Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

Chair: Linda Speir
Vice-chair: Rona Wilkinson
Treasurer: Bill Barlow
Secretary: Rose Harvie

82 Bonhill Road, Dumbarton, G82 2DY
phone/fax: 01389 762816


Monthly meeting, Thursday 9 January 2020

  1. Sederunt and apologies
  2. Crime Report
  3. Minutes of last meeting, 14th November, for proposal and adoption
  4. Matters arising from previous minutes
  5. Questions for WDC Councillors (this item may be taken earlier if more convenient to Councillors)
  6. Correspondence
  7. Treasurer’s Report
  8. Planning Report
  9. AOCB

Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

Chair: Linda Speir
Vice-chair: Rona Wilkinson
Treasurer: Bill Barlow
Secretary: Rose Harvie, 82 Bonhill Road, Dumbarton, G82 2DY
phone/fax: 01389 762816

Draft Minutes 9 January 2020

Approved 13 February 2020

Linda Speir, chair
Rona Wilkinson, vice-chair
Bill Barlow, Treasurer
Rose Harvie, Secretary
Dorothy Drummond
Wilma Skinner
Kirsten Wiggins
Janet Muir
WDC Councilor Brian Walker
WDC Councillor David McBride
Police Officer

Apologies: Scott Lafferty, Andrew Muir

Minutes of last meeting, 14th November (there was no December meeting)

Draft accepted as correct, adoption proposed by Janet, seconded by Rona

Matters arising from previous minutes.

  • Traffic lights on A82. Can existing flow of traffic lights be changed? Councillor McBride stated that Transerve would not be willing to change the flow. There is no progress on the installation of new traffic lights at the bottom of Argyll Avenue.
  • Non-attendance of a CC councillor for 8 meetings (with belated apologies). Agreed to delay any decision on this until the AGM in May.
  • Fireworks: reported that a motion to control the sale of fireworks had been put to WDC, Councillor McBride will report in due course.
  • Housing development on site of former Garshake offices: concerns raised from some adjacent residents, safety of retaining wall etc.  Secretary has contacted Miller Homes, and a representative will address the CC at the March meeting, as they cannot attend the February meeting as previously arranged. Agreed also that Secretary will advertise this meeting by means of posters in shops.
  • Rose and Linda had met with Gillian McNamara to discuss possible activities/events/facilities in the soon- to- be- restored Glencairn House.
  • Reported that West Dunbartonshire Voluntary Services would not be able to provide secretarial services for the CC, in the event of Rose wishing to be relieved of minute taking etc. Janet Muir stated she knows a possible contact who may be able to provide this
  • Linda and Rose had met Brian McQuillan, WDC Communities Officer, in November to discuss a possible ‘community council awareness’ event. Brian would assist in this. Linda would ask Scott if he is still willing to set up a working group.


Questions for WDC Councillors

  • Kirsten, who lives opposite the path and entrance to the police station, stated that she regularly picks up alcohol bottles on the path. She would like to investigate the legality of putting up anti-littering posters, also posters advertising the help available to alcoholics. Agreed in principle that if permitted, posters should be professionally produced, and paid for by the CC. Councillors McBride will investigate the legal position.
  • Wilma asked about the requirement of private and social housing providers to install charging points for electric cars as a condition of approval for developments. Councillor McBride will investigate this.
  • Wilma asked again about large bags of cement left on the banks of the River Leven, and provided photographs.
  • Rona asked about the forthcoming Dumbarton festival, planned for June this year, and requested that activities associated with the environment should be included.
  • Dorothy asked when the new Lidl supermarket would open; this is planned for late February.
  • Wilma again raised a question about the amount of growing and dead plant material accumulating in the flood relief section of the burn behind St. Patrick’s primary school. Councillor McBride will investigate.

There was no paper correspondence; several e-mails from Brian McQuillan regarding various consultations etc.

Treasurer’s Report

Bank balance £2625

Planning Report

Rose stated that she would be attending a site visit for the proposed vehicle repair yard at the top of Garshake Road; the CC had voted not to object to this development, and Rose had objected as an individual resident.
There were no other planning issues other than the Garshake housing development (see above)

AOCB Agreed that Secretary would contact the police and request a regular e-mail report as sometimes an officer is not available.

Date and time of next meeting:

Thursday 13 February

Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

 Minutes of meeting, Thursday 13 February 2020

Chair: Linda Speir
Vice-chair : Rona Wilkinson
Treasurer: Bill Barlow
Secretary: Rose Harvie
82 Bonhill Road Dumbarton, G822DY
Phone 01389762816 email:


Linda Speir - Chair, Rona Wilkinson - Vice-chair, Rose Harvie - Secretary, Janet Muir, Andrew Muir, Dorothy Drummond, Wilma Skinner, Kirsten Wiggens, Scott Lafferty, WDC Councillor David McBride


Bill Barlow, Treasurer, WDC Councillor Karen Conaghan, WDC Councillor Iain McLaren, WDC Councillor Brian Walker

The Chair wished it minuted that a WDC Councillor had apologised for their absence due to the presence of a Community Councillor.

Police Report

There was no Police Report

Minutes of last meeting, 9th January

Approved as correct. Adoption proposed by Wilma Skinner, seconded by Janet Muir.

Matters arising from previous minutes

  • New traffic lights on A82. Arrangements for installation are progressing.
  • Fireworks motion to WDC
  • Electric charging points for new housing developments. Reported that this will be a requirement for all developments of over 50 residential units.
  • Plant growth at St Patricks primary school; action being taken by WDC
  • Dumping of cement bags/litter on river walkway; action by WDC
  • No progress on getting a 'minute taker' for meetings. Brian McQuillan is being approached.
  • Posters about alcoholism/dumping of alcohol containers and other littering: WDC have agreed if suitable poster design approved; Linda to meet with Raymond Walsh, WDC Roads department.Proposed joint litter pick with DE
  • CC/youth group, possibly involving Keep Scotland Beautiful.

Questions for WDC Councillors

Two local residents raised questions regarding the proposed housing development on Garshake Road; this was briefly answered by Councillor McBride, and discussed by the CC. Secretary informed the CC and the residents that a representative of Miller Homes will be present at the next CC meeting in March.

Dorothy asked about a replacement boiler for the Crosslet Centre. Councillor McBride replied that he thought the cost would be considerable.

Scott asked Councillor McBride if it would be possible for more trees to be planted on Dumbarton Common, partly to help alleviate flooding, and partly as a 'climate change' action. Rose belongs to the Woodland Trust and undertook to approach Roy Barlow, local WT manager, for advice. This will also need to be approved by WDC.

Scott asked if there is sufficient childcare provision in Dumbarton at present. Councillor McBride to investigate….

Report of continuous stream of brown water running down path between police station and former Garshake offices. Councillor McBride to investigate.


Secretary reported on various correspondence with WDC, mainly information about events, from Brian McQuillan, WDC Communities Officer. Secretary plans to attend WDC Community Alliance conference in Clydebank, 'Public Space for Public Good' workshop in Glasgow, Scottish Government National Planning Framework workshop in Glasgow, and public meeting about threat to 'green space' in Clydebank.

Planning Report

There will be a PAN (Pre-application notice) exhibition in Bowling Village Hall on 24th and 26th February concerning application for a proposed marine engineering development.

Secretary reported attending a site visit (as an individual) for the Appeal against refusal for a vehicle repair yard at the top of Garshake Road. Decision expected at the end of February.


Community Event: Scott presented a "Place Standard Exercise" for the event; this would involve a public CC/community event, in the Crosslet Centre, with workshops/discussions etc. about community facilities/opinions/ etc. etc. in SOCC area. Working group set up - Scott, Rona, Janet, and Kirsten.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 12th March.