what we would do with the lottery grant and may look to use this for the Erskine Bridge 50 year’s celebrations in June/July 2021. We could think about having a bridge party. We could walk the bridge and link in with the Erskine community Council. There bit under the park would be a nicer area to have the party and the loos we have hired are still available and these would be moved to whenever we would need them.
  • Looking at the Pavilion in the park was supposed to be taken down and a new one to be erected but this hasn’t been started. This was meant to be started in October. This needs to be chased up.

Councillors Report

  • Residential Care Home has been formally handed over to the council 9th November 2020 and looking to move residents to move in by 13th December 2020. Planning to move in stages.
  • Health centre is now on site.
  • Issues again underneath the bridge as the Priest is very concerned about what is going on and Police Scotland is now involved. Florence commented about issues in the glen, the neighbourhood services have been patrolling the glen but had to involve the police as the youngsters weren’t moving. There is no lighting in the glen so difficult to see who is there. Isobel says this is part of the planning and its being looked at.   A short discussion took place.
  • Marie has asked about an update on the Pavilion and she says it’s March 2021. Marie will follow this up.
  • No plans for the Mount Pleasant residential home at the moment but it will get marketed in time.
  • A milestone for Antonine Wall is to be erected at Port Patrick Road opposite the lock up garages and at the derelict cottage on the cycle path. Cllr McNair said there will be a review of the lock ups/ garages throughout the council area by March 2021. Isobel asked who is responsible to signing off these contracts and who owns these lock ups. A short discussion took place. This has been going on for years so the hope is it will happen.

Next Zoom meeting 8/12/20.

Old Kilpatrick Community Council

Minutes of Meeting 8 December 2020


Mrs L Stormonth, Mrs I Plunkett, Mrs A Hamilton, Mrs E McNally, Mrs M McAulay, J Moracova, D Keenan, Cllrs Casey, McNair and Hendrie


G King, Mrs D Robertson, Mrs C Hutchison, Mrs R Young & Cllr Lennie

This meeting took place on Zoom.

Minutes of previous meeting

Approved by Mrs M McAulay and seconded by Mrs E McNally.

Chairpersons Report

Isobel attended a Participatory budget meeting by zoom and advise that the 5th round of grants are now available and we are able to submit an application. After a short discussion it was agreed that we would submit an application the clean and restore the signage throughout the three areas of the village. This is where the public vote for who should get the grants however Isobel has lodged a complaint about the handling of this as it would appear a set of officers will first decide if it can go forward for a vote.

The trees at the war memorial have been severely damaged by the tree cutting team and therefore I Bain has agreed to renew the trees.

Mrs Young is now back home following a stay in hospital and is keen to still take part and Jana has to look into getting on the phone during our zoom meetings.

Isobel asked if we could put on Agenda for January discussion about a plan/campaign to include the western isles estate in our community council area.

OK Food Parcels are looking at forming their own constitution and committee. They are providing 100 meals on Xmas day and also Santa will be at the depot between 3 and 4 daily in week days giving out presents and this is being run by a booking only service. Food poverty deprivation is huge in our community and Isobel has written to the councillors to see what else can be done.


Liz advised that she has spoken to Gordon King and although he cannot attend the zoom meetings she will liaise with him on anything he wished to raise. Gordon has asked that the bin in glen which has been burnt out be replaced. (This is at the start of path way from Glen Road) Cllr Casey will look into this.

Y-sort it have had a pop up tent at the start of the glen giving out tea/coffee etc. and looking to speak to the youngsters about what they would like to see on the street art in the glen. A short discussion took place about lighting in the glen and how we can keep the youngsters from congregating in the glen at night.

Isobel is still waiting on the strategy plan re the development of the glen/ High park/Lusset park and the scottish enterprise ground.

Isobel asked Cllr McNair to be involved in the next meeting between the police, licensing board and y sort it re the issues in the glen that are affecting the priest and his church.

Closure of the Care Home in the village- short discussion took place and it was agreed we would send a card and maybe balloons to wish them well in their new home. Alison Hamilton to get costs and arrange.

Councillors Report

Cllr Casey confirmed she has now attended a full round of all her committees. The new houses on the St Andrew’s school site is coming along and some people have moved in. The Health centre and new houses at the waterfront are being built.

She also visited the OK Food parcel site at the Depot and was very impressed with the set up.

Cllr McNair reported that the new sport pavilion at the High Park is due for demolition at end of January and then expected the new build to be completed by the end of the financial year. (This is being built off site)

She reported that there will be a full review in February of the Garages in Port Patrick Road and that she has spoken to John Kerr and about liaising with the people who lease these to bring them into a better state. Isobel asked that the community council be included in this review.

Treasurers Report

No expenses this month. Balance as at 30th November is £6906.70

Next meeting

12th January 2021