Silverton and Overtoun Community Council.

7pm 13 January 2022

by Zoom


Chair: Rona Wilkinson

Vice-Chair: Linda Spier

Treasurer: Bill Barlow

Secretary: TBC (email:


1. Sederunt and Apologies TBC

2. Police Report TBC (will be provided when received)

3. Minutes of the last meeting December 2021 minutes attached November 2021 minutes attached (with further explanation)

4. Matters arising from the previous minutes Action Plan for 2021 attached.

Ahead of meeting please review and consider which matters should be taken forward in 2022. Further if you wish SOCC to focus on any other matters this year. The 2022 Action Plan will duly be updated to reflect everyone's suggestions.

5. Community Councillors - our roles and responsibilities

" Recruitment drive - ideas to engage new members?

" Minute secretary - who would like to support the role by undertaking minutes as and when required?

6. Questions for WDC Councillors

7. Correspondence (to and from Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary.)

8. Treasurer's Report

9. Planning Report

10. AOCB

" St Augustine's Church Hall venue 2022

" Demolition of Willox Park Care Home and TPO request

" Crosslet Centre Update

11. Date and time of next meeting 10 February 2022

Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

Chair: Rona Wilkinson
Vice-Chair: Linda Speir
Treasurer: Bill Barlow

Minutes of Meeting Thursday 13 January 2021

1. Sederunt

Rona Wilkinson, Chair
Linda Speir, Vice Chair
Bill Barlow, Treasurer
Rose Harvie
Andrew Muir
Debbie Russell, Minute taker
WDC Councillor David McBride
WDC Councillor Brian Walker
WDC Officer Suzanne Mason


Dorothy Drummond
Wilma Skinner
WDC Officer Megyn Tyrell

No responses:

Police Scotland
WDC Councillor Iain McLaren
WDC Karen Conaghan

2. Police Reports:

Police report provided for period 1 December to 31 December 2021.
Noted that a serious offence had been committed which was noted as a concern.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (November 2021 and December 2021):

In relation to November 2021 minutes, Debbie returned these for SOCC for review given the questions raised around the amount of information to be disclosed in relation to a contentious issue raised by a member of the public.

SOCC agreed that a brief overview would be provided in the minutes only. Megyn had sought legal advice from WDC on this matter; however, SOCC agreed to proceed with caution when disputes between parties are raised in public forums. Rose proposed, Linda seconded.

No amendment required to December 2021 minutes. Rose proposed, Linda seconded.

4. Matters arising with a focus on what initiatives SOCC would like to take forward in 2022. SOCC members had previously been provided with the Action Plan for 2021 and requested to consider any initiatives for 2022 and any initiatives from 2021 we would like to continue. Rona proposed the following:

(i) Litter Picking Campaign

(ii) Pavement Parking

" SOCC noted that legislation had been brought in by the Scottish Government to make parking on pavements illegal; however, it was not enforced yet. It was not known if there was any timescale for this.
" SOCC members expressed an interest in supporting a campaign against pavement parking, or pavements for pedestrians to promote a positive campaign. SOCC members noted their own experiences of having to move around vehicles which had parked on pavements in the local area.
" Rona noted at our awareness event in Sept 2021 a number of people had voiced this issue and the issue of littering with SOCC members in attendance.
" SOCC discussed what actions they could take to raise the issue and for something to be done in terms of having a positive campaign, "Pavements for Pedestrians". Ideas included:
- Education. Contact disability charities and ask for ideas and suggestions.
- Record instances and send to Community Police and WDC where it is WDC vehicles that are on the pavement.
- Awareness. Engage media and use social media.

(iii) "Love local" (promote use of local services, including shops and hospitality outlets)

In terms of matters to be taken forward from 2021:

(iv) Poinfauld Terrace
" Rose noted that the cobbled areas was not adopted by WDC and read out a series of emails to SOCC explaining the matter. David had contacted Derek at WDC to ask for an update and would return to SOCC.

(v) Garshake Old Water Works
" David had received a response from WDC, Building Control had contacted owner of property and requested that at the very least measures were taken to ensure that members of the public could not to enter property due to the unsafe condition.

(vi) Overtoun Path:
" SOCC noted this that was in a good state and looked forward to when Miller Homes would commence work on the first part of the path.

(vii) Crosslet Centre
" Debbie still to contact Wendy to ask for an update.

6. Questions for WDC Councillors.

" Willox Park: SOCC noted that Willox Park had been sold by WDC and that it was social housing that was to be built. It was noted there was no intention to remove trees apart from ones at the entrance.
" Traffic lights issues and congestion on Round Riding Road: Bill advised that there was not the same amount of congestion as previously reported.
" Dumbarton Library new site: Andrew requested information on whether the library will be downgraded due to its new site. Brian advised that he did not know but would find out.

7. Correspondence (to and from Chair and Secretary.):

No correspondence to note. SOCC wish all email communications to continue.

8. Treasurer's Report:

£2395.48 current statement.

Exact balance will be £60.00 deducted for Hall rental in 2021.

9. Planning Report:

" Nothing to note.

10. AOCB:

" St Augustine's Church Hall rental in 2022. SOCC agreed that the hall should be used in 2022 when appropriate to do so.

" Presentation by WDC Suzanne Mason, Communities Team Leader:
Rona explained that SOCC were aiming to start the new year with two to three positive campaigns as outlined above and asked Suzanne if WDC were looking to arrange an event, potentially in the Spring, about raising the awareness of Community Councils in WDC.

- Suzanne noted that WDC would wait to see what restrictions were like; however, they were in the process of reviewing the Scheme of Establishment and the Stronger Voice group met last night to widen out the discussion.

- There was also possible interest of Community Councils being set up in Alexandria and Dumbarton West.

- The second phase of consultation was not completed and that an event idea could possibly go on the Forum agenda about promoting Community Councils.

- Linda asked if there was any intention of a formal relaunch of the Forum. Suzanne advised that they may consider other ways to engage and the Comms team in WDC will be involved as well as speaking to other Community Councils on raising awareness. There may also be the opportunity of groups working together.

- Linda advised that when SOCC had their awareness event last autumn only about 50% of members of the public had heard of Community Councils.

- Rona asked if an event would be taken forward by the Communities Team or if an event was already planned and how we as SOCC could feed into it. Suzanne advised that having community empowerment strategies can feed into work of Scheme of Establishment and we can look at some of the feedback. The Communities Team could think about what is the best thing that can work and input ideas and would be good timing with the Scheme Review.

- Rose asked when the next Community Council elections are. Suzanne advised that they had been extended by the scheme review and would be looking at October of this year. This would require a proposal to amend as you cannot have two elections in one year.

- Suzanne advised that other local authority areas will be at different phases and schemes are reviewed every four to five years. WDC is doing their review at the same time as the national review of the model consultation.

- Debbie expressed the view that WDC/Communities Team requires to consider supporting all Community Councils in the local authority with a designated member of staff from WDC who can support all administrative duties as the amount of work required was not acceptable as Community Councillors were run by volunteers. A dedicated member of WDC staff would also have sight of all initiatives being undertaken across all Community Councils and could therefore promote joint initiatives and resources. It was not acceptable for WDC to put this issue continually in the 'long grass' but to act now.

- In terms of a recruitment drive for new members, and the question of how to get new members, Rona noted that Scott had stood down from SOCC and Debbie had stood down from Secretary but was still doing the role until the next meeting in February at which point, she would be leaving SOCC as she was moving out with the area.

- Rona requested input from SOCC as to who would be willing to support the role of Secretary by taking minutes. Bill, Linda and Rona agreed to support this role.
SOCC also agreed to think of anyone who might be willing to take on the role of minute secretary for payment. Noted that SOCC would require advice from WDC if SOCC were to offer payment around the legalities of being an employer, if this would applicable.

- Suzanne advised that the administrative duties is an issue across Community Councils and through the Scheme of Establishment review they would be looking at the improvement service to see what support there could be to access support. Suzanne advised that they did not have immediate solution, and other services wouldn't work in the evening. Further that the Communities Team did not have the scope to take on this function; however, they could possibly look at forum looking at someone collectively and what arrangements could work with the admin grant; however, this might take a time for a solution in place.

- Linda noted that the current risk in spreading the Secretary's role between SOCC members could lead to a lack of continuity as to who is dealing with all the emails etc and that it would be good to have one person. Linda suggested if we could advertise for administrative support, possibly in the Community Advertiser or Clydesider, again SOCC would need to look into what constituted being an employer with WDC.
SOCC noted that they had not resolved the issue of Secretary and would look at what actions could be taken in terms of a recruitment drive though the newspapers and any leafleting or posters. In the first instance SOCC agreed to publish an article looking for new members in the Dumbarton Reporter and then would consider next steps.

11. Date and time of next meeting:

By Zoom and possibly at St Augustine's Church Hall and on 10 February 2022 at 7pm.

Silverton and Overtoun Community Council

Chair: Rona Wilkinson

Vice-Chair: Linda Speir

Treasurer: Bill Barlow


Minutes of Meeting Thursday 10 March 2022

1. Sederunt

Rona Wilkinson, Chair

Linda Speir, Vice Chair

Rose Harvie

Andrew Muir

WDC Councillor David McBride

WDC Councillor Iain McLaren

WDC Officer Megyn Tyrell (had to leave at 8pm)

Minute taker: Rona with Linda taking over as Chair after welcome and apologies


Dorothy Drummond

Wilma Skinner

Bill Barlow

WDC Councillor Brian walker

Member of public: Carolann Young

2. Police Reports

Police report not provided.

3. Minutes of the last meeting march 2022

Andrew proposed Rose seconded

4. Matters arising

  • SOCC/DECC Merger

Discussion around this and agreed a meeting to be held with SOCC/DECC facilitated by Communities Team and all available would attend- boundaries an issue and effect on councillor numbers to be discussed

Action: Megyn and Suzanne to facilitate meeting

  • Minute Taking issues

Discussion around legality of employing some and how that would work and payment/contract

Action: Communities Team to look at agency possibilities

  • Press Articles

Due to time pressures an article will be submitted to later issue of Clydesider.

Linda submitted article about pavement campaign to Reporter.

Action: Rona to facilitate response to Clydesider and ask all Community Councillors  to contribute to articles

  • Recruitment

Trying to recruit more people is an ongoing difficulty and same across all Community Councils. Andrew contacted school but no feedback.

Action: Feeding into SCDC Consultation

Andrew to contact school again?

  • Pavement Parking

Linda taking this forward and contacting press to have articles, etc.

Action: Rona and Linda contacting Lennox, Herald

5. Questions for WDC Councillors:

  • Poindfauld Terrace discussed and has not been addressed as a hazard especially in icy conditions

Action: Rose contacting PAS as to next steps

  • Linda noted lack of spring flowers in Levengrove and Iain said maybe too early and cutbacks
  • Dumbarton Central station ticket office cuts

6. Correspondence (to and from Chair and Secretary.)

Nothing to note

7. Treasurer’s Report

Nothing to note no change

8. Planning Report

Havoc Meadow: Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) confirmed on top of cliff and has been upheld by Committee


  • Hybrid meetings to continue.
  • Stronger Voices update: Rona member and will give update
  • Growing Food Strategy: no update.

Date and time of next meeting:

  • By Zoom and at St Augustine’s Church Hall and on Thursday 14 April 2022 at 7.30pm