Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

Chair: Linda Speir

Vice-chair: Rona Wilkinson

Treasurer: Bill Barlow

Secretary: Debbie Russell (email:

  1. Sederunt and Apologies
  2. Police Report
  3. Minutes of the last meeting
  4. Matters arising from the previous minutes
  5. Questions for WDC Councillors
  6. Correspondence (to and from Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary).
  7. Treasurer's Report
  8. Planning Report
  9. AOCB
  10. Date and time of next meeting

Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

Minutes of Meeting Thursday 10 June 2021

Chair: Linda Speir

Vice-chair: Rona Wilkinson

Treasurer: Bill Barlow

Secretary: Debbie Russell


Linda Speir - Chair, Rona Wilkinson - Vice-chair, Bill Barlow - Treasurer, Debbie Russell - Secretary, Rose Harvie, Andrew Muir, Megyn Tyrell - WDC

Apologies or no response received prior to meeting

WDC Councillor David McBride, WDC Councillor Iain McLaren, WDC Councillor Brian Walker, Dorothy Drummond, Wilma Skinner.

To ensure engagement with SOCC meetings, Debbie to request acceptance of invite from all SOCC invitees. This will be followed up by a further email and if necessary, by telephone call ahead of the next meeting in July.

Police Reports

17 May 2021 and 7 June 2021 provided to all invitees ahead of meeting.

Members noted that a member of the public had been assaulted on the cycle path and that enquiries continue. It was further noted that a person had been assaulted at the bus stop on Glasgow Road however, this was not within the boundary of SOCC. Rose noted that the speed of vehicles on Bonhill Road was a concern.

Minutes of the last meeting (February 2020)

Rose noted that in relation to Item 5, where the matter of trees being planted on the common was discussed, it was previously noted that it was not appropriate for trees to be planted given the issues with flooding and that the trees may be vandalised.

No further comment received. Rose proposed and Bill seconded.

Matters arising from the previous minutes

Rose noted that in relation to the last planning report she had attended a site visit in respect of an appeal lodged regarding a repair yard at the top of Garshake Road. The report had found against the application.

Questions for WDC Councillors

Attendees noted that it was unfortunate that no WDC Councillors were in attendance for this evening’s meeting as there were several questions that attendees wished to ask the WDC Councillors.

The ‘Matters Arising Feb 2020 to June 2021’ document was presented by Linda. In summary:

Litter Campaign

This focused on two issues – litter picking and litter awareness. In relation to litter awareness, Linda advised that she hoped to work with WDC on the creation of posters to raise awareness of keeping the area tidy.

Members noted that if WDC did not have budget then SOCC had the budget to cover the cost of posters and any other publicity that would be useful, including the Community Advertiser. Members also considered whether any litter awareness/or picking groups had been liaising with local schools given the litter issues identified around school sites.

SOCC attendees also noted that a cause of litter in the area may be due to the lack of bins and/or bins not been emptied regularly enough. In relation to the perceived lack of bins, members considered whether it was appropriate to work in conjunction with Dumbarton East CC. Members agreed that WDC Councillors should be asked about litter campaigns/resources in the area at the next meeting.

In parallel, the SOCC would consider whether it was appropriate to work alongside one of the established litter picking groups in Dumbarton namely, Friends of the Foreshore or the River Leven litter picking group.

SOCC members agreed that SOCC would support organised groups within the area by offering support rather than SOCC creating a further litter picking group given the requirements around Health and Safety.

Rose agreed to approach Zoe Weir, who leads the Friends of the Foreshore group, to ask how SOCC could support the group. Zoe would also be asked if she would be interested in attending the next SOCC meeting.

Boundary at Overtoun path

Linda advised that a neighbour had sustained an injury due to the state of the path. In his apologies WDC Councillor David McBride had advised “I am aware a local resident has raised the condition of the path from the police station to Campbell AVE. They have already been in contact with me and I have raised with the Council. Greenspace are currently awaiting an estimate of costs before deciding the next steps.”

Members discussed the obligation that may be on the housing developer to improve the path however, noted that whilst this is a condition of the development it may not commence for three years and an upgrade to the path was required in the meantime. Members further noted that the path was in a dangerous state particularly in bad weather. Further that water was still running down the path on the left-hand side. SOCC members agreed that WDC should be contacted again to raise issue of the state of the path but also the further issue that neighbouring properties are cutting down trees and shrubs on the path and fly tipping the cuttings when it was not clear who had ownership of the grassy verges on either side of the path.

Rose advised that she would liaise with the Access Officer, Donald Petrie to ascertain who had ownership of these areas and about the issues reported.

Megyn advised that she would liaise with colleagues in WDC to ascertain who had ownership of the grassy verges.

All agreed that WDC require to upgrade path and to ensure that shrubs and trees are not being destroyed by neighbours when it is not their property if it was established that WDC owned the land.

Feedback on Scottish Community Development Council

Rona explained that the consultation was in conjunction with WDC and the objective was to improve CCs and strengthen links with WDC. Rose, Linda and Rona had previously attended the workshop facilitated by Mick Doyle. Rona noted that there had been no engagement with Mick since the workshop despite repeated requests to engage.

Rona agreed to invite Mick Doyle to next SOCC meeting as to what the next step for the initiative is. Megyn agreed to follow up the lack of engagement directly with Mick.

Growing West Dunbartonshire ‘Growfest’

Rona provided an update to attendees and explained that an event was being coordinated which would be an opportunity to raise the profile of all WDC CCs including engagement with the wider community and potentially engage others to join CCs. CCs will be allowed a stall at Growfest and SOCC can consider ideas on how to promote the work undertaken by CCs.

Meghan noted that she would be willing to attend Growfest to support CCs.

The event will take place in Levengrove Park in September 2021 (date to be confirmed).

Rose noted that it would make sense for other CCs to collaborate on the event. Also, that SOCC makes use of the leaflets previously created. Members agreed on both points. Rose will ask Dorothy Heron about collaborating at the event. Rose asked if the CC Forum was still in existence which may be a useful resource for supporting any collaboration. It was noted that it was still in existence but was not active at present. Megyn requested details of all contacts for CC in WD and Rona agreed to send on. It was also noted that the WDC FB page was also being revamped.

Correspondence (to and from Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary.)

Noted that Debbie’s mobile telephone number has been updated on the contact list. Debbie to distribute. No other correspondence to note.

Treasurer's Report

Bill noted that there was no update. As of April 2021, balance was £2632.93. Rose advised that she would contact Bank of Scotland again to update correspondence address to Bill’s address.

Planning Report

Rose noted that there were only two items to discuss. Firstly, Dalmoak Caste and the application for a holiday venue. There had been a lot of objections, but application had passed. Secondly, the top of Garshake Road there had been an application for two or three holiday homes, Rose did not have strong feelings. Rose had contacted Maryland Farm and they did not object to buildings being improved but had concerns about traffic, mainly members of the public accessing the area. Linda and Bill agreed with proposal.



Rose had been exploring a number of venue possibilities due to issues with Crosslet Centre not having sufficient ventilation. Attendees agreed that most suitable venue to pursue was St Augustine’s Church. Rose would be following up initial enquiries with the Church to confirm agreed dates and costs.

Flamingo Land

Andrew raised the ongoing application. Rose noted that it would be some time before pre-application consultation and that SOCC would consider at the appropriate time as to agreed actions of SOCC.

Date and time of next meeting

Agreed that meeting to be held in July via Zoom. Date confirmed post meeting for 15 July 2021.





Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

15 JULY 2021


Chair: Linda Speir

Vice-chair: Rona Wilkinson

Treasurer: Bill Barlow

Secretary: Debbie Russell (email:

  1. Sederunt and Apologies
  2. Police Report
    • Police report requested [TBC]
    • [TBC if Police Scotland in attendance]
  3. Minutes of the last meeting
    • June 2021 minutes attached
  4. Matters arising from the previous minutes
    • See Action Plan to be provided shortly.
    • Mick Doyle may be in attendance [TBC]
  5. Questions for WDC Councillors
  6. Correspondence (to and from Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary.)
  7. Treasurer's Report
    • Update re change of correspondence address
  8. Planning Report
  9. AOCB
    1. Silverton & Overtoun Avenues – tree consultation
    2. Community Council Forum – update
    3. Fireworks consultation launch. See attached email
    4. Fire at play park – how can we help?
    5. Presence in Dumbarton Reporter. See attached article
    6. St Augustine’s as possible new venue
  10. Date and time of next meeting

Dumbarton Reporter – Article on our Community Council

Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

Minutes of Meeting Thursday 15 July 2021


Acting-Chair: Rona Wilkinson

Treasurer: Bill Barlow

Secretary: Debbie Russell


  • Rona Wilkinson, Vice-chair
  • Debbie Russell, Secretary
  • Rose Harvie
  • Andrew Muir
  • WDC Councillor Iain McLaren
  • Megyn Tyrell, WDC (due to IT issues Megyn not able to connect to most of meeting)
  • Zoe Weir – Guest Speaker Friends of Dumbarton Foreshore

Apologies or no response received prior to meeting:

  • Linda Speir
  • Bill Barlow, Treasurer
  • Dorothy Drummond
  • Wilma Skinner
  • Scott Lafferty
  • WDC Councillor David McBride
  • WDC Councillor Brian Walker
  • WDC Karen Conaghan
  • PC Andrew Lammey


Under WDC’s Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils (Appendix 3, Section 3) a quorum is one third of the voting membership of the Community Council or three voting members, whichever is greater. Four voting members in attendance would mean that the CC was quorate for this meeting.

Members in attendance wished to thank Linda who stepped down as Chair of SOCC but would remain as a CC. Rona has kindly offered to act as Acting Chair for the foreseeable future.

Police Reports

No response from Police Scotland to request for attendance or for report.

Minutes of the last meeting (June 2021)

Agreed. No amendments required. Rose proposed, Andrew seconded

Matters arising from the previous minutes (and in conjunction with SOCC Action Plan which records all agreed actions undertaken by SOCC)

Litter Picking

  • Presentation by Zoe Weir regarding the role of ‘Friends of Dumbarton Foreshore’ in respect of litter picking initiatives in the Dumbarton area and wider environmental challenges associated with litter.

SOCC explained background and purpose as to why Zoe was asked to attend the meeting and for her advice on SOCC having its own littering picking group or whether we should support Zoe’s or another local group. Further, on whether SOCC should develop anti littering posters as a proactive step.

SOCC agreed that possible ideas were:

  • To create own SOCC litter picking group with the support of Andy Devine, Greenspace Officer at WDC who would provide litter picking equipment and would also provide posters (previously sent to SOCC members) which could be personalised with SOCC developed sticker,
  • A direct positive consequence of SOCC having its own litter picking group may be to engage other members of the community who are interested in what members are doing and may wish to engage both with the litter picking but also with SOCC on other issues,
  • Rose would approach DECC to ask if they would like to form a litter picking group with SOCC,
  • Dependent on response SOCC could post on a local Facebook page (i.e., Save Dumbarton High Street to highlight litter picking in the area) and/or the local press,
  • Individual members could also support Friends of Dumbarton Foreshore or Friends of Leven River Valley. Both groups have Facebook sites where interested members can find further information.

Other updates re littering:

  • Linda engaged with WDC Councillors re overflowing bins, particularly in Dumbarton New and Dumbarton Old Cemeteries. David passed our concerns on to Iain Bain and there are now a number of new bins Dumbarton New Cemetery. There will also be an increase in collections.
  • Linda engaged with Andy Devine (Greenspace Officer at WDC). Linda, Rose & Debbie on a walkabout with Andy on 6/7 to discuss main littering issues in area. Andy provided valuable advice re littering, including formation of litter picking group in area and use of WDC developed posters.

Overtoun Path

  • Matters ongoing. Members see update in Action Plan re Path. SOCC may require requesting a further update from Access Officer. Noted that Donald Petrie is no longer in post and a new Access Officer appointed. Iain advised that he would find out who the new Officer was.

Scottish Community Development Council

  • Mick Doyle will attend the SOCC September meeting and further information to be provided to SOCC in due course.

Growfest Update

  • Rona advised that due to current Covid issues, Growfest event on 18 September not going ahead as planned but there would be online and smaller events planned between 13-17 September. Rona to provide updates as to planned events and any opportunities for SOCC to engage with. It is hoped that Growfest in its original format can proceed as normal in 2022.

Questions for WDC Councillors

  • State of pavement in Poindfauld Terrace. Rose advised that pavement was in poor state which resulted in neighbour falling. Rose to forward details onto Iain.
  • Iain provided update re fire at play park at Millburn. Iain advised that a motion had been agreed by WDC to reinstate play park as soon as possible.

Iain was thanked for his contribution and left meeting.

  • Correspondence (to and from Chair and Secretary.)
  • No correspondence to note.

Treasurer's Report

  1. Treasurer not in attendance but no movement since last meeting
  2. Planning Report
  3. One planning application to note, DC21/159/FUL Food for Thought, application to open a community café in Artisan Centre. Rose is fully supportive of application and would ask all SOCC members to review supporting statement available online and would ask all SOCC members to support.


  1. Silverton & Overtoun Avenues – tree consultation 
  2. Rose had previously sent a draft response to all SOCC members for agreement and this was sent to WDC which noted our objection to the proposal. SOCC response endorsed the views of a local resident and whilst no objection to necessary repairs SOCC did object to unnecessary damage to trees and put forward the view that the removal of healthy trees would cause further traffic. Noted that this was not a planning application which had been lodged but a consultation.
  3. Community Council Forum – update 
  4. Debbie provided an update as attendance previous Forum meeting. Noted that focus of meeting was to agree on future model of Forum including its intended purpose. No final agreement had been reached at meeting and a further meeting would be scheduled in next few months. Debbie had separately emailed WDC Alan Karas and Secretary of the Forum with recommendations for the review.
  5. Fireworks consultation launch 
  6. Scottish Government has launched a public consultation re the use and sale of fireworks in Scotland. SOCC agreed that individuals could access and complete the survey if they wished. Details can be located here:
  7. Fire at play park – how can we help?  
  8. Noted in response from Iain.
  9. Presence in Dumbarton Reporter
  10. Noted. Debbie will continue to liaise with Reporter so that SOCC can be a column contributor.
  11. St Augustine’s as possible new venue
  12. Debbie to book venue for September meeting. SOCC will follow government requirements re meeting in a public space. If SOCC members would prefer to engage virtually by Zoom this will also be arranged.

Date and time of next meeting

  1. Agreed that meeting to be held in August via Zoom. Date confirmed post meeting for 12 August 2021 at 7pm.